TITLE: "Humworthy...?"

Part 6 in my mini-series of the saga that is (or not) the Romance between our two favourite characters.

Spoilers: Season 7 – Chimera

Rating: T

Warnings : nothing

Summary: A Short trip in the elevator has them both on edge as Sam appears to have the life Jack told her to get - but at what cost?.

I don't own anything associated with Stargate SG-1. Everything belongs to MGM and all the others!..

This story is not betaed so all errors are mine.


Standing awkwardly in the elevator having an equally awkward conversation.


"I am?"

"You were."

……."Well it's nothing serious or anything".

"And yet hum worthy".

"But Sir.."

"But Carter it's none of my.. business. I'm just happy that you're happy about something other than….quarks"….

............"A bit uncomfortable isn't it?"

"Yeh a bit,"

As Jack left the elevator, she watched his retreating form. She wanted to yell at him, tell him that she was only seeing Pete because she was lonely, that she was settling because it seemed she was never going to have the things with Jack that she wanted. At least this way, she had a chance that someone could physically love her. Hell she knew that Pete could never make her feel all the things she knew she felt for Jack and make her feel like she felt when Jack touched her, even accidentally. Leaving the elevator at her level, she all but ran to her lab, trying to conceal the tears that threatened to fall. Locking the door behind her, she hid her face in one of the cupboards, pretending to look for something. Everywhere on base had CCTV. She didn't want anyone to see her crying.

Her night out dancing with Pete was really enjoyable. She loved the look on his face when he saw the way she was dressed. It had been a long time since a man had called her a 'knock out'. Not that she had given many the chance. Her ex-fiance had treated her badly and really she hadn't felt feminine at all, but the look on Pete's face told her everything she needed to know. She was a desirable woman. It was time she let go of the past and tried for a future.

As he walked her to the door, she decided that she would invite him in and after such a fun evening fully of great food and wine, she felt on top of the world, however, in the morning, when he was leaving, she didn't feel so good, she regretted sleeping with him, even though it was enjoyable, she felt like she had betrayed Jack, even though there was no physical committment to each other, she felt she had betrayed their emotional bond. And when Pete got all huffy and left because she wouldn't tell him what she did, well that made her feel even worse.

Pushing those thoughts from her mind, she concentrated on the task at hand. Survelliance of Daniel's house. Osirus seemed to be playing with his dreams and they had to find out why.

Later sitting in the infirmary with Pete, even though he had followed her, she realises with bittersweet clarity, that she could actually let herself fall in love with him. Not love him in a way that she will ALWAYS love Jack, but love him enough.

Jack was right, he was a "safe bet".