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'Come on Lil's, I want to see Sirius' whined an impatient James as he rocked on his feet, hands twisting almost nervously with the hem of his shirt.

Lily shook her head, marveling at her husband's child like ways. He had always been immature at times, but honestly he got more excited about seeing his best friend than he did his own wife; sometimes she had to wonder just who he was married to, Sirius or herself.

Laughing a little at her thoughts she slipped on the light green cardigan; that matched her dress quite nicely.

'Alright, I'm ready we can go now' James whooped and kissed her lightly on the cheek before running out of the kitchen in the direction of the fire place; smiling at his enthusiasm she followed.

She was looking forward to seeing Sirius, she had always gotten on well with him, well not in school…but after she and James married she got to know him better and found his company entertaining; Remus had been her favorite marauder (not including James), but Sirius was amusing, and a good friend to James.

'What took you so long?' James asked, his wife rolled her emerald eyes; sighing with exasperation. She had only been five or so steps behind him.

Disregarding his question she turned to Remus who had stopped next to her, Harry walked over to his father watching with a half smile as James begun to pace impatiently back and forth.

'Where are we going?' question the red head, realizing that she had no clue as to where Sirius would be; considering he had escaped from Azkaban she realized he would have to be in hiding, although where he was escaped her knowledge.

'Number twelve Grimmauld Place' replied the older man, reaching for the small dish of floo powder.

'WHAT?' exclaimed James, stopping mid turn and stumbling slightly as he over balanced on one foot. Lily looked at her husband curiously while Remus fumbled with the dish in surprise of the outburst.

'Padfoot would never go back there Remy, never!' he insisted, voice forceful but not mean. Remus shrugged, regaining his composure and grabbing a handful of the gritty substance;

'It's the Order of the Phoenix headquarters, plus a place he can hide out' he added, a sad smile on his lips. James quieted.

'Are we ready to go than?' Remus inquired calmly, James nodded; a smile firmly fixed to his features, Lily gave a small smile in response and Harry stepped up and grabbed his own handful of grey powder.

The werewolf gestured for the teen to go first, giving Lily a look that plainly said it would be best if she went along as well.

'On the count of three…' begun Remus, once the duo was standing as comfortable as possible with in the fire place, Lily gripped her sons elbow, making sure he stayed close.

'One…two…three' called Remus, and Harry chucked the powder southwards; once their destination had been called mother and son were whisked away in a flash of emerald.

Lily was not one for flooing, however quick it was; it was also down right messy and highly awful with all the spinning. Throughout the trip she maintained a strong grip on her sons elbow, squeezing her eyes shut to shield them from the dust that whirled around them, and also because she didn't particularly like seeing the countless of fire places go spinning by.

Finally as her stomach contracted and squirmed, making her wish she hadn't ate so much dinner; the spinning abruptly stopped. Harry was the first to stumble out of the fire place, followed by Lily; who considering she had flooed numerous of times, was a little unsteady on her feet.

She righted her cardigan, that had slipped off one shoulder, and smoothed out her soot stained dress; by running her hands over the material; if anything spreading the grime out more. Blinking a few times to adjust to the dim light she looked around.

It was a scarcely lit room, with most of the light glowing from a large fire not far from where they stood. Lily turned in a full circle to get a better look at her surroundings.

The walls were cold stone and she noted that the darkened shapes that hung from the ceiling, were in fact iron pots and pans, the room was hazy; probably she guess from the drifting smoke of the fire.

The most noticeable object in the room was the large wooden table that was placed in the middle of the room. Various chairs were crammed around it, close together. The table was littered with rolls of parchment, a single wine bottle and two goblets.

'Well…' she breathed to Harry 'this is quaint' her son smiled at her.

'It's the first time I've been here' he stated, his voice showing excitement and curiosity.

Lily raised her brow at his words, and he nodded once in affirmation. From behind them the fire roared to life, startling Lily who was closer than Harry.

She spun around, just in time to see Remus attempting to hold her husband steady. He failed with this and James went clambering out of the fire place, landing heavily on the floor; hands slapping at the stone as they made contact.

'PADFOOT,' he yelled loudly, voice echoing around the kitchen, Remus made a shushing gesture and Lily grimaced, knowing that yelling for Sirius wasn't a good idea; did he even know they were alive?

'Don't do that, do you want to whole order to come running?' hissed Lily, lips pursed and green eyes narrowing; making a crease form between her brows, her hands were placed on her hips.

James didn't respond, his chin resting against the cold floor; eyes staring at the door way, breathing deeply and rather fast;

Lily looked up quickly, and gasped audibly; there in the door way was…

'SIRIUS' screamed James and Harry in unison, James scrambled to his feet as he made to run at his best friend; Remus however intervened, grabbing the wizard by the back of his shirt and pulling him to his side. Harry had more luck and ran quickly to his godfathers' side; Sirius gave him a brief one armed hug, lips twitching into a small smile; before his attention went back to the group in front of him.

James' face dropped, looking pleadingly at the werewolf.

'He doesn't know!' Remus said to a disgruntled James, however before he could continue Sirius spoke up;

'Actually,' he said in a soft voice 'I do' he paused, looking directly at James 'Albus came for a visit not long ago,' he gestured toward the wine bottle and goblets 'he told me everything he knew' he finished, voice laced with hidden emotion.


To say it was a shock to find his two best friends, godson and the auburn haired Lily in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place was definitely not right. It was more like a bloody miracle, every day since their death he had hoped and prayed that the couple would come back.

Although he was wrongly accused of the murder of James and Lily, he couldn't help blame himself for the change in secret keeper; it had been his idea to switch to Peter, and for that he would always think himself guilty to some extent.

Realizing he had been staring at the grimy stone floor for a good few minutes, he lifted his head; coming face to face with hazel eyes, staring intently into his grey-blue ones.

His lips quirked into a half grin, as he watched James smile brightly at him… god how he had missed his best friend. James was around the same height as he was; a few inches shorter.

The best way to describe James was an older version of Harry, for that's pretty much what he looked like. His hair was wayward and sticking up in every direction and his features were very similar to his sons.

Sirius was at a loss for words…how do you greet your best friend who has been dead for the past fourteen years?

'Sirius,' turning away from James, somewhat hesitantly his eyes fell upon Lily.

She was as beautiful as ever, her hair; slightly curly and flowing over her shoulders. Emerald eyes looking at him in what he could only decipher as concern and fondness, her eyes had always been interesting to look at, brightly colored green, with a hint of gold specked through them.

Her lips were turned up in a soft smile, although the slight pout they had told more of her concern then her eyes did.

She looked the same as always, and in a weird way this was comforting to Sirius; it brought back happier memories of the past. Her skin was pale, her cheeks slightly more pink in color; her figure was short, but well proportioned.

He raised his eye brow, unwilling to talk more, just yet.

'Are you alright? This must be a bit of a shock, even if you were forewarned by Albus' Lily said, her voice the same soft, gentle tone he had always known, yet could never quite remember when trying to recall it over the past years she had been dead.

He nodded, then added somewhat hoarsely, 'I'm fine, really' he stated when she looked skeptical 'I just wasn't expecting such an early visit that's all'

James grinned 'come on Padfoot, it late evening… and I thought it was bad when you would sleep in 'till two in the afternoon,' he paused, shaking his head in mock disappointment, eyes glowing with mirth. Sirius was grateful for James' attempt to break the tension that seemed to have settled around the group of five.

Lily huffed, as Sirius grinned at James; 'honestly James, I'm quite sure that isn't what he meant' she said, voice restraining the laughter that she was trying to hide.

James nudged his wife gently in the side, smiling at her with fondness.

'Is Albus here?' queried Remus, who had been silent for a while now. A little put out by the sudden change in topic Sirius nodded.

'Yes, he's at the front door; taking to Molly' James and Lily, Sirius noticed, looked confused as to who Molly was; but he didn't explain further.

Remus nodded his thanks and swept past Sirius and up the stairs in search of the headmaster.

'What's was that about?' he asked, voice loud in the large kitchen. He would have thought Remus would have at least said hello.

'Peter came to Prongs Palace' James answered, his tone dripping with fury as his hands balled into fists. Sirius turned to look at him sharply, seriously wishing he hadn't as his neck gave a painful crack.

'WHAT? That little basted how dare he, you'll have to change the wards' he said matter-of-factly ignoring Lily's pleading look she sent him after he had cursed Peter. He knew he shouldn't be saying such things in front of Harry, but his godson wouldn't mind; he hated Wormtail just as much.

'That's why we are here, Albus is the only one who knows how to change them' spoke up Lily, crossing her arms over her chest and resting against the wall. Sirius nodded his understanding.


'Do you want a drink or something' Sirius asked, when all had been quiet for well over five minutes; Harry was picking at the wooden door with his thumb nail, while Lily shifted occasionally; James just stared at Sirius and Sirius switched his gaze to all three in the room with him, he gestured towards the table.

All three sat down, James quickly claiming the seat next to Sirius as fast as possible; Sirius inwardly smiled at this gesture. Lily sat opposite to two men. Harry however stayed standing.

'May I go see Ron and Hermione?' he asked quietly, looking toward Lily, she nodded with a small smile on her lips. Pleased that Harry hadn't been hesitant to ask, well not as much anyway.

'Of course, and bring them down to meet us soon ok?' Harry beamed at his mother's words, face alight with happiness.

'Ok' he echoed as he bolted from the kitchen, giving a quick wave to his father and godfather as he did so. Sirius chuckled at his godsons' antics, before turning back to the couple.

'Wonder how he's going to break the news that he has parents to them?' he laughed; James smiled and nodded while Lily contented herself with reaching over and grasping Sirius' hand with in hers.

'We've missed you Sirius' she said kindly.

'Yeah, even if it doesn't seem that long ago that we talked to you last; you age would beg to differ that we've been gone a long time' added James, a cheeky grin playing on his lips. Sirius gasped, feigning hurt and shocked.

'Are you calling me old?' he asked, voice low in a whisper of disbelief. James shrugged nonchalantly.

'Maybe I am, maybe I am not…old man' he quickly added, before bolting from his seat and making a run for the door; Sirius gave a bark like laugh, before running after the wizard; leaving the red head to heave a sigh and roll her eyes heaven wards.

'They're so childish' she huffed, deciding she should go find them and play referee.


Harry's feet barely touched the stairs he was running up; jumping every now and then to gain more distance and speed. He reached the second landing, heading quickly for the second door.

Heart pounding in his chest as if trying to escape the confines of his rib cage, Harry threw open the door;

'I HAVE PARENTS!' he yelled to the room at large, not caring for the noise he was making.

'Harry?' exclaimed a bushy haired youth, running to greet him; she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, Harry returned her embrace, grinning at the red head who sat on the bed playing a game of wizard chess against his losing sister.

'How have you been, and what was that all about?' she said, a smile on her lips one that reached her eyes fully. Harry grinned back, only just realizing how much he had missed her.

'I've been great, and guess what,' he paused for dramatic effect, watching Hermione and the two red heads for a reaction. Ron quirked an eyebrow, more focused on the chess board then the raven haired teen in front of him. Ginny looked up from the game; clearly displeased with the fact that she was losing but interest of what Harry was on about sparking in her brown eyes.

'My parents are ALIVE!' Harry said, screaming the last part at the top of his lungs; the joy that was bubbling near the surface finally exploding; causing him to use much restraint to keep from bounding around the room.

'WHAT?' Ron yelled back almost as loudly, tipping the chess set off the bed by accident as he stood up, not noticing his queen cursing at him from the dusty floor. The red head was smiling, and Harry couldn't help but smile back a true smile, teeth and all.

'Really mate?' he questioned a little more calmly, Harry nodded enthusiastically, noting that Hermione was yet to speak and Ginny looked uncertain as to whether he had finally snapped and went kooky.

'Harry, maybe you should sit down for a bit,' soothed Hermione, taking his hand and pulling him gently towards one of the big beds. Harry resisted and tugged his hand forcefully from her grasp.

His spirits falling, she didn't believe him. How could she not believe him? He felt the smile fade from his lips, disappointment evident in his expressive green eyes.

'You don't believe me' he said, it wasn't a question but a statement; however the witch replied;

'Well…Harry, they have been dead for years now, are you sure it wasn't just a dream?' Ron rolled his eyes.

'If the guy says his parents are alive, then his parents are alive 'Mione, why would he lie?' said Ron his tone protective and to a certain extent accusing. Harry was thankful that it had been this particular red head that had walked into his compartment on their first journey to Hogwarts, and honestly didn't know what he would have done if it was anyone but him. He knew from Ron's words that he believed him and wasn't just humoring him on the matter.

'It wasn't a dream Hermione, honestly, if it was I have just flooed here from my father's house, with my imaginary parents!' Harry said, watching the girl for her reaction. She frowned slightly, and Harry knew she was not convinced; but before she could retort and try to add a logical reason behind his words the door burst open.


'YOU'RE IT!' Sirius yelled; punching James lightly on his upper arm, the older man then proceeded to run around the room, his friend hot on his heels. Both acting extremely kid like, and even causing the youths in the room to stare in shock at their antics.

'Sorry about this' said Lily as she too entered the room, voice weary, and signaling that she had been chasing the two men around the house for some time.

'Bloody hell' Ron exclaimed as Sirius and James engaged one another in a rather violent pillow fight.

'How do you react to finding out your best friend is back from the dead and what do you do when meeting him for the first time in years?' Harry said quietly, voice straining to hide his laughter 'you have a pillow fight and squeal like teenage girls, that's what' he finished in exasperation, causing Ron to giggle, and Hermione's lips to twitch.

'We are not screaming like teenage girls,' stated Sirius, faking outrage at the comment, then promptly throwing a pillow in Ginny's direction, making her scream and dive for cover as James did the same.

'That's teenage squealing' Sirius said, eyes alive with mirth as the red head glared in his direction, picking up the two pillows and swinging them at the clearly insane men who jumped from bed to bed, laughing.

Lily sighed, shaking her head back and forth. Hermione sighed breathily, then without warning fell to the floor in a dead faint.

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