Hey everybody! This is my second story so please be nice! This story is mainly about when Alice comes into Dan's neighborhood and attends his middle school. This takes place a few months after the bakugan went back to Vestroia. Runo, Julie(who moved here), Billy (who also moved here), Marucho ( he's so smart (coughparentscoughbribecoughschoolcough) that he skipped a grade), and Shun. Can Alice make it through the year? Will Shun tell her? Will Julie and Billy start dating? What about Dan and Runo? Read to find out!

Chapter 1

Ding-Dong! "I'll get it!" Runo Misaki yelled. She ran to the door to find Alice Gehahbich (i think that's how you spell her name if i'm wrong please tell me!) standing outside her door.

"Alice! You're here! I haven't seen you in forever!" Runo greeted.

"Hi Runo! I really missed you! My Aunt and Uncle was going on their honeymoon, and they told me I should go to a friend's house! I hope I won't be a bother!" Alice replied.

Runo gasped at her. "A bother! You're not even close to being bothersome! I've been so lonely when Tigrerra left. Dan comes by often to make sure I'm not lonely, but still it's been pretty quiet."

"Sweetie! Who's at the door!" Mrs. Misaki yelled from the other room. "It's Alice!" Runo replied. "Alice! We've really missed you!" Mr. and Mrs. Misaki said while walking to the door. "I missed you guys too!" Said Alice cheerfully!

Runo then whispered quietly so only Alice could hear. "I know someone else who's missing you." Alice blushed knowing who she meant. Runo knew she liked Shun. 'I remember the day Alice told me that'


"Runo? Can I talk to you about something?" Alice asked.


"Runo, I want to tell you something. I like somebody and I want to tell him but I'm scared!" Alice said.

"I'm guessing the one you like is Shun right?" Runo said.

"Yes." Alice admitted.

"Well then tell him! I know that he likes you by the way he looks at you, protects you, and how he doesn't ever let any guy ,besides Dan, Marucho, and Billy, go near you. Runo said.

"I don't have the confidence you have Runo." Alice sighed.

"I have confidence? If I did, I would have told Dan my feelings for him. Sure he cares for me but he cares for everyone else so I can't tell!" Runo who seem that she was going to cry.

"It's okay Runo." Alice comforted. "You'll be alright."

Flashback over

"I have this idea! We should surprise the others on the first day of school!" Runo suggested.

"Sure!" Alice agreed. "We better prepare because school starts tomorrow!" Runo realized.

After they prepared for school tomorrow, (they took an hour instead of 30 minutes because they wanted to look nice tomorrow) they fell on their beds and fell asleep from exhaustion! They both had the same thought in their head, 'i can't wait for tomorrow!'

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