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Agent 365 was walking down a hallway when she got grabbed by someone and got pulled into a room. Agent 365 got into a fighting stance until she let loose when she saw her boss. She breathed a breath of relief and turned to her boss.

"Sir you needed me?" Agent 365 asked.

"Yes I need you to meet your new partner for the next mission." the Boss said.

"What happened to Agent 364 sir?" Agent 365 asked.

"Well she hooked up with Agent 344 and now their partners." the Boss explained.

"Well who is my new partner sir?" Agent 365 asked.

"His agent name is 366. He graduated from the academy at the top like you so we expect you guys to work well together. Agent 366 get your butt in here." the boss said.

Agent 366 walked into the room and Agent 365 immediately liked her partner. He was tall, had a fit body with black hair flowing in his face. He smiled at Agent 365 smitten by her appearance as she had all the right curves, had black hair with midnight blue streaks in it. he walked to the Boss and started to introduce himself.

"Hi my name is Trent." Agent 366 said with a smile.

"my name is Gwen." Agent 365 said shyly.

They both shook hands and looked into each others eyes as Trent noticed Gwen's beautiful black eyes and Gwen noticed Trent's sexy teal green eyes. They stood there looking at each other until the Boss cleared his throat.

"I guess you guys are comfortable in each others presence. Well your mission is to destroy our archenemy Mr. Smith. We finally found his but he is heavily guarded by his Agents. This is why we paired you two together. You guys leave in 07 hours. Now leave my presence now!" the Boss exclaimed.

"Is he always like that?" Trent asked.

"Yeah you'll get use to it. Anyways do you want to see some of the other Agents?" Gwen asked.

"Sure." Trent said with a smile.

They briefly looked at each other before looking away as Gwen lead Trent to the chill room. As they walked into the room they saw four Agents each of them paired off as the girls were sitting on the guys laps.

"Hey what's up you guys? I want to introduce you to my new partner Trent or Agent 366." Gwen introduced.

"Hey my name is Duncan or Agent 378 and this is my girl Courtney or Agent 377." Duncan said.

"You know I can talk for myself Duncan. You are such a ogre." Courtney said starting an argument.

"That's why you love me babe." Duncan said with a smirk.

"Shut up Duncan. Urg" Courtney shrieked.

"This is where they start making out." Gwen whispered to Trent as on time Duncan grabbed Courtney's face smashed her lips onto his as they started making out.

"Hehe my name is Geoff or Agent 344." Geoff said with a friendly smile.

"My name is Bridgette or Agent 364 Gwen's old partner." Bridgette said.

"Hey so Gwen can you show me to my room? I want to start packing." Trent asked.

"Sure. What's your room number?" Gwen asked.

"366." Trent said.

"That's right next to my room. I'll show you." Gwen said as she walked with him.

"They totally like each." Bridgette said before going back to making out with Geoff.

Gwen showed Trent to his room. Gwen was about to go to her room next to his but he held her hand before she can walk away.

"I guess I will see you soon right?" Trent asked.

"Yeah I guess so." Gwen said with a smile.

They both looked into each others eyes and started to lean in but their communicators went off saying that half of their time before they leave for their mission. Gwen looked at Trent's blushing face and vice versa and she went to her room to pack.

Trent and Gwen were waiting in line to go to Hawaii when Trent kissed Gwen on the cheek when Gwen looked at him they were both blushing.

"Why did you do that for?" Gwen asked blushing.

"Well your so beautiful and it was for good luck you know what I mean." Trent said.

"Well I guess I should kiss you on the cheek." Gwen said then she kissed him on the cheek.

They both boarded their plane and sat in their seats. They talked for a little while before Gwen fell asleep on Trent's shoulder as he kissed her on the forehead and fell asleep.

Trent and Gwen went into the hotel after their 9 hour flight. Gwen knew she fell asleep on Trent's shoulder and she felt that she was falling for him.

"Hi we have reservations for Trent Mater and Gwen Caisson." Trent said.

"Aw here are keys. level 1450. Please go." the lady said at the desk.

"Weird ." Gwen said as they went into elevator.

"Yeah so weird." Trent said.

They finally made it to their room Trent saw that they had to share one bed as so did Gwen. They both looked at each other but turned away blushing.

"Well I'm going to change into my PJ's." Gwen said.

"Okay." Trent said as he watched her walk into the bathroom.

Trent took off his shirt and pants and decided to wear basketball shorts to sleep. Gwen walked out with a large shirt that fell down to her mid thigh. Gwen was looking at her PDA so she didn't see Trent gaping at her.

"Boss says that we start the mission at 200 hours tomorrow. So we have to get up early because I like to get ready." Gwen said before she saw Trent without his shirt.

Trent walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Like what you see baby cause I like what I see." Trent said before jumping into the bed.

Gwen was shocked that Trent did that but she followed suit and jumped into the bed with him.

"Goodnight Trent."

"Goodnight Gwen" Trent said as he shut the light off.

Trent faced Gwen's back but when she shivered he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him. She turned around in his arm her face in his chest. Trent smiled before falling asleep.

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