Hey everyone. This is Blackjay's older sister actually, who has been acting as her editor in her story, The Other Prophecy. I had made up a character design of an older Danielle Phantom, (you know, Danny's female clone.) After finishing the design, I got an inspiration of a story that could have her in it and just had to write it down. If you want to see what my older version of Danielle looks like, you can go to Livevideo(dot)com. I have my own account there with the username . I posted several images of her there and you can check out a preview video I made for this story as well.

So you understand the time standard for this, I'd like to point something out. Iin the whole TV series of Danny Phantom, since two summer vacations pass, it's quite logical that by Phantom Planet, Danny is at least sixteen years old. And by the second season I would think that he would have been fifteen when he first met Danielle. As for Danielle, since a full season passes in between the episodes that she is seen, she would probably be thirteen in D-stabilized. Anyway, this story takes place two years after the Danny Phantom movie Phantom Planet goes on. I would have done longer, but I still wanted Danny to be in high school. But at the same time, I wanted enough time to pass that Danielle's appearance would have changed enough for her to be unrecognizable to certain people. (You'll find out what I mean in that in future chapters.)

I'm sorry to say that since, according to the movie, Vlad is supposed to be long gone now and hit by an asteroid made of Ectoranium, that he won't be showing up in this story. I'm one who likes to keep the facts of the original story as accurate as possible. However, some other villainous characters that I really like are Freakshow and The Guys in White. Wulf also comes up in this and I'm also considering getting Frostbite in there.

Well, a tribute to Danielle Phantom, one of my all time favorite characters in Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom by Butch Hartman, here's the first chapter of my story. I know a it's a little short but it still gives the basic structure of the situation The Guys in White are in. Hope you enjoy it.

The Return of Dani Phantom By R(dot)tistiC

Chapter 1 The Guys in White's Predicament

Two men in white tuxedos with black sunglasses and gloves were busy at the controls of their secret sector in The Woods of Lake Eerie, only a few miles east of Amity Park. This location was well hidden from prying eyes, including invisible ones: namely, ghost's eyes. Not that it mattered. The one ghost that these ghost-hunters were mainly targeting didn't even seem to want to find them. Let alone let them find him.

It had been two years since Danny Phantom helped to save Earth from being hit by a massive ectoranium asteroid. Had he not gathered almost every ghost, if not all, in the Ghost Zone together to help turn the earth intangible, the entire planet would have been completely obliterated.

After saving the planet, Danny Phantom had willingly revealed his identity to the whole world as being a human boy named Daniel Fenton: Son of the ghost experts, Jack and Madeline Fenton and student of Casper High School.

Yet, despite the fact that this teenage boy was originally entirely human, The Guys in White were still ghost-hunters that viewed Danny Fenton as nothing more than the attention-seeking teenage son of expendable, upstart ghost-hunters that were dense enough by the "superhero" status of their offspring and the extra funding that came with it to ignore their own rules of engagement against stray specters. They did not even realizing the danger they were putting themselves and their daughter in by allowing a ghost-contaminated teenager to live within the same walls. The world was also so blinded by Danny's and the other ghosts appealing image that they never bothered to look passed what their motives must have truly been.

The Guys in White were completely convinced that Danny only led the ghosts to save Earth to demonstrate his superiority over normal humans that he considered too weak to save their own world by themselves. It seemed that no one else understood that he was just a crazy kid that was purposefully putting himself higher than pure humans so he could have an excuse to cause more destruction with all the constant ghost attacks that had already been happening even before that whole crisis. Even worse was that the press was always finding Danny in the center of it, taking him in as saving the day when he was clearly the start of it in the first place.

Well, they weren't fooled by the boy's whole Mister-Nice-Ghost act. Once they caught him, they would be the ones to discover Fenton's true colors and tell the whole world about it. In addition, in order to become stronger and better ghost-hunters, they had to do their research. After all, if a human boy could somehow suddenly obtain ghost-powers, what were the chances of other people being contaminated with such a curse and creating evil, half-ghost villains like Vlad Plasmius?

Plasmius was known by the public to be Phantom's archenemy and had also been ruling Amity Park as mayor for a time in his human form, known as Vlad Masters. In accordance to what these white-clad ghost hunters thought, Masters was actually a good man that had some sense with his political views on Danny Phantom before he too became possessed by ghostly DNA that led him to want to rule the world. It was only a matter of time before Danny would be oppressing the people just as much as Masters was before he disappeared. They had to catch that boy so they could find a way to cure him of the ghost-powers that were making him soft enough in the head to want to keep them before that happened.

However, doing this particular part of their research was easier said than done. The whole world now knew the identities of both this young "ghost hero" and ill-famed former billionaire mayor, though no one had seen Masters since he failed to hold the world at ransom as Plasmius to stop the anti-ghost-elemental asteroid. Or the "Disasteroid" as people sometimes had called it.

Also, the crafty little Fenton kid was nevertheless clever enough to know that not everyone would suddenly change their views about ghosts, (or ghost-hybrids for that matter) no matter how good the deed was that he managed to pull over the people's eyes.

Danny Fenton had moved his family out of Fenton Works and to a place more isolated, clearly so more levelheaded people like The Guys in White would be less likely to talk his parents into coming to their senses in turning him in. No one, other than close associations to the Fenton family knew, or would even tell, of the their current whereabouts now. Though, word still had it that Danny Phantom still was traveling abroad and continuing his ghost-fighting streak.

As one can imagine, this brought about quite a bit of frustration to The Guys in White. They had been trying to locate this half-ghost teenager, but always came up short of the proper trail. They had tried every single upgrade in their ghost-detection equipment, investigated his latest battle locations, and even tried some other, rather forceful matters on people who were known to have last seen him. Despite The Guys in White's efforts, the ghost-hybrid has been successfully eluding them for two whole years already. He had probably conned his ghost-hunting family into helping him to better avoid the detection of the ghost-hunters who weren't nearly as thickheaded as they were.

The Guys in White would have asked the government a long time ago for more income to further advance their equipment, but they had already been stretching a few things to full capacity. Also, with Danny Phantom's best friend being the new mayor, it was hard to avoid suspicion as it was. Danny Phantom was practically a celebrity now. Well respected by the majority of Amity Park's population in addition to the rest of the world's. If the specter-loving mayor knew that The Guys in White were still trying to bring his friend down, their funding would be cut in two seconds and the media would be turned against them, along with the general public. Really, the only reason they were still in business was that some of their other recent ghost-catching successes were viewed as a service to make Danny Phantom's job easier, now that he was a global hero rather than just one town's.

Operative K, the African-American agent, was beginning to fall asleep at the spectral-radar screen from boredom and Operative O, the bearded, pale-faced agent, was mindlessly tinkering with other controls with no real purpose. Both were beginning to think that they should just give up and call it a night when suddenly the buzzers went off and the radar screen began to blink. A startled Operative K immediately bolted upright and looked more carefully at the screen he was seated in front of. Operative O rushed over to his partner's side to look at the scanner results for himself.

This particular scanner was only reserved for Danny Phantom's ecto-plasmic signature, so their hopes of achieving their goal had shot up very high once it started sounding.

"Looks like we finally have our target in sight." Operative K said with a triumphant look on his face.

Operative O looked over Operative K's shoulder at the scan results. It certainly seemed so. The scanners were saying that the signature didn't seem to be quite right, but if it wasn't the ghost they were looking for, they didn't think this scanner would be going off. The ghost-hybrid's parents must have made something for him to somehow scramble his signature in ghost-hunter's scanners. However, it must not have been working very well. The father of that family was always considered the incompetent ghost-hunter in all of Amity Park.

"But where's the signal coming from?" Operative O asked.

Operative K examined the results further and a bit of confusion crossed his face. "Right above us." He responded.

After a slight hesitation, both men rushed to the closest window to confirm their findings. It was nighttime (passed midnight in fact) and the sky was dark. Not to mention they could barely see through the canopy of the forest where they were concealed, so it was difficult to see anything against the inky black sky. Sure enough though, both agents spotted something flying a distance above the forest at a rather leisurely speed. Even though it was dark, the two operatives could also tell that it was black and white. It would no doubt be their number one target.

"But what would he be doing way out here?" Operative K wondered.

"Who knows? Perhaps to conduct a secret spectral meeting with some ghosts for a staged attack, or on his way to visit his friend, the mayor from." Operative O responded distastefully at the thought of Tucker Foley. He had been a best friend of Danny Fenton both before and after Danny became known as the world's ghost-hero.

During the time of danger of the asteroid, Tucker Foley, though only in his mid-teens at the time, had already known extensively about ghost-compatible technology. He led the construction team on the building of a transfer device that had been used to help spread the ghost's intangibility power across the world so the asteroid would pass harmlessly through it. After the save, Danny Phantom had declined the nomination of being the new mayor of Amity Park, as Mayor Masters had run off, leaving his position empty, so Tucker Foley was next nominated and elected. It was clear they had always been in on it together.

The Guys in White had considered interrogation of the Fenton's whereabouts out of him, but they knew better than to try and break into City Hall and do something like that. If they even attempted such a thing, the press would have a heyday. Not to mention the fact that they would probably get arrested for attacking the mayor. Besides, if the mayor was loyal enough to his friend to not tell anyone his secret identity the whole time, what were the chances of him telling The Guys in White where he was hiding.

Well, whether or not Mayor Foley would have been cooperative in that regard or not didn't matter now. The Guys in White's target was now in range.

"Activate the Spectral-Diffusion device" Operative O ordered.

Without hesitation, Operative K instantly went to work on other controls. Outside a window, the two agents saw a cannon-like tube project out of the side of their stronghold and take aim at the small, flying mass.

This device had been built and perfected as well as duplicated months ago for this very purpose. If a direct hit was delivered, the device would start to slowly deplete any ghost's powers, and keep them inactive for as long as eight whole hours. Even after that time was up, the ghost would still not be able to use the powers in full until after another eight or so hours. The Guys in White had made sure of this. Since the ghost would not be able to use his powers effectively for over half a day, it would be much easier for them to take it into custody.

This device would have worked on any ghost, but the one target they were especially saving these for was Danny Phantom. And now that they had him in their sights, it was time to bring him down.

"Fire." Operative O commanded, and Operative K pressed the red, fire button.