Here's another quick chapter.

The Cullen house zoomed into view. I could already hear my daughter's beautiful laugh as we approached. It made me smile. I looked over to see that Edward was smiling too.

We entered the house and I darted across the room to embrace my child. Edward put his arms around both of us. We were a perfect little family.

Renesmee turned her curious eyes on me and Edward. I saw her taking in small details and computing them. Her eyes grew round.

"You're a vampire?" She asked, but her question was directed at Edward. He nodded solemnly. "And you're a vampire?" Her voice was small.

"Yes, baby."

"Why?" I shifted her in my arms so I could look her in the eyes.

"We got attacked by a bad vampire. Jacob was there." I added. Mentioning Jake seemed to have a calming effect. "She hurt Mommy and Daddy."

"So you became vampires to get better?"


"Will you become human again like Daddy did before?"

"No, angel. Daddy could only do that once. And we don't want to have to live without Daddy again, do we?" She shook her head violently and reached for Edward. He took her into his arms and held her close.

"You're Mommy chose to stay immortal so that we could be together, her and I. You already have vampire blood in you, so we have to wait and see if you're mortal or not, baby." She nodded.

"Okay." I breathed a sigh of relief at having such an intelligent child. It was only then that I noticed Jacob's solemn glare.

"What's your problem?" I hissed. Edward wisely took Renesmee out of the room.

"You're exposing her to so much danger, Bella." He growled.

"You have no idea what you're talking about. None of the Cullens would ever hurt her. She's probably ni more danger around the pack!"

"I wasn't talking about the Cullens, Bella." he said pointedly. I gasped. He thought I was a danger to my own child.

"How can you say that, Jacob Black?"

"You're a newborn, Bells. Think about it." He pleaded.

"You're so unobservant, Jake." I sneered, truly angry now. "If I was an average newborn, you'd be dead by now." He looked a little puzzled.

"Yea, I was wondering about that."

"Maybe you should get all the facts before making accusations." I snapped.

"I didn't accuse you of anything. I just want Renesmee to be safe."

"Well, she is safe. She's probably safer now that she has so many vampires to protect her." Jacob looked unconvinced. "I don't need your approval, Jacob. If you don't like it, you can leave."

"You know I won't leave her." He sighed.

"Then I suggest you learn to deal with it." I said. My anger was cooling slightly. I sniffed the air as I noticed my surroundings more fully. "Ugh, Jacob, you stink." He just rolled his eyes.

The Cullens thought it was safe to reenter the room. We all sat around. Renesmee sat in Jacob's lap. Edward put his arm around me and drew me close.

"So," I began. "Renesmee and Emmett are human?" They nodded.

"You know I always wanted a baby, Bella." Rosalie said. I raised an eyebrow.

"You're pregnant?" She nodded.

"Congratulations." I said. Emmett grinned and pulled Rosalie close to him. I wondered idly if he missed being a vampire.

"Are you planning on staying this way?" Edward asked.

"We're not quite sure yet." She admitted. "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

I noticed Esme looking at Rosalie with an expression of sadness. I wondered why she too hadn't changed back, but I could see that it was a question for another time. I curled close to Edward and decided to just enjoy the company of my family. My mind wandered to the thought of Edward's imminent proposal. It sent a happy jolt of excitement through me. I kissed his jaw lightly.

"What was that for, love?" He smiled lovingly down at me.

"For being here." I replied simply. "I love you." He leaned down to place a kiss on my nose.

"And I love you." He said.

"Ouch!" I heard from across the room. I lifted my head from Edward's shoulder to see Jacob looking at Renesmee with wide eyes.

"What is it?" I asked cautiously.

"She bit me!" I could see to small pinpricks on Jacob's neck.

"Great…" I sighed, "Always something new to deal with."

"At least life will never be boring." Edward said as we stood to check Jake's wound.

"You've got that right." I said over my shoulder as I knelt next to Jacob. "Do you think she's venomous?"

"No, I feel okay." He said.

"What's wrong?" Renesmee, who had been lifted into her father's arms, asked.

"Nothing, Ness." Jacob said. I ran a hand through my hair.

"What now?"

"I don't know. Ask the fortune teller." Alice stuck her tongue out at him.

"You know I can't see around you."

"Oh, right. Maybe I'll be some freaky werewolf-vamp now." he actually sounded kind of excited.

"Carlisle, you better get over here. I think he's delirious." I joked. Jacob scowled.

"That's not very nice, Bells. I'm wounded here."

"Yes, felled by a little girl." I laughed. He just scowled some more.

"Renesmee will be nice to the invalid, won't you, Ness?"

"Mmmm…maybe later." She said and continued examining Edward's bronze hair. We all laughed. Jacob pouted.

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