Summary: Immediately after the failed retrieve Sasuke mission, Naruto is put in solitary confinement thanks to a council vote that neither sannin can prevent. The day he turns 16, Danzou makes a deal with Akatsuki for the good of Konoha. It sets in motion a chain of events that will bring three deadly ninja together and change the shinobi world.

Warnings: ItaNaru pairing

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The Sun, The Moon, and The Sea

Chapter 1 – The Sun


The sun goddess and ruler of the Plain of Heaven. She was so bright and radiant that her parents sent her up the Celestial Ladder to heaven, where she has ruled ever since. When the earth was ravaged, she disappeared. Her disappearance deprived the world of light and life.


Kakashi ran as fast as he could through the forest toward his destination. His charge was the last of the five that was being brought back to the village after the failed mission. It had been disastrous and every single one of the five were at least slightly injured…most were seriously to gravely injured. When he first saw the distinctive blonde headed, orange clad ninja laying face up in the valley, he had feared the worst. But when he felt the weak pulse he grabbed the boy up and ran. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the gates of Konoha ahead. Good, he was close to home. His load badly needed medical attention. Naruto would live, fortunately his tenant does its job well, but he was not in the greatest shape. Besides, Naruto and the Godaime seemed to have quite a connection. So he was sure she would want to make sure the boy was alright.

When he finally reached the gates, he was stopped by a group of masked shinobi.

"We will take him from here." The one in front said.

Kakashi narrowed his eyes in confusion. "By who's authority?" He didn't move to put the blonde bundle down.

"By that of the council, not that it's any of your business." That raised the silver-haired ninja's suspicions. His lazy demeanor belied his inner tension and he tightened his arms around his unconscious student. "But he needs medical attention. I was taking him to the hospital." He was trying to use anything he could to get him to the hokage and out of the hands of these men.

"This cannot wait. We'll make sure he gets the medical attention he needs. We will take him now."

That wasn't a request. That was an order. A part of Kakashi wanted to turn and run away with the blonde boy taking a chance and hoping to outrun the group of anbu. Something bad was going to happen, he knew it. But he also knew there was very little chance he'd make it out alive if he ran. Even without using his Sharingan, he could tell he was surrounded. He sighed. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to do as they asked. Hopefully he would be able to find Tsunade and she'll be able to stop whatever it is that the council is planning. He reluctantly handed over Naruto and watched as they disappeared with him. As soon as they were gone, he went to the hospital to find the Godaime and tell her the news.

Naruto moaned as he opened his eyes, only to immediately close them again at the bright light shining in them. He cracked his eyes open to little slits, waiting until they got used to the light before opening them a little more, then a little more, finally opening them fully. He turned his head looking around. He was confused. This wasn't his apartment. Was this the hospital? This wasn't his normal hospital room. He tried to move and couldn't. Looking down, he saw straps across his form holding him down. He was strapped down to the bed? What in the world was going on? He wiggled around a bit trying to get out, to no avail.

"Uzumaki Naruto. It is a pleasure to see you again after so long."

Naruto's eyes widened first, then narrowed before he began to growl. That voice triggered panic in the blonde. His memories of the person behind the voice were all bad. He struggled to get out of the bonds that held him down.

"Cease your struggles boy. You won't be getting out." Danzou moved forward out of the shadows so Naruto could see his wrapped face. "I think you and I have quite a bit to discuss."

"What do you want with me? Where's baa-chan?"

"You mean the current hokage? She's too busy to be with you right now boy. You see, almost all the other members of your team are close to dying."

Naruto gasped. He had been wondering how the rest of the team fared.

"So, since she's working on people much more important than you, we will do our best to take care of you."

The blonde swallowed. He was almost afraid to ask the obvious question. "W-What are you going to do?"

Danzou chuckled. "Hmm…what should I do with you? That's a very good question. Let's see, what would be fitting for someone who corrupted the last Uchiha-"

"What?! No I didn't…"

"…and caused him to leave the village, you got the rest of your team injured, possibly killed trying to find him…"

"But…it wasn't-"

"...and is a danger to the entire village because of what you hold inside you. What should I do with you?" He stared at the blonde with his one good eye. "I think it's finally time to put you in your place. Right after we fix you up."

Naruto's eyes widened when he saw the needle from the corner of his eye. Where did that nurse come from? "NO! What the hell are you doing?" He renewed the struggle to get out of his restraints. "Let go of me! I haven't done anything wrong."

The unknown person held him down and plunged the needle in his arm. Slowly Naruto's struggles ceased as whatever was in the vial took effect. Danzou leaned over watching the boy's eyes slowly glazing over.

"Sleep. When you wake up you'll be exactly where you belong."

Naruto tried to resist but he couldn't stop his eyes from closing.


When he woke up again, he shivered at the chill in the air and felt downwards trying to pull up his trusty blanket. He felt nothing so he opened his eyes and blinked. This wasn't his apartment! He sat up so quickly, his head spun. With a moan he put a hand at his forehead to steady himself. Then he looked around at the tiny space. "Where the hell am I?" There was hardly enough room to move more than to get out of bed, which was nothing more than a concrete slab with a cheap thin mattress. The door was metal, the walls, floor, and ceiling were rock. In the corner was a small toilet and sink. He wasn't sure he wanted to use either. They were filthy. 'Am I dreaming?'

He pinched himself…hard.



He put his fingers in the familiar symbol but then he noticed something on his wrists. Two metal bracelets. He put his fingers back in the symbol and tried to build up his chakra.

Nothing happened.

He couldn't feel anything. He couldn't even feel Kyuubi.

Naruto gulped in fear. He remembered fighting Sasuke. He remembered Kakashi telling him that Sasuke was gone while he was carrying him back to Konoha. He remembered seeing the old council dude. He bit his lip as his fear spiked to feverish proportions. 'Please please let this be genjutsu…please…'

An hour or so later, he really wasn't sure - it seemed like forever – he heard keys in the lock and the door opened with a loud slow squeak. Danzou walked in slowly and stood close to the door. Naruto jumped up with the intent to bolt. He figured he could beat an old guy with a cane. With a yell he ran forward hoping to punch his way through him and out to freedom. Danzou dodged, faster than Naruto thought he could move. Another masked person appeared in his place and threw the blonde boy backwards so he hit the wall with a painful smack and fell to the floor.

Naruto tried to get up but pain shot through his back and up his spine and he cursed loudly collapsing back to the floor.

"Hurts doesn't it? Now that you have no fox to help you, you will finally know what real pain feels like." Danzou said as he watched Naruto deal with the pain.

"What did you do to me?" Naruto growled.

"I just made you a regular human like the rest of us. Isn't that what you always wanted?" The old council member chuckled mockingly. "Those bracelets and that collar block off your chakra. You won't be healing quickly. So…how do you like your new accommodations?"

Naruto moved a shaking hand up feeling the collar around his neck. "You can't keep me here. Baa-chan will get me out of here!"

"You have so much blind faith in her. She can't help you. Neither can your sensei. Neither can your friends. By now, most of them think you're dead."

"You lie!"

"And your sensei who brought you back is at this moment probably getting his most recent memories wiped. And because the council already approved of this action, Tsunade will be able to do nothing to help you. She also has no idea where you're being held. This place is unknown by anyone but high ranking members of Root."

"No…" Naruto whispered shaking his head.

"Oh yes boy. Enjoy your new home. You will be living here for a long time." The door slammed shut with a note of finality.

Naruto didn't move from his spot on the floor.

Three years later

The heavy metal door opened with a loud groan. It was stiff from disuse. The sound didn't phase the occupant behind the door.

He didn't even move a muscle. If one didn't know any better one would think he was a corpse. Only the slight movement of his breathing showed he was alive.

Uzumaki Naruto had been there for so long, he had learned to ignore everything and everyone. It's not like he was going anywhere. And the only people he ever saw were either Danzou or the person who would bring him some semblance of food.

If any of Naruto's friends saw him, they wouldn't recognize him. He looked nothing like the happy-go-lucky orange clad boy they had come to know. That golden skin he was known for was no more. Instead he was a sickly pale. The greasy blonde strands, once upon a time wild and untamable, flowed down like an old curtain, covering his face. He had gotten taller, as evidenced by the pants that stopped at his calves.

"Good evening Naruto." Danzou waited but really didn't expect a reply. The boy never spoke anymore. "I hope you didn't forget that today is your birthday. To celebrate, I'm going to take you on a little trip."

Two men walked up to the seemingly catatonic blonde and raised him onto his feet each of them holding one arm and pulled him out the cell.

The only action Naruto showed was to blink.

He was outside.


It had been so long.

For the first time in a very long time, Naruto felt the urge to move.

He took a deep breath of the fresh air smelling slightly of leaves, dirt, food from distant homes. He stiffly moved his head to look up into the night sky and saw the stars twinkling beautifully. He next turned his head to look at his village. It looked like it hadn't changed much at all from the village he knew.

He wondered how everyone was. Was baa-chan still hokage? How was his old team? Had Sakura gotten any stronger? Was Kakashi-sensei still late every day? Was Ero-sennin at a hot springs right now being a pervert? Shikamaru, Kiba, Shino, Lee, Neji… Did Hinata still blush and stutter all the time? Konahamaru, Moegi, Udon, Iruka-sensei…


He wondered if he believed the lies. He hoped that, deep down, just maybe his favorite sensei would think that he was still alive, even if there wasn't much hope.


He might not know him well, but they were like brothers because of their circumstances. He wondered if he was less evil now.


Was he still Sasuke? Or was he some weird Uchiha/Orochimaru hybrid by now? Had he gotten his revenge on Itachi yet?

Unfortunately, before he had the chance to enjoy his moment of freedom, he was moving. Fast. He hung on with shaky arms as the root ninja who carried him sped through the forest with the rest of their team and Danzou.

It took some hours before they reached a clearing. The moon was high in the sky and shining down. Because of it, Naruto had no trouble seeing the group in front of him that was waiting. The group was covered in black cloaks with red clouds.


The last group of people Naruto wanted to see were waiting for them.

Naruto looked around. He'd never seen these members before. Of course, the only two he'd really had any contact with were Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame. Those two were scary enough. They weren't surrounded, but they didn't have to be. No matter how good the Root Anbu were, if he was a betting person, he'd bet on Akatsuki. He doubted anyone would be able to defeat them. And most likely, they were there for him. Once that thought took up residence in his brain, he couldn't help the natural instincts that kicked in. Even though he could hardly move, he tried to struggle his weak body out of the anbu member's arms.

"I have held up my end of the bargain." Danzou called out. "I have the nine-tailed fox just as you requested. His chakra is bound and his body is weak. He should be no problem for you."

Naruto stopped struggling in shock. Now he understood.

"So you have." The man who answered him was quite tall and imposing with reddish orange hair and lots of piercings. "And since you have held up your end, we will hold to ours as well."

He had become a pawn.

"I have your word that Konoha will not be harmed?"

The man nodded "Of course." No one saw the malevolent gleam in the dark eyes. He turned and stared expectantly at the two men holding onto Naruto. They stepped away after a nod from Danzou. Naruto, his legs too weak from disuse, collapse to his knees on the ground. Even if he wanted to fight, to get away, he was too weak to move. Another member of Akatsuki stepped forward, this one with an orange mask. He knelt in front of the blonde and whispered something, then touched the pale forehead. Naruto passed out on the ground.

Instantly, all of the Akatsuki members disappeared, taking Naruto with them.



a/n: So, this is my new fledgling story. I hope it looks interesting enough to continue. The title is based on Japanese mythology, also the beginning of each chapter will be based on it. As the story moves along you will understand why. This is canon, but will end up quite a bit AU. Since Naruto disappeared from Konoha at 12, this will bring many changes to the normal narutoverse and I'm going to exploit all of them ;) Reviews are not required obviously but would be nice.