Okay this is a response to the Kevin Fawkes memorial challenge. Umm, it's kinda corny.


August 9, 2000 your gravestone reads,

but I am still here and have many needs.

I needed you not to die,

so I won't lie.

You were the only family I really had,

because when we were younger we lost mom and dad.

You shouldn't have pushed me out of the way,

but now I must live with it every day.

My past comes to haunt me at night in my dreams,

and sometimes I see you in ultraviolet beams.

But now you are gone and I'm alone here,

and every now and then I shed a tear.

I miss you so much now that you're gone,

and I look at the sky at the break of dawn.

I will see you again someday,

But for now this is all I can say.