Well. Here it is: The final chapter of my story. Let's see how you like what happens.

Chapter 31: Return of the Phantom

Even though Danny and his relatives couldn't see the new arrival's face, (because her back was towards them) from what they could see, she did have the same colored hair as the person they were suspecting her to be. And the jumpsuit she wore looked about the same style. But wherever it was supposed to be black, it had turned completely white. And wherever it was once white, it was now silver. Her whole figure was still glowing with the yellow aura that continued to radiate concentrated heat, especially towards the two white-suited men she was opposing.

After recovering from the unexpectedness of the girl's firework entrance, The Guys in White just glared at her. "After the failure of our last experiment, you really think we're going to take you as Phantom's replacement again?" The African-American agent demanded.

The girl looked almost as if she was offended by the very suggestion. "I'm sorry, did I look like I was crying over to you this time? I didn't say anything of the sort." But then she widened her stance, tensing herself for a fight. "But the result's still the same. As long as I'm around, you're not laying another finger on him. Especially with those on." She extended her hands in front of her, shooting a stream of flames that smote the ghost-gauntlets on The Guys in White's hands, melting them right off. It was a good thing they were wearing their protective, black gloves underneath them, otherwise the resulting burns one their hands would have been ten times worse.

"Whoa!" Danny and his family exclaimed at once. If this was the person they were thinking, she definitely couldn't do that before.

"What the…" it appeared that the glowing girl was just as surprised as everyone else was. She looked down at her hands that were still ignited in the flames she had apparently generated herself by complete accident. "I meant that to be a plasma ray." She said, more to herself than to anyone else.

The Guys in White took advantage of her temporary distraction and took out another weapon that shot a ghost catching net at her. She looked up only in time to see it coming and recoiled, crossing her arms in front of her face, but as soon as the net came into contact with its target, it looked almost as if it just went right through her body and fell into a smoking and tangled mess in front of Danny, behind her.

"What?" The bearded agent's eyes widened in seeing this. "That's not possible. No ghost can phase through that net. We've made sure of it."

Danny picked up the net, holding it out in front of him in examination. To his perplexed amazement, he found that there was now a large hole in it and the edges were glowing red-hot. "She didn't phase." He said in realization. "She just burnt right through it." As soon as he said this, he started to notice a white, and crystallized frost had suddenly appeared where his hands were. His eyes popped at this sight. Then, when he concentrated on it, the frost grew thicker and more transparent. And within seconds, the remnants of the net had frozen solid. He looked behind him, beaming at his parents in discovering that he had somehow regained control of his Phantom Phreeze.

Operative K turned to his partner, completely baffled. "What's going on?" He asked, as Operative O took out a handheld scanner.

"That girl's body seems to be giving off heat that's climbing to the temperature of an active volcano." He said, looking up from the screen at the white jump-suited girl, who was observing her own, still glowing, form.

After hearing this, Operative K, only spared a stunned expression at the new arrival that was standing between them and Danny Phantom. "Come on." He said, as he hurried to the Aerial Chasers that were parked a distance behind them. "We'll have to get back to the emergency facility until we can figure this out."

The two agents quickly mounted their flying vehicles and took off, but the girl saw them trying to make their escape. "The only direction you guys are going…" she said before a blast of energy from her feet shot her forward, moving her in front of the fleeing vehicles and blocking their escape route, "…Is down." The ghost that just used a form of Plasma Rocket then threw more hot flames at the flying machines from her hands that burned the engines to a crisp. Then the Guys in White went tumbling back down to the town square in a crash-landing. The white-suited agents leaped from their vehicles just before the now useless hunks of metal hit the ground and exploded into flames that climbed to over ten feet high. After the men took a hard fall and saw their flying machines in ruin, the girl touched down in front of the fire, and folded her arms with a smirk. "Way down." She finished.

The yellow aura of heat had disappeared around her now, but the glow of the fire behind her made her appearance so much more magnificent. And as she stood there in front of the flames of her own making, the Fenton's and Danny's friends were finally able to see her face. Her long, white bangs hung in front of half of her face, and her eyes, being a burning yellow before, had faded down to bright green: Like Danny's eyes. But what helped Danny and his family to recognize her for sure was the Danny Phantom logo that looked exactly like Danny's, even though it was now black a placed at the center of her silver belt instead of on her chest like it once was.

"Danielle." Danny blurted, standing up excitedly. Danielle looked up at him with a smile and began to laugh in a reassuring response. And as Danny started running down the steps of City Hall, she flew right over the Guys in White toward him with her arms outstretched. Both delighted hybrids met in the center of the scene with the biggest hug they could both remember since the time after Danny saved her from Vlad's lab. "Yes!" The boy said in thrilled triumph as he lifted his returned cousin up from the ground, swinging her in circles as they both laughed happily in seeing each other again. "Oh, man, I can't believe it's you. But, how did you…" he started to say as he set her down again.

Danielle held up a hand to stop him from asking a whole set of questions that were streaming into his head. "To tell you the truth, I'm just as confused as you are. So do you want to ask questions that even I don't know the answer to," She looked in The Guys in White's direction with a grin as they were getting themselves off the ground. "Or do you wanna kick some butt."

After Danny saw what she was looking at with such a mischievous expression, he smiled with a side-glance back to Danielle. "I don't know." He said, folding his arms as if in contemplation. "You sure you don't want to just take 'em yourself? I mean, seeing as you're already getting warmed up." He said this, eyeing her hands, which were starting to let off hot smoke.

Danielle cocked a suspicious eyebrow at her cousin. "If this is a plan to get me to see how I will be able to take over for you someday, it's not working."

"Yup, that's Danielle." Jazz said in confirmation as she folded her arms with a scoff in recollection of the protest she had just heard. Her parents and Danny's two friends nodded with indefinite smiles in agreement, as the two security guards with them still had no clue what was going. Nor did they even understand where Danielle had actually come from just now. Considering the circumstances with no one else knowing that the girl hybrid was a clone, this was probably for the best.

Danielle continued to speak to her original. "These bozos were your enemies long before they were mine, Danny. You have a bigger bone to pick with them than I do." Then she faced The Guys in White again, putting herself in a battle stance and smirked with playful banter. "But don't think that means I'm gonna to let you have all the fun."

Danny smiled in response, and with the same act of preparation, he said firmly, "Wouldn't have it any other way." And there they were, once again in their back-to-back pose; ready to face their enemy, together.

The Guys in White made the first move by taking out another set of weapons that shot blue rays at the two cousin hybrids. They countered by shooting ecto rays from their palms that canceled out the blasts.

"Whoa!" Danielle commented aloud. For her own plasma ray was no longer neon green, like Danny's was. The beam she had fired was a bright yellow.

"Cool." Danny had noticed this change as well and just smiled even more. "Now we can better tell who nailed what for tie-breakers."

At that moment, The Guys in White put their hands to the microphones that were inserted in their ears. "Attention. Commencing with plan B. All units move in, now."

At their command, men in metal armor and wearing helmets that looked like the assistants at their lab started running into the town square from behind nearby structures in all directions. Men that were probably from some other research location that the Phantoms still didn't know about and who were still loyal to their white-clad employers. As well as not jailed yet.

As they were taking out weapons, the two cousin hybrids jumped into action and an all-out battle began. Lights from blasts being shot left and right flashed like fireworks as the Fenton's watched the fight from behind the force fields that wouldn't even let them go on the stairs. Tucker had tried already to hack into the small generators that were on the sides of the pillars with his PDA, but the Guys in White had taken no chances in making sure it was techno-geek proof. Just like the controls in their research facility in the woods. The two security guards also tried to deactivate the force fields with their own technical-know-how, but that was useless as well. So as much as the companions of the two Phantoms wanted to come and help them, all they could do was watch.

But as the battle was going on, several questions aroused in their minds that they started to privately discuss.

"How do you think she got that fire power?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, if she had the ghost-sense, I don't see how she could have had that the whole time." Tucker commented.

"Maybe she didn't have it until now." Jazz suggested. When the others looked at her to clarify, she began to explain her hypothesis. Danielle may have had an ecto-signature that was similar enough for her to become a part of Danny again, but it differed enough that she was able to keep her own individuality. But when she made the merge, not only did her Phantom outfit completely change, but the cold energy she had from her ghost-sense must have also joined with Danny's self-generating ice power. "And since Danielle doesn't have the cold energy anymore…"

"She's been left with extreme heat." Sam finished in realizing it already. "That's right. That fire destroyed the Blood Blossoms back at Freakshow's train. Danielle's heat must have been the second force inside Danny that helped the antidote to cure him."

"You know that's probably also why Danny couldn't use his ice power after that." Mrs. Fenton commented, rubbing her chin in thought. "The cold and hot energies were always canceling each other out." As she was saying this, they saw Danny use his Phantom Phreeze to generate a long sword made out of solid ice that he used to deflect away beams of deadly energy from the armored men's weapons. "Until now." She added with a smile, indicating how her son clearly had no trouble working that power anymore.

Danielle saw how Danny had generated the sword to expertly deflect the blasts that were aimed for him. "Showoff." She couldn't help but tease him with a laugh as he threw the sword like a javelin into the barrel of a large bazooka that was about to fire at him, making it short circuit before the shot was made.

Then, spherical devices with flashing lights were being thrown at Danielle. But she stood firm and began to glow with the bright yellow aura again, radiating heat waves that melted the bombs before they even got within a foot of her. Small puddles of liquid medal dropped to the ground all around her when the yellow aura faded.

"Look who's talking." Danny said with an impressed smile in seeing what his cousin just did.

After that, several of the armored men started shooting at them both at once. The ghost-hybrids dodged with a series of backhand-springs that led them to meeting back-to-back where they then countered with a sweep of their left hands that sent forth waves of ecto blasts.

Danielle looked up and saw three more of the cronies on the roof of City Hall, and Danny saw four were coming on either side of them. With that, as the men on the roof were about to jump on them, Danielle performed a no-hand cartwheel, charging up her feet with her yellow ecto energy, and landed in a handstand on Danny's shoulders. As she was doing this, Danny charged up his fists with green glows. One of the men on the roof jumped and Danielle used her charged feet to shove him right back up and hit the others that were on top of the white building and Danny shot plasma rays from his hands that hit the men that were coming at them from the sides. The two looked like a sort of totem pole before Danielle used her arms to push off of Danny's shoulders, landing on her feet in front of him. Then Danny shot down the three men on the roof who were preparing for another assault.

After they landed in a dog-pile at the bottom of the stairs, the two hybrids both looked around, seeing even more coming at them with charged weapons. "You know, I'm not sure there was this many back at their lab in the woods." Danny commented to his clone, sounding a bit more annoyed rather than nervous. "I think it's time we heated things up a bit more."

Danielle nodded in acknowledgment and when the associates of The Guys in White raised their weapons, the two cousins linked hands, and Danny swung Danielle in a circle around him as she generated super-hot flames from her feet that instantly melted off the barrels of the guns as soon as her shoes came into contact with them.

The Guys in White watched uneasily as the two Phantoms unhooked their hands, and using a combination of their own energies and martial arts moves, they gradually beat down the army men that had just recently had functional weapons. The two white-clad partners had never seen these two teenagers fighting together and their teamwork was astounding. Despite the fact that they were two separate beings, they worked together as if they were one.

But that would soon change. Operative K took out the weapon that they had tried to use to destabilize Danny before, but now took aim at Danielle, as she was preoccupied with some more of their employees.

Danny only saw this happening as the weapon was charging up, and before he could warn the girl version of him, Operative K fired and the fatal red beam hit its target. Danielle cried out as she was thrown to the ground from the force of the blast.

"No! Dani!" Danny yelled as he saw her land on her back, skidding to a halt on the hard concrete. Danny shot a green plasma ray at Operative K, but Operative O jumped in front of him and activated a shield that protected them both from the ghost boy's attack.

"Let's see how well you do without your little tag-along." The African-American operative suggested as he shot another blast from the weapon. Danielle ducked her head under her hands as she generated a shield with her bright yellow power that got hit by the beam in her stead.

"Huh?" Operative K said, confused. He pulled the trigger of the weapon again but this time, Danielle shot golden ecto rays from her eyes. The beams met with a flash of light and both the girl and the white-suited man fought to overcome their opponent.

Danny and his peers were fearful for a second that Danielle would lose. That weapon had already hit her once. Any minute she would probably start turning into a mass of ectoplasm. But for some reason, she kept the beams coming from her eyes, keeping the agent's beam at bay as she slowly stood up with effort. Then, with an extra boost of energy, she forced back the beam, canceling it out.

As much as Danny was surprised from this, he quickly took advantage of the Guys in White's hesitation, by phasing through the ground and, grabbing the weapon away from Operative K's hands as he flew back out of the ground. Then he threw the gun towards Danielle who tossed a fireball at it that completely destroyed it.

"That didn't effect you?" Operative O asked Danielle, looking quite taken aback. "At all?"

Now, it was time for Danny's surprise to take effect at how the weapon didn't work. He saw how Danielle just stood there and folded her arms with the same kind of look Danny had given the two agents when the weapon had failed to work on him. "Please." She said in a sassy tone to the Guys in White. "You guys have hit me with a lot worse things than that. What happened that made you come up with that kind of thing?"

"Dani, you should be melting. That weapon was supposed to destabilize you." Danny said, looking stunned at how she was saying this so cheekily.

As soon as he finished his sentence, Danielle looked at her older cousin with a shocked look of her own. "Really?" She asked, seeming to get a bit nervous. But then it became more confused as she looked down at herself. "But…I feel fine."

"You got hit almost three times with that." Danny reminded as he approached her. "Two of them you blocked, but even those should have had some effect on you. And they nailed you with the first shot."

"I know. But I promise I don't feel any different." Danielle replied with a shrug. Then she looked down at her feet where she used to always see a green puddle of goop while her form was unstable. "And I'm certainly not melting."

Operative O took out his scanner again to take a look. Then his eyes widened after just a second of examination. "This is impossible." He stated, looking at his partner. "Her ecto-signature is completely different than what it used to be."

"What?" Everyone had said in unison, including the captives behind the blue force field.

Tucker turned to his fellow prisoners. "But how?"

Maddie was the one who answered. "I'll bet that happened when she merged with Danny. And her genetic structure must have also changed to something more stable and less reliable on that one element they had found in her before." (The security guards shrugged at each other, not understanding what they were talking about.)

Now Danny grinned broadly and turned to the Guys in White with the final conclusion. "Making even Dani immune to the weapons you made from having her in your torture chamber."

The white-clad agents glared at him and Danielle and gave an order for all of their minions to attack. Danielle jumped to Danny's side as their enemies were starting to close in around them once again and in much greater numbers than before. Both Phantoms braced themselves as dozens of weapons were being charged up at once.

The two ghostly cousins, looked at each other with a nod and they grasped hands for a second. As their palms slowly separated, a single sphere of ecto-energy began to grow and their individual green and yellow energies swirling together inside it. When the ball was a considerable size, together, the cousins raised it above their heads. Then it flashed brightly, sending out green and yellow waves that blew back the surrounding men. Though the armored cronies kept coming at them, the continual waves did too, until they were all blown back and away from the two teenage ghosts, hitting the ground, and going unconscious.

"Wow!" Jack said in amazement, along with pretty much everyone else that witnessed this awesome display of power.

The sphere of energy dissipated and the teenage hybrids lowered their hands back down to their sides, and they faced the Guys in White with quite bragging looks.

Both the men took several steps backward in intimidation. They now had no weapons effective enough, and no goons to do their dirty work.

"Let's get out of here." Operative O quickly said, activating the jetpack he still had. Operative K did the same and they lifted off.

"Oh, the cowards." Danny said in disgust, as he was about to take off after them.

But Danielle caught him by the arm, holding him back. "I got 'em." She reassured, and then she used her Plasma Rocket to catch up and block the Guys in White's way again in the blink of an eye. "Haven't we been through this once already?" She asked them as if annoyed, with folded arms. Then she grabbed the jetpacks, turned them intangible and pulled them right off of their backs. Without the fueled packs to keep them airborne, the two men tumbled back to the ground, landing in a heap where they had just been a few seconds ago.

Danny flew up and hovered a few feet above them with his arms folded and looking stern. "Believe me. If the situation were way different, I'd let you guys do that. And so would Dani over there." He indicated the other ghost-powered teenager that was flying above them.

"But it's not: is it?" Danielle said. Then she let go of the jetpacks, which shot into the air (as they were still active even without their operators) and spun out of control like balloons that were loosing their air until they smashed into each other with a midair explosion. Then the ghost girl landed opposite Danny, behind the Guys in White as they were warily getting to their feet.

"I've been so lenient with you guys for years, even though I knew full well that you were still coming after me." Danny continued to scold the two men as if he was the grownup disciplining trouble-making teenagers instead of the other way around. His voice steadily got louder and more enraged as he rebuked them. "But in kidnapping and torturing my little cousin, poisoning me, threatening my friends and family, and causing a panic among hundreds of innocent people, you guys have officially…crossed…the line." He emphasized each of these last words angrily, before his voice became softer, and more threatening. "I may be no certified government official, but I think it's safe for even me to say to consider yourselves demoted."

Danielle ignited her fists in flames as she added with a glare, "If not fired." Then she slammed her fists into the ground, sending a trail of intense heat at the Guys in White through the gravel that melted the pavement around them. Then, spouts of the red-hot concrete spewed out of the ground and enclosed the two men in a domelike cage that Danny froze solid to cool down before it collapsed on the men inside it. Once the gravel stopped glowing from the heat, The Guys in White pulled at the bars. But they were too strong to break and neither agent had any more gadgets handy enough to cut themselves out.

Danielle smiled at her cousin's and her handiwork and then flew to the other side of the cage, landing next to Danny who also touched down.

"Guys that was so cool!' Tucker blurted excitedly from behind the force field. Then after a second, he stammered a bit "…or that was hot…or…"

"Oh, whatever, it was just totally awesome." Sam ended up finishing for Tucker and everyone just laughed in agreement. Except for the Guys in White of course and their cronies who were all still out cold from the powerful blast of ghost energy the Phantoms had released in unification.

Danielle shrugged with a bit of a giggle before turning to Danny with a bit more of a serious look. "Except, at the moment we've got one more problem on our hands." She said, thumbing in the direction of the people who were still trapped behind the force field.

"Right." Danny said after being reminded of this. Then he shot a harsh look at the Guys in White and approached the concrete cage. "And you guys have the remote that can help us solve that problem." He extended his hand out with his palm facing up. "If you would please hand it over."

"Or what?" Operative O folded their arms in ignorance.

Danny didn't lower his hand. "You know, every time you said that to me, has it ever turned out as anything good? Especially when I was the one who had the advantage."

"Or do you?" Operative K said with a mischievous smile. "As long as we have the remote, you can't release your friends, Phantom. But if you let us out of this, we might consider it."

Danny cocked an eyebrow and folded his arms. "Or I could just phase in there, overshadow you, and make you smack your friend on the side of the head until he gives it up."

Both operatives looked at each other thinking of how embarrassing that would look. Danny couldn't help but smirk at the way they reacted to this and held out his hand again. "And I can easily come up with other creative definitions of 'abject humiliation' for you. Unless you willingly give me the remote." Danny's smile broadened and he waited with confidence. He knew that The Guys in White were way too dignified to be subject to the interrogation of a teenager.

Eventually they rolled their eyes in defeat and Operative O reached into his coat, pulled out the requested device and slapped it into the boy's outstretched hand with an ignorant huff.

Danny received the remote with a smug nod and tossed it to Danielle. "You do the honors Dani. I'll keep an eye on the government frauds until the proper authorities get here."

"Who so happen to be on their way already." Said one of the trapped security guards who must have called with his earphone as the fight was going on.

Just after he said this, the sound of approaching sirens could be heard in the distance and several police vehicles came screeching into the town square. "Just in time." Danny commented as armed policemen filed out of the cars.

"Aw." Danielle wined, but still smiling in a playful manner. "But we did such a cool job on the cage. Can't we just keep them in there for a bit more public humiliation?"

Danny laughed knowing that the new and improved ghost girl didn't really mean what she was saying by the bantering tone in her voice, but he shook his head and responded anyway. "I think being in a jail cell next to Freakshow will be embarrassing enough for them." He pointed out.

Danielle saw the reasoning behind what her older cousin said. Two once-called government officials caught by two teenagers and in the same position as the criminal they had accidentally release, but who was also eventually thrown back into jail. Danielle giggled at the thought of this.

So, after the Phantoms phased the Guys in White out of the cage, and handed them over to the police, the cage was melted back down to its original state. The armored men were finally coming around as they were being taken care of as well.

With that set and done, the Phantoms were finally able to change back to their human forms, (Danielle's was just the same as it was before, despite the change of her Phantom outfit) and make their way to the force fields with the remote they needed to deactivate them.

As soon as Danielle used it, the now freed Fenton's were the first to hurry down the stairs of City Hall to pull both of the young heroes into a strong and welcome embrace. Sam and Tucker didn't join in just yet and the two security guards went to help the police to round up the members of the criminal organization.

By the time Sam and Tucker did join in, they and Jazz just got so ecstatic and couldn't stop talking about the action they just saw the two teenage hybrids participating in. They complimented Danielle for her new look in her now white and silver jumpsuit and awesome fire power (which they ended up calling the Phantom Phlare to sort of match Danny's Phantom Phreeze) while Danny was congratulated for the return of his ice power and received thoughts of relief in avoiding yet another close call.

"Man. Now I feel kind of awkward." Tucker commented. When Sam asked him why, he explained, "Danielle suddenly reappears after I just finish a presentation of the new statue as if it was some kind of funeral service."

Danielle overheard this and gave Tucker a look of mystification before turning from the hug she was currently getting from Mrs. Fenton to look in the direction of the statue. And her eyes widened at the sight of the image of herself that had been added to it. She hadn't even been able to look at it until now because she was so busy fighting off the Guys in White and their army (who by this time had all been loaded in the backseats of the police cars and driven off to jail). The ghost girl slowly walked towards it, just gaping up at the huge sculpture before turning to Danny. Surprisingly, instead of protesting against it, she was just beaming. "What's this for?" She asked, sounding bewildered though quite overjoyed.

Danny smiled with a shrug and walked to her side. "Just a token of gratitude, Dani."

Jazz walked up behind the both of her younger siblings and instantly said to Danielle before she could respond in any way, "And don't start asking about what for. You know full well what you did to earn this and it's staying."

Danielle raised her eyebrows at the way Jazz said this and then she scratched the back of her head with an embarrassed laugh. Then she looked at Danny, who was giving her the same look as his sister was.

"Speaking of which," Jack said, as he came up to his children at the foot of the statue. "That was quite the entrance you made, Danielle."

"Yes it was." Maddie added. "No matter what happens, you just keep coming back, don't you."

Danielle looked at the faces of the family and friends that were just as much hers as they were Danny's, and smiled. "I can never replace Danny," she started to say before turning to the one she was made from. "But I can always be there for him."

Danny responded with a warm smile of his own and hugged his cousin that he could just as well call as a little sister. "What else is family for?" He asked rhetorically.

Then, there at the foot of the grand Phantom memorial in the town square, the other Fentons, Sam and Tucker gathered in for a group hug around Danielle that instead of in goodbye, was in welcome home. And this time, Danny was able to join in.


Within the week, the rest of Amity Park learned of Danielle's return and she was warmly welcomed back by a lot more people that she had even anticipated. Little Andrew, by far showed the most energy in seeing Danielle again, especially with her new white and silver jumpsuit that his mother came to admire. "Now we can actually tell the two of you apart from a distance." She had said with a laugh.

The female double of the teenage ghost hero continued to help him in keeping their hometown safe. Once in a while she and Danny still had arguments about whether or not she was able to take over for him, and perhaps she could, someday. But for the moment, she still ended those conversations by saying that she wouldn't even exist or even be on his side if it hadn't been for her cousin in the first place. And there was no substitute for the original.

But that was a side-note from the fact that Danielle remained with the Fenton's from that day on. She may have still had to resort to calling Mr. and Mrs. Fenton her aunt and uncle, especially in public, but that didn't matter to her. She already knew for sure that they still loved her as their own daughter. Danny and Jazz even eventually started calling her 'Sis' as a secondary nickname.

Once in a while she still had nightmares about Vlad Plasmius returning and coming after her again. Though these visions still frightened her, she was always reminded, especially by Danny, that even if Vlad did manage to come back, the young clone took comfort in knowing that she had made so many changes in her appearance and structure that there was no way that the villain would even be able to find a way to destabilize her. In addition, Danny would always be there to protect her from any such danger.

In a way, the teenage hybrid may have had to give up a part of herself to save the hero in whom her entire existence was possible because of, but in doing so, she had gained her own identity. She still qualified as a clone because her DNA profile was still similar to Danny's. But her since her merge with him, and then separation, she had her own unique ecto-plasmic signature. (This was probably how her human form remained the same while her ghostly appearance had changed.) She no longer felt that she was just an altered copy of someone else. She was her own person.

And best of all: She now had her own family that loved and cared for her as much as she did them. The empty space that had been causing her so much grief and pain before had by this time completely disappeared. And for the first time in her life, she was whole.

She was home.

The End

So. That's the end. And out of popular demand, a possible sequal is actualy on the way, though I can't garuntee that it will be nearly as good with character development as this one. I'd like to bring to mind though, seeing as people have been doing this a lot lately, I would appreciate it if you didn't try to make your own sequal or any kind of build-off of this. I've already talked to several people who want to do that, and what they presented me with so far takes a completely different turn from what I wanted this whole thing to take, like adding original characters and putting it as a crossover. Dont get me wrong, I really like stories with those, I just never had interests in putting them in my own. Especially this one. I am open to ideas in what to put in a sequal, but if there's going to be one at all, I would rather be the one to write it. Not that someone else does it for me.

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