So this story is about what would happen if, after Edward left, Bella and Renesmee were left to live without him. In my story, Bella and Renesmee are human. Renesmee had no special powers. Bella is like 27. Renesmee is 9. You just have to pretend that Bella was pregnant when Edward left.

I know I have a thing for doing this type of story, but this one's way different than the other one.


"Hey, Mom?" Renesmee called. She was such a beautiful child. Her eyes were mine. Everything else about her was like her father; her bronze hair, her musical abilities, her looks, her perfection at everything, her grace. She was a constant reminder of my love. Yet, she was my greatest joy.

"What is it?" I walked into the hall where she was sitting, cross legged, in a pile of junk.

"What's this?" She held up a thin leather bound book. My breath caught. It was a yearbook. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"That's my yearbook, from high school." She smiled hugely.

"Can I look?" I wanted to say no. I wanted to rip he book from her hands and throw it away along with all the pain that it brought back. However, I knew that if I said no she would just look at it behind my back.

"Sure." I crawled over to her through the piles of junk and pulled her onto my lap. "You're getting too big for this." I kissed her forehead.

"Naw." She giggled. I sighed fingering the book. Truth be told, I didn't know I had it. I didn't think it had ever been opened. I very carefully opened the cover, enjoying the new book smell and the crackling of the spine. There was a note tucked inside:


My love, never forget. I won't.


A sob formed in my throat. I ran my fingers over the note. He had held this paper. I wanted to break down and cry, but my daughter's presence stopped me.

"What's wrong, Mommy?"

"Where did you get this box?" I gestured to the box that all the stuff had come from. She smiled sheepishly.

"It was under the floorboards in your old room, at Grandpa's house." I didn't even bother to ask why she was looking under there or how she had gotten it here without me noticing.

"Can you let Mommy looked through this stuff alone for a little while?"

"Okay…" I picked up the box, throwing things in and practically ran to my room. I tripped over the rug and collapsed on the floor. The box thudded in front of me. I grabbed the book and opened it again. I pulled out the note again. Why had he written that? He had told me to move on. He had said he'd move on. I was confused.

I turned glossy pages. I ran my fingers over the pictures of Mike, Angela, Ben, Eric, Tyler, Jessica…all of them were immortalized on the pages, like vampires. I flipped backwards. The page that should have contained the Cullens held a row of conspicuously blank boxes. I winced, of course. What I would give to see his face. I flipped forward again to see my picture. My happy face smiled at me. I had never been that happy since. Renesmee was a constant joy, but Edward had left me with a gaping wound that was not healable.

Then I thumbed through the pages to the prom pictures. My breath caught. Edward and I stood happy under an arch that was strung with lights. His arm curved around me so naturally. The familiar crooked grin was on his face. It took me a while to pull my eyes off of him to notice myself in the picture. I was staring up at him, completely in love.

This picture made us look perfect. It didn't show the inadequate human and the perfect vampire. The picture portrayed an entirely happy couple. A tear fell on the page. I swiped at my eyes angrily. This was ridiculous, but I couldn't make myself close the book.

On the next page, there was a picture of Edward and me dancing. I smiled at that memory. It was a wide shot of the dance floor. Rosalie and Emmett were clearly visible in the center of the floor. In the background Alice and Jasper are dancing as well. My heart caught. I miss Alice so much. She would have loved Renesmee. I could see her playing dress up with Renesmee.

The next page had a picture of me and Edward also, although we were in the background of this picture. We were just staring into each other's eyes. I sobbed. I still loved him. How was it possible?

"Who's he?" A soft voice said. Renesmee's pale finger came and pointed at Edward's face. I sighed.

"That's the boy I went to prom with."

Her expression said, "No duh."

"He was my boyfriend in high school."

"What's his name?" I couldn't say it. It was far too difficult. I forced the name through my lips.

"Edward Cullen." It burned my lips. The broken place inside of me screamed in pain.

"He's pretty."


"Did you love him?" I didn't want to answer. Something in her eyes drew it out of me.

"Yes. With all my heart and soul." I didn't know where the words came from. They just welled up inside of me and burst out.

"Is he my daddy?" I gasped. How to answer? I heard an echoing gasp behind me. I whipped around, pushing Renesmee behind me. Alice was crouched in a tree outside of my window.

"Alice?!" I shrieked.

"Shhh, Bella."

"What? How? Why?" She leapt gracefully through the window.

"Who's this?"She said, kneeling in front of Renesmee.

"My daughter." I was surprised at the possessiveness in my own voice.

"Hi! I'm Renesmee. Renesmee Carlie Cullen." I wanted to slap my hand over her mouth. Alice turned wide eyes on me.


"It's true."

"Who's she?" Renesmee asked, pulling on my hand.

"That's your Aunt Alice." A huge grin swept across Alice's face. "Renesmee? Alice and I need to talk." She left the room. This time I locked the door.

"She's so cute!" Alice squeaked.

"Didn't you know about her?"

"Edward made me stop keeping tabs on you." I winced when she said his name.

"Where is he?"

"Not here."

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