This is the first proper fan fiction I have ever written (proper related to anything longer than 50 words and does not involve song parodies).

There are three things you need to know before you embark on this fan fic.

First, this is a shameless self-insert. This is a piece of fictitious work that does revolve around the principles that the author, or fictitious persons created by the author, are sent to an alternative universe to interact with near all the known characters and to utterly steal away the position of the main character. Your classic "sent to the Naruto universe" plot. If you can't stand that kind of thing, then you may want to try or luck somewhere else. Whereas, if you're not too bothered, stay awhile. Have a drink. Let your hair down. Come on, people. This is what anime based fan fiction is about.

Next, me thinks Orochimaru is utterly fantastic and I refuse to believe that he is a gay paedophile (You don't receive 24th place as the most popular anime character of all time by trying to bugger Sasuke. Look at Sakura.), so this is also classified as Romance genre. That's right. I'm one of the 11 Naruto fans in the whole world whose favourite character is that smexy snake ninja. So I say again, if the thought of Orochi makes you want to grab a can of pepper spray and lock anyone under the age of 14 in the cupboard, you might want to turn around and start running. However, if you don't mind this little feature, then I wouldn't worry. You won't see any romance in the beginning, just nearing the later half of the fic. And if any of the other 10 Orochimaru lovers are reading this, RATE WELL AND RATE BIG!

And finally, there are at least two cross-overs in this fic, due to me having absolutely no originality, what so ever. The first is Pokémon, however this one may not count as I make no reference to the series, but to the games, or game in this case. I have also added an aspect of the Jackie Chan Adventures to the whole mix. There's probably a few others in their too. If you can't stand such things, back away slowly and don't make eye contact. If it's all good, then sit, read, laugh, choke, sweat drop and anime fall. Come on! Even if what I've mentioned isn't quite what you're looking for, at least check this out. But I don't want flamers burning on my work. That's why this is here. The same reason chainsaws have warning labels.

I'll try to make this as original and exciting as I can. I assure you, I'll make this into something great.

I would like to give thanks and thumbs up to all the great and varied fan fictions I have come across in my time. Special thanks to thegriffin88 for "So I Married A Murderer" who inspired me to write my own tale of OroxOC.

P.S. I'll start this fiction rating K, but mark my words; it will go up as the story continues.