Hey Yo! Laura here, introducing another story I've been working on in my kitchen of literature! (wow, can we say CHEESY?)

Anyhow, I've fallen in love with the LoomerXNed pairing, but perhaps SethXNed is just as good? I don't know, but we'll see who he chooses eventually. For now, enjoy!


Missing Something?

Ned sighed, putting his feet up on his desk as he watched his computer screen flicker. The thing never really did work properly, and just the other day his mother had spilt coffee on it. So far, it looked like it wasn't going to recover.

Shifting his attention from his computer to his window, Ned let his mind wander. He began thinking about his years in elementary. Boy, were they eventful. It had been an entire summer since he'd seen his friends--his parents had decided to take a trip that lasted the full two months. Now, Ned would be attending his first day of high school the following day. He considered calling his friends, but he decided to wait until he could reunite with them in person. There'd be plenty of time for that.

Pulling open his desk drawer, Ned remembered that he'd made a 'School Survival Guide' while attending Polk. Fond memories...

"Where did I put it?" he asked himself once he found it was not located in his drawer, "Ah...maybe it's under my bed.." he got up, dropping to his floor and pulling up his covers so that he could see under the bed. Not there.

"Alright, where else?" he glanced around the room, beginning to get worried. What if he'd lost it? Ned knew he'd spent hours on that book...if he lost it, that'd be awful. He couldn't even remember what he'd written in it.

Then a scary thought hit him: would he have to attend high school without his school survival guide?

He shook his head, trying to perish the thought. He would find that book at all costs--he couldn't go to school empty handed, that was too risky.

And yet, it was what he'd have to do.