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Pain that was the only thing his brain could fathom, unbearable pain, stabbing at his body. He could hear cries but knew it was not him, it was from his small son and Lily but they had to get away, yet unable to move from the tortuous agony he could not help them. The pain increased if that was even possible, causing his voice to mix with that of his wife's terrified screams and Harry's crying. They sounded distant, and then there was nothing but darkness.

James Potter awoke suddenly as a crash of thunder startled him from his slumber, his body ached and was stiff and for a brief moment he wonder why he was lying on the floor, then his memory won the race and caught up with his senses.

'Lily' his voice was raspy but loud, 'Harry' he got to his feet noticing the shards of broken glass that littered the floor, yelling for his wife and baby. Yet no answer came, he searched the kitchen everything was a mess, splintered wood and glass covered the floor Lily and Harry were not there. In five seconds flat he had made it to the stairs climbing them two at a time.

He made it to the landing and headed on impulse to the very last room, not stopping to check the other rooms, the door had be blown off its hinges and lay on the floor, he stepped over it, eyes desperately searching the room, the nursery, then he saw her.

'LILY, oh god please don't be dead' his feet carried him to the red head that lay face down on the floor, unmoving. James dropped to his knees next to the immobile body, silent tears rolling down his checks. With shaking hands he carefully rolled his wife's body over, her eyes were closed, 'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Lily' hugging her limp body to his he sobbed into her hair.

He, James Potter, had killed his wife, his Lily flower. Not intentionally but that was no excuse he should have fought harder, he was an auror for god sake he should have been there for her.

'I'm sorry, so sorry' he choked out, feeling lost, defeated. 'I should have protected you, I'm sorry'.

'Stop saying you're sorry James, I'm not dead' James froze, but only momentarily before yelling loudly and embracing his wife 'Lily oh god I thought you were dead' he cried openly as he rock back and forth slightly, cradling his Lily flower in his arms. 'No I'm not dead James' he voice was quiet, muffled by his chest 'But if you don't stop suffocating me I will be' she added not a hint of sarcasm in her tone. James gasped, letting his death grip on Lily to slacken slightly, whilst still holding her close.

'James? Where's Harry?' asked Lily, James stood up pulling his wife with him, she was startled but said nothing as her eyes swept the destroyed room, 'Lily?' James voice was close to hysteria 'where's Emeralds?' in an instance he was out of the room and down the stairs, yelling for his baby boy, he didn't notice his wife roll her eyes at him as he repeated her question.

'Emerald? Come on where are you?' James was in a panic he had searched the house, twice over, and had not found his son. Lily true to her nature was just as worked up as he was, if not more (mothers' protectiveness). She had been through the house and back five times and even checked the bathroom, 'Just in case'.

'He's not here Lily' said James in defeat tears springing to his eyes immediately after saying this, Lily said nothing but continued to search the wrecked kitchen, if not a little psychotically, muttering under her breath. 'LILY?' James grabbed a hold of her shoulder and spun her to face him, 'we need to get help, alert Albus on what has happened. Call Sirius maybe, we have to tell them it was peter' His voice broke in saying this but Lily seemed to calm a little at his touch, 'come on now, Harry might still be alive. If he is we need to get help straight away ok?' he led her slowly to the front door only to discover it to be boarded up. This wasn't right.

'All the windows have been boarded up as well, except a few of the upstairs ones' Lily reported as she came down the stairs. James stood unmoving near the door 'what is it James?' she asked rushing to her husband's side, he was shaking slightly, 'Lily,' he started slowly, lightening ripping though the sky to illuminate his pale features 'our wands are not here, there gone' he said it all very quietly but she heard every word, this really wasn't right.

Four privet drive:

Harry James Potter lay on his bed, face hidden in his pillow. He had been in that position for the most part of the day, after Vernon Dursley decided to punish him for not completing his chores for the morning. In his defense the list had been very long consisting of thirty eight jobs altogether.

He was not asleep, but that didn't mean he wasn't tired. Every night since the events of the triwizard tournament, since Cedric's death, Harry had found it hard to sleep, plagued with nightmares that seemed to intensify by the day.

He had also started to have other dreams, dreams that consisted of torture, pain and death, dreams through the mind of Voldemort. As crazy as it sounded, even to him, he realized that he was witnessing death eater meetings. He saw them come, beg for forgiveness if they had failed with some task or devotedly tell him if they had succeeded, it didn't really matter to the dark lord, he tortured them all, the winners and losers.

He had been highly annoyed with himself for waking up screaming, which in turn woke his relatives, and ended very painfully for Harry. He had decided that he would sleep as little as possible.

The cat flap which had been installed in previous years was pushed inward as his aunt shoved a plate of food in to his room. It consisted of a slice of toast and very little jam, well that was better than yesterday, he had only got half an apple then. 'Thanks' he mumbled under his breath 'looks so tasty'.

Jumping off his bed he winced slightly at the pain in his left ankle, it was defiantly broken and hurt like hell. It had been his punishment for not completing the jobs, however he managed to make it to his door and retrieve the food. He ate quickly, making his stomach contract painfully; he ignored it and placed the plate back outside the room, not before giving his owl Hedwig some crust to nibble on.

'BOY?' yelled his whale of an uncle, Harry groaned quietly as the locks on the door begun to clink and unlock.

His uncle looked into the room, distaste etched on his face. Harry admitted to slacking off with cleaning his room, partly because he couldn't be bothered, but also because the events of last year were still fresh in his mind and he couldn't bring himself to care much for what state his bedroom was in.

'Yes uncle Vernon' he answered, his uncle glared momentarily before handing him a list of jobs to do, 'We are going out, Petunia, Dudley and I. You will do all of these before we return and you will be back in this room before we return, otherwise you'll wish you had never been born' this threat was common so it didn't faze Harry in the slightest.

'Yes sir' Harry answered with forced politeness, he really didn't want to clean the already impeccable house, but knew if he was kept busy it would put his mind to ease, at least for a while. Although the prospect of doing it all with his ankle the way it was, was bleak.

His uncle nodded then slammed the door loudly, he didn't lock it. Harry heard his footsteps die down as he descended the stairs, looking at the list he groaned, he now had two extra jobs to complete making his total forty, how they managed to find that many jobs he didn't know, but guessed that they had repeated a few on the list.

'This is going to be a long night' he said before limping down stairs to begin the washing up.

Godric's Hollow:

'So we are wand less, trapped in a house which is boarded up and Peter Pettigrew betrayed us' Lily summed up their situations.

'Blasted wormtail, I swear when I get my hands on him,' James left the threat unfinished, anger boiling in his blood. Lily placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder, 'how about we see if we can get out of this place by the windows that are broken upstairs?' she asked, James looked skeptical but followed her up the stairs, both had not spoken of Harry now for a while, and had an unspoken agreement not to, not until they knew the truth. As hopeless as it looked, they prayed that maybe just maybe Sirius or Remus or anyone they knew had taken Harry from the wrecked house.

They reached the nursery once more, treading over the broken cot and ruble, 'It's far too high we would get hurt if we jumped' observed James looking at the distance to the ground, Lily sighed 'any ideas?' James shook his head, then just as quickly nodded, grabbing Lily's hand he ran from the room 'The fireplace, we can floo to Prongs Palace and get in contact with the order from there' he called back as he skipped down the stairs, Lily mentally slapped herself why hadn't she thought of that.

The two stopped before the fireplace, James scooping a handful of powder and throwing it into the fire place, then in a chorus of 'PRONG'S PALACE' they were whisked off in a gleam of green flames, spinning fast.

Prong's Palace:

'I absolutely hate flooing' commented Lily as they emerged from the large fireplace inside James's beloved family home,

'Master James you is back, you is returned' squealed a small house elf running from the direction of the kitchen to meet her master, followed closely but another, James beamed 'Squeaky, Misjiff' he hugged the two house elves happily.

'But Master James, how did you do it?' asked Misjiff in awe as he stared at James, who looked slightly confused.

'What do you mean Misjiff? How did I do what?' he asked, 'how did you come back Master?' the elf's words were not much help, 'we flooed' cut in Lily, 'from Godric's Hollow' Misjiff seemed to not be looking for that answer for he turned on his heel and rushed to the kitchen, leaving the confused couple and Squeaky in the entrance hall.

Minutes later he arrived back, holding an old newspaper tightly in his hands, 'Master James you must be reading this' he said pushing the rolled up daily prophet in his hands, James unrolled it and begun to read aloud;

Potter's dead after horrific attack: This was enough to freeze his insides as Lily gasped.

Lily and James Potter, the parents of one Harry James Potter, has been tragically killed by you-know-who, Rita Skeeter reports.

Our world was shocked to discover the betrayal of the Potters that ultimately lead to their death. The minister of magic has informed the public that Sirius Black has been apprehended, after attacking twelve muggles and killing Peter Pettigrew, and will be residing in the wizardry prison Azkaban. It was James's turn to gasp, Lily squeezed his hand reassuringly and he read on.

Peter Pettigrew was yet another victim in this tragic tale, the only remains of his body was a finger. Many say Black is a maniac.

'He killed so many people, and betrayed his best friend' commented the minister of magic 'what sort of person does a thing like that?'

The good news is that little Harry Potter got out alive. While some believe him to have defeated you-know-who few think otherwise, 'I believe that it is only a matter of time before he returns' said Albus Dumbledore, Hogwarts headmaster.

It is rumored that young Harry received a scar, in the shape of a bolt of lightning, whether this is true is yet unknown.

Rita Skeeter.

The four stood in silence for minutes on end, no one daring to speak, utter shock constricting James to speak and grief Lily.

Finally Lily spoke up, 'how long has it been?' she asked the elves her voice laced with emotion. 'Around fourteen years' Squeaky answered. James sighed, dropping to a sitting position on the floor, 'what happened that night Voldemort came?' he questioned, until now he hadn't thought about it, he had been too worried about his family's safety.

'He killed you Master James, when you tried to give Lily time to escape' started Squeaky before Misjiff cut in 'that is what us heard' Squeaky nodded then continued 'Lily was killed after Master James, she is protecting baby Harry when he-who-must-not-be-named found her'

'I was in the nursery trying to escape from the window, but it was charmed shut, so I moved the furniture in front of the door, but he got in with ease' Lily's voice was sad and quiet.

'And Harry what happened to him?' demanded James.

'He survive the curse Master James, but for a scar on his forehead' answered Misjiff.

'But how?' asked Lily in awe, how had her baby lived after being hit with that killing curse with just a scar worth of damage, how was it that his heart still bet.

'No one knows' he replied shortly.

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