Swooooosh. A blast of cold air. Footsteps. Fwooooo-KCHK! Stifling heat. Swoooooosh. A gaggle of giggling teens passed by. Fwoooooo-KCHK!

From his vantage point hovering at Yami's shoulder, Yugi stifled a sigh.

"Yami," he said, gently catching his other half's attention. "We've been standing here for no less than ten minutes."


A pause.


Yami had yet to look away from the spectacle that had so fascinated him upon their arrival.

"I am trying to understand," was all he said. Yugi really did sigh and glanced at the corporeal watch on Yami's wrist, knowing that the mimicked one on his own spiritual self would be incorrect.

School was out for the weekend and Jonouchi, Honda, and Anzu had invited Yugi (and of course Yami) to come out to eat at the new burger place down by the arcade. Yugi had been feeling the results of a late night the day before studying for a geometry test and had so let Yami take control and walk them... him... well, to walk their shared body to the restaurant.

Then Yami had gotten sidetracked.

Eyes sharp, Yami watched in fascination from his spot across the street as the automatic glass doors slid open in the face of a couple holding hands. If he had been a dog, his ears would have been pricked and pushed forward. Yugi stifled a giggle this time as Yami grew tense with anticipation. Finally, the doors closed and became inanimate once more. Yami relaxed.

Yugi, knowing that this could go on for another ten minutes, finally decided to get down to business.

"And just what are you trying to understand?"

Yami, leaning back against the side of an apartment building, finally glanced over at Yugi. The streets weren't very crowded, so they weren't afraid to speak, albeit quietly. Yami gestured with his hand at the doors as if they were sorcerous in nature.

"The doors?"

Yami nodded, back on his vigil. "I'm trying to understand," here he paused as they opened, regurgitated a group of grade schoolers, and then closed, "how it is they open and close. Are they possessed?"

Yugi bit his cheek to suppress a smile.


"Spelled by a sorcerer?"

"There aren't any sorcerers in Japan, Yami. At least, not acting on the public level."

Silence. Yugi fidgeted and checked Yami's watch again. They were supposed to be inside seven minutes ago.

"Hey, Yami," Yugi said. "Why don't you test them out, then?" Yami's head whipped up. "They're not dangerous," Yugi placated. "I've used them tons of times."

Straightening away from the wall, Yami considered the doors for a long moment before glancing warily up at Yugi.

"And how would I go about 'testing them out'?"

"Um, you walk at them."

Yugi could have asked him to stick his hand in a fire, by the look Yami gave him. Yugi held his breath and counted to ten, knowing that laughing in his yami's face would only deter him from trying, or even convince him that Yugi was somehow pulling his leg.

"Walk at them? And if they do not open?" Yami asked.

"They will."

"But what if-?"

"They're fine, Yami. If you want, I can take over and show you."

The Look Yami was giving him simply doubled in intensity.

"Definitely not! I will do it. Remain behind me." And with that, Yami threw back his shoulders, lifted his head, and strode for the automatic doors.

For a moment, Yugi felt like he was in a different time. He could almost imagine Yami as he had once been; a child-king, a prince-god, bold and regal and striding into battle with red eyes burning like the sun his people so loved and revered.

It would have been much more striking if Yami hadn't been facing down a pair of automatic doors. Smiling and shaking his head in good humored resignation, Yugi followed until he hung behind Yami's shoulder.

As they approached, Yami's shoulders became tenser and tenser, and Yugi was convinced he was preparing to turn away and beat a retreat just before his foot hit the sensor pad and the doors sprung apart. Yami jolted slightly, faltering in his step, before cautiously continuing forward. His red eyes remained glued to the doors, wary for any signs of betrayal as he passed between them. Smiling so hard his metaphorical cheeks hurt, Yugi floated after him, and it was only once the doors had closed (an act Yami watched very, very closely) that he let out a stifled laugh. With as much dignity as he could manage, Yami ignored his giggling counterpart and made for the booth from which Jonouchi was waving.

They never mentioned the moment again, though Yugi did notice that Yami continued to closely watch automatic doors whenever he had to pass through them.

Author's note: Just a sort of silly chapter I thought up one day while going to the grocery market. I had forgotten it was sitting on my computer and stumbled upon it this morning. I thought I'd posting it for all you dearies who have been waiting for so long without an update. Hope you enjoy!