AN: Hi everybody.

I deeply apologize for not updating or letting all of you devoted readers of mine know what's been going on lately.

I know I haven't updated in an extraordinarily long time. Really, I'm sorry. Terribly sorry.

The reason for that is, I chose to put myself before my fanfiction (How selfish, right?). My grades in school suffered severely during the second semester for personal reasons, and I couldn't bear to keep updating this, knowing that I was letting myself down.

Over summer, I was in and out of town, so computer access was limited, so I was unable to update then, as well.

Now, I'm in my last year of high school. (Yes, I'm still in high school, it was on my Fanfiction profile, before my recent edit.) And I'm absolutely swamped: Schoolwork, college applications, driving school, community service, family issues, moving houses—everything imaginable is going on right now. I'm quite sleep-deprived on a daily basis, and I honestly am having a hard time managing my time.

Therefore, as of now, Free at Last is on an official hiatus.

I'm not very sure how soon I can return. I even deactivated my Facebook account for the sake of getting schoolwork done (less procrastination, ahaha), so obviously, I'm doing all that I can to devote myself to academics right now.

I hope you'll all forgive me for abandoning you for as long as I have. I've appreciated every single Favorite, Story/Author Alert and Review I've gotten throughout my time on here, and I hope that when I return, I'll be welcomed back with open arms.

Good luck on your future exploits! See you in the future. And again, I'm deeply sorry.

Much Love, darkxlight