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"SHANE GET BACK HERE!" A 10-year old red haired girl yelled while chasing her twin brother. Allison Kazami was a petite girl with her mother's hair and her father's eyes. Usually she was very kind like her mother, but her brother always brought out the worst in her. She still loved him dearly though. The black haired boy turned around and stuck his tongue out.

"Not my fault you're so slow Allie!" Shane Kazami was the opposite of his sister. In looks and personality. He loved his sister as well, but he couldn't help but tease her endlessly. He turned to the front and ran into something tall. Shane looked up and met the eyes of his father. Shane smiled sheepishly and his sister stopped behind him. "Hello Daddy!" He laughed nervously.

"What did your mother say about running in the house? Especially today when you're seeing your aunts and uncles. She can't deal with more problems," Shun scolded. He then smiled at them and ruffled their hairs, earning sounds of protests from the children. They ran off obviously not thinking about what their father just told them. Shun shook his head, amused by his children's antics. He turned around and walked back to the kitchen.

His red haired wife was at the stove frying some bacon. He walked up and wrapped his arms around her waist. Alice smiled and leaned into him. "It's been a year since we saw them last," The brawlers have a picnic every year at the beach just to talk and catch up. Their kids would play and leave them alone for that one day. Shun removed his arms around Alice and placed the food in the picnic basket with some napkins, and other utensils.

Alice placed the bacon in a small container, put the lid on and placed it with the other food in the basket. She then grabbed her jacket and shouted. "Allison! Shane! We're leaving!" The twins zipped down the stairs and into the car. Shun held the door for his wife as she walked out with the picnic basket in her hand.

"Shun! Alice!" A brunette man shouted from their usual picnic area. Runo was also there with 11-year old Jacob sitting next to her. The little boy had brown hair, in a messy style like his father, and blue eyes like his mother. Shun and Dan exchanged handshakes because the ventus brawler refused to let the pyrus brawler give him a "man hug" as the idiot liked to call it. Alice and Runo embraced each other tightly.

"How's little Myka doing?" Alice asked putting a hand on Runo's belly, giggling when it kicked in response.

The blue haired girl smiled and replied. "She's doing great! I'm due in about 2 weeks," Dan seemed really happy about this fact. Shun smirked and said.

"I bet Dan's happy because he doesn't have to deal with his wife's PMSing," Dan sputtered indignantly. Runo hit him on the head and he stopped, he looked around for anyone approaching. He stood up and waved as he saw 5 figures walking towards them.

The silver haired woman waved exuberantly. "Danny! Runo! Alice! Shun!" Julie shouted and ran towards the group. She hugged each of the brawlers and nudged her kids towards the other children. The three blondes took off towards Jacob, Shane, and Allison.

"How are the terrible three?" Runo asked jokingly. Alice giggled as she placed some plates on the long oak table. Julie smiled and looked at her children. The oldest, Theo, was 11 years old and blonde hair with brown eyes. He had his mom's bubbly personality. His identical twin brother Tommy was the opposite. He had a somewhat arrogant personality like his father. Teresa is the youngest of the three being 8 years old. She had a mixed personality and looked like her father.

"They're fine. Causing trouble as usual," Julie replied. A loud honk was heard as three figures came out of the car. Marucho and Lily walked out with little 7 year old Sakura beside them. Sakura had Marucho's blonde hair but Lily's green eyes. She skipped over to Teresa who was her best friend. All the kids got along really well, but that didn't mean their parents couldn't play matchmaker for them.

"Look how Allie blushes near Jake!" Alice and Runo squealed with delight. Shun scowled at Dan.

"I won't allow my daughter near that boy," He crossed his arms. Alice sighed. "You don't have to be so worried. They're only kids!" Shun relaxed a bit and said to Dan. "At least your son got his brains from his mom." Runo smiled and hit Dan on the shoulder.

"Hear that Danny-boy! I am intellectually smarter than you!" Dan pouted again. "Nuh uh!" He replied and stuck his tongue out. The rest of the brawlers sighed as the couple fought.

"It's nice seeing you all again! Sorry I missed last year's reunion," Lily apologized. Alice waved it off. "It's fine really!" They turned back to the conversation at hand.

"I can't believe it's been so long since we first met!" Marucho exclaimed. Billy nodded. "I know what you mean! We save vestroia, Alice leaves, she comes back, the whole Jordan thing, by the way what is she doing now?" Lily thought for a second.

"Surprisingly, she became an artist and moved back to America!" The other brawlers looked shocked for a second but shook it off.

Dan looked deep in thought. "Isn't funny how we all stayed together through all these years?" Shun smirked. "No." Dan growled at him. "Why you!"

Alice smiled though. "Yeah. We're always finding our way to each other." They all smiled at the fond memories. Alice gathered them all into a group hug. "We're together once again!"


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