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She tickled the baby's nose with her finger and smiled at her. She rubbed her nose against the baby's and giggled.

Elliot looked on at his daughters as he smiled broadly. He picked up the camera in his lap and took a candid picture of the two girls.

Olivia walked up quietly behind him and sat on the arm of the chair he was sitting on. She put her arm around him and looked down at the picture he had just taken, then back up at their daughters and smiled.

"She looks like you," Olivia whispered in his ear.

Elliot smiled even broader.

Casey laughed and flailed her little arms in the air, reaching for Sophia's hand. Sophia wiggled her finger in Casey's face. Casey grabbed it with both her small hands and kicked her feet, smiling and laughing. Sophia smiled down at her baby sister.

Olivia smiled. Elliot pulled her from the arm of the chair onto his lap. She put her arms around his neck, a bit surprised at first, then smiled playfully at him. He kissed her tenderly.

When their lips parted, she held onto his face and placed her forehead against his.

"Livvie?" Elliot began.

"Yes, El?"

"Thank you."

She gave him a questioning smile. "For what?"

"Giving me the two most beautiful daughters in the world."

She smiled brightly at him. Then looked away, ashamedly. "You're not mad at me?"

"Of course not. How could I be mad at you?" he asked, pulling her closer to his chest. He rested his chin on the top of her head.

"For leaving. For not telling you, and taking your daughter away from you. Away for eight years," she said quietly, making sure Sophia couldn't hear her.

"I was upset when you left, not mad. I knew you must have had some reason, and I was upset you felt like you couldn't tell me. I missed you, and there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think of you... didn't tear myself apart for letting you run away."

She sighed heavily, feeling guilty. Elliot sensed this and squeezed her tightly to his chest, comforting her.

"And when I found you... I was relieved. You're my everything, Liv, and I can't believe I ever let you get away from me. But now you're back, and that's all that matters."

He could feel her mouth curve into a smile on his chest and kissed the top of her head gently.

A sudden knock on the door made everyone look up. The front door opened and Casey walked in, a plastic bag in her hand. "Hi everyone!" she said cheerfully.

She put the bag on the table in the kitchen. "I brought Chinese," she shouted from the kitchen, then came back into the living room where the small family sat, all still looking at her.

Casey sighed shortly, putting her hands on her hips. "Hey."

"Hi Case," Olivia said, sitting up and pulling away from Elliot.

"Hi Auntie Casey!" Sophia said brightly.

Casey walked over to the two little girls and sat down next to them, putting her arm around Sophia and pulling her close. "Hi Soph. Hey lil' Case," she said, letting little Casey grab her finger. She grinned.

Elliot took the camera from beside him again and took a skillful candid shot of the three. Olivia smiled at the picture, putting her arms back around Elliot's neck and kissing his cheek gently.

"You guys are the perfect family," Casey said, turning to Elliot and Olivia. She saw the loving look in their eyes as they looked at each other and smiled. "The perfect couple."

Olivia blushed as Elliot smiled at her.

Sophia smiled as she looked on at her parents. She was almost nine years old now, and already she hardly remembered a time without Elliot. Maybe it was because it had been so bleak and meaningless, like there was a piece of her that was missing. Now that she'd found it, everything else had seemed to melt away.

She loved Elliot, and she loved her sister, and she loved having a family. Before Elliot had appeared in her life, she'd had nobody but her mother and Jonathan. Neither of them had any family, and so Sophia had felt empty. She knew something was missing. Now she had a family; a mother and father, a sister, an aunt, and her uncles. Even if they weren't related by blood, they were her family.

Sophia smiled, realizing just how much she loved her life.

Casey saw the look in Sophia's eyes, a remembering look. Taking little Casey from the young girl's arms, she stood up. She handed the baby to Olivia. "Soph? Go sit next to your mom and dad," Casey told her.

Sophia, snapping back into reality at the sound of her name, did as her aunt told her and sat on Elliot's knee.

Casey took the camera from Elliot and put it to her eye. "Smile."

Everyone smiled, chuckling slightly, even little Casey, just as the flash went off.

Pulling the camera away and looking down at the screen, Casey smiled at the picture.

"Perfect family," she whispered to herself.

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