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Ding! " Turkey's done!" Cyborg yelled, startling the Titans. "Y'all seen BB?" They shook their heads. "He's not going on strike again, is he?" Robin shrugged, Starfire looked at him quizzically, and Raven sighed.

"I'll go get him," Raven offered. She came back a few minutes later. "He's not in his room. Try his communicator."

Robin tried, but got nothing. "His communicator is off. Do you think he...." but whatever he was about to say go lost in Cyborg's scream. "What is it?!" Robin asked frantically.

Cyborg ran to the trash, puked, and struggled to get back on his feet. Robin, Starfire, and Raven gathered around him. He just pointed towards the oven. They then saw what had scared Cyborg so. The Thanksgiving turkey was green. Just like...

"Friend Beast Boy!" Starfire shouted. Her eyes glowed green and she turned to Cyborg. "You dare cook our friend for the eating of thanks! Rawwwarh!" She started firing her starbolts at the metal teen, who was barely able to dodge.

Robin got dizzy at the sight of his friend as a roasted turkey, and did a very un-Robin like thing. He fainted. Only for a few seconds, though. He got up and attacked Cy with bird-a-rangs, and a scowl on his face.

Raven's eyes teared up and she left the common room. By the time she reached Beast Boy's room, her tears were gone, though she was still shaken. She entered his room. Nobody was there. Her heart jumped, and tears began to form up again.

"So," said a voice behind her, "everything go according to plan?" The figure walked out of the shadows and into the pale moonlight. "What's the matter?"

Raven's tears dried up instantly. "N-nothing," she replied in a quaky voice. "Something got in my eye, that's all."

"Are you sure you weren't crying for your friend?" the figure mocked.

"Of course not!," Raven replied, her voice now normal. "I still can't believe"

"No, Starfire, not there!!!" Cyborg screamed, his voice echoing throughout the Tower.

"Guess Cy's getting what he deserves," Raven muttered. "I'm still can't believe you talked me into this."

"Then you won't believe what I'm going to do next," the figure said, grinning.

"Wha-" Raven asked before he pushed his lips onto hers. Her legs gave out, and she would have fallen if not for the figure's arms wrapped around her waist. She was even more surprised when she finally discovered that she wasn't resisting. Instead, she was pushing forward, deepening the passionate kiss. Swinging her arms around him, the sorceress pulled herself closer to him. When the kiss finally broke, she stood there starstruck.

"My, Raven, you're a wonderful kisser. Care for another round?" he smirked. Her only response was to jam her lips on top of his and stick her tongue deep down his throat. They continued kissing for some time, only breaking for take in air. Finally, they stopped.

Raven placed her head on his shoulders, and sighed. "Happy Thanksgiving, Beast Boy."

"Happy Thanksgiving, my love."

La fin.