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They finally got onto the plane and Gwen got to sit next to a nice hunk while Trent and Ryan sat in front of her together. When Gwen went up to ask the air stewardess to fix something on her chair, Trent turned around to face the hunk.

"If you even think about touching her you better stop thinking it 'cause if she tells me I'll beat the shit out of you. Do you understand me?" Trent growled at the hunk.

"Yea whatever. I don't even like her but I just might hit on her since her boyfriend in front of me." The hunk said smirking at Trent.

Trent growled slightly and when Gwen walked by he pulled her down and kissed softly. Gwen got up slowly and sat down a little bit out of it. The hunk looked at Trent surprised and Trent ran his finger across his neck threatening the hunk. The hunk slid down in his seat. Trent turned around proud of himself and he looked at Ryan. Ryan shook his head in disgrace. What did she see in him. The ride home on the plane was boring 'cause everyone was sleeping.

"Hello again everyone." the pilot said, "We will be landing in our destination in 5 minutes."

"Finally! This plane ride was boring as hell." Ryan said as he stretched.

He looked at Trent who was mad as hell. Ryan turned around and he saw Gwen sleeping on the hunk's shoulder.

"She came on me." the hunk said hopelessly.

"I told I will kick your ass. When we leave the plane I'm gonna........." Trent was cut off when Ryan pushed him into line.

Gwen woke up when the hunk woke her up.

"Your boyfriend is gonna beat the shit out of me. Can you say something to him?" the hunk asked frightened.

Gwen was seething mad that the hunk was shaking from fear. Gwen grabbed her bag and walked off the plane to see Trent and Ryan standing there. Gwen walked up to Trent and slapped him.

"What the hell was that about?" Trent asked hurt that his girlfriend would slap her.

"Why you threatening people? Especially when it's a high school friend." Gwen screeched in his face.

"My bad that I wanted to defend my girlfriend from a guy who probably looks hotter than me." Trent yelled back.

Ryan stood back and enjoyed the argument that the couple were having. He started chuckling until he saw that he needed to intervene 'cause Gwen grabbed her pocketknife out of her pocket.

"Come on you guys. You are the perfect couple. Now Gwen give me the pocketknife and start talking like regular 19 year olds." Ryan said calmly.

Gwen gave Ryan the pocketknife and turned to face Trent. Trent moved towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Gwen blushed slightly but she put her arms around his neck.

"I'm sorry for overreacting Gwen. I never meant to do that." Trent said placing small kisses along her neck.

"I'm sorry too Trent." Gwen said.

Trent then kissed Gwen. Gwen immediately got into the program as she opened her mouth to allow Trent's tongue to enter her mouth. Trent pushed her closer to hiss body as they continued to make out. Six minutes later Ryan had to pull them apart.

"Who knew they can hold their breath that long?" Ryan asked himself

They finally reach their agent building two hours later 'cause Trent and Gwen kept stopping to make out. When they reach the building they saw that the security was tight on the building. Ryan was shocked at it.

"How are we gonna get through that?" Ryan asked shocked.

"Well we could go through the sewers and exit in The Boss' room." Gwen said.

"How do you know all this?" Trent asked amazed.

"Long story." Gwen said blushing.

Ryan was also blushing and Trent looked at them suspiciously.

"Let's just go Trent." Gwen said.

They all climbed down to the sewer and immediately they were hit with an overpowering smell of stench. It was so bad that they all had to cover their noses.

"Let's hurry before we die." Ryan said leading the way.

Trent finally figured out why Gwen and Ryan were blushing. Trent didn't say anything because it would make him breath the rotten air. They finally reached the Boss' room. Gwen came out first then Ryan then Trent.

"Reminds me of some good times." Ryan said looking straight at Gwen.

"What good times?" Trent asked angrily

"Calm down Trent we just infiltrated the enemy base and we have to stay on the low-key."Gwen whispered shouted.

Gwen opened the door a little to see what the hallway looked like. She saw security guards walking around the hallways. Gwen shut the door quietly.

"Well looks like we have to kick some ass." Gwen said.

"I'm okay with that." Ryan said.

Trent was a little hesitant but he decided to go. Ryan ran out first then Gwen then Trent. They fought long and hard before they reached the room where Mr. Smith was currently residing.

"Well well well. If it isn't Gwen, Ryan, and Trent." Mr. Smith said evilly

"We come here to stop all the bullshit that you caused our agency." Ryan said.

"Well it seems you fallen in my trap." Mr. Smith said ignoring Ryan.

"What trap?" Gwen asked.

Ryan ran towards Mr. Smith but Ryan fell right before he could hit him.

"Foolish child. Finish him." Mr. Smith yelled.

Then three gunshots rang out and hit Ryan in the back. Gwen winced when she heard the yell Ryan yelled. She tried run to him but Mr. Smith blocked her way.

"Uh uh Gwen Ryan deserved this. Guess who shot him?" Mr. Smith smirked as it soon hit her.

"Trent what the hell?" Gwen yelled with tears in her eyes.

"I was never apart of your stupid agency Gwen. My dad is Mr. Smith. My mission was to get you distracted so Mr. Smith could take over your agency and keep you as a prisoner. This is revenge for my grandfather you killed." Trent said looking at his dad.

"Why Trent why? I fucking loved you and this what you do to me?" Gwen said being at her weakest point.

"Yea Gwen. I never loved you. I was just using you." Trent said not believing his words.

Gwen just shut her mouth and dropped to the ground. Tears were running down her cheeks as she looked at Trent hoping he was joking or something but he wasn't. Mr. Smith just smiled knowing that he had just captured the best agent in the world and he did it with love.

"Take her away and lock her up." Mr. Smith said laughing as the security guards dragged a brokenhearted Gwen down to the chambers.

Trent looked at her and his heart started to break. He loved this girl and he broke her heart. Mr. Smith sensed Trent spacing out and he walked up to his son.

"Something bothering you my boy?"

"No I'm going to bed dad" Trent said with no emotion as he walked away from his dad.

"Oh yea" Mr. Smith yelled to his son, "You're the one who is gonna give Gwen her beatings everyday. Maybe then you might get your mind off of her." Mr. Smith said knowingly.

Trent stopped walking. He couldn't believe what his dad just said to him. His heart was now telling him to do something. It was:

Free Gwen and defeat your father

The question is he really up to the challenge?

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