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*Saiyan's Point-Of-View* - I&T Interrogation building


"It's me, Rei-kun! Your snuggly-wuggly, ghostie-wostie! I saved you from the dust-bunny zombie humans and that weird guy you like who isn't Alucard!"

The black, slitted pupils wonder into the corner of the scarlet irises as the entity seems to concentrate for a minute.

"Wait…do you still like Vegeta?"the entity asks itself, "Nah, you went off of him when his arm muscles got bigger than his head."

The eyes float absentmindedly off on a tangent for a minute while the creature thinks.

"Then he got a hair-cut and grew a moustache, but we don't talk about that. EVER." The red eyes narrow and the right one twitches, ever so slightly.

…This talking…does not…help…my headache…

"But…Jimmy?...Doesn't he…say…Here's Johnny?" Dear god, my throat is dry…

"Jimmy is a funny name! Jimmy, Jimmy, JIMM-AAAAYYYY!" The ghost intones with excitement, mouth and eyes sailing around the room animatedly.

…I'm wasted…Oh, so very wasted…

"…Why does my head hurt?" I whimper.

"Dunno." Voices the floating face. "Have you been playing Portal 2 again?"

I try to stare at the suspended eyes, before the glare of the lights forces me to close them again. "What does that…have to do with…anything?"

"Maybe you were thinking…with portals." is the serious response.


"Damn, now I want some cake." The spectre moans.

"Oh, god…" I groan. "Nothing makes sense anymore…"

"Just like an Amnesia: The Dark Descent custom story." He cheerfully responds. "Or Anna. Anna was snooker loopy. But the Divine mask was evil-tastic! I could totally work that thing." The levitating facial features morph into a come-hither expression.

"Rei, I love you…please stop talking…" I beg, quietly.

"Are you hungry? I could really go for some chocolate donuts with sprinkles. And some bacon. Maybe even some donuts stuffed with bacon. How come no one's ever thought of that before? Bacon makes everything better, and that includes donuts." The poltergeist chats to itself.

"Please…no talking…just…go eat someone…please…" I whisper in a strained voice.

"Alright, I'll just go and steal the life force of some wandering meat popsicle. Enjoy your nap. I'll be back later." The voice begins to fade away, along with the eyes and the set of teeth. Leaving me alone in the cell. Thankfully.




*Saiyan's Point-Of-View* - I&T building, the following evening

Ibiki is currently attempting to give me some sort of mental disorder with the way he's staring at me. I suppose that, with the invasion and me slighting him, he hates me at least three times more than he did when he first met me. I can't work out the Hokage's flat expression, although I doubt it it's anything good at any rate.

I'm just freaking dead.

"So, you know about the books?"


"And the trinkets?"


"And you didn't before?"

"No. We didn't."

"But Orochimaru does?"


"And he wants to kill me."


"And you now know I'm not a ninja?"


"And that I've lied to you for the entire duration I've been here?"


"…I'm in some real deep ****, aren't I?"

"Frankly…Yes." Ibiki finishes.

Freaking, fruking dead.

I look down at the floor. The Hokage picks up where Ibiki left off.

"You're a civilian, with access to knowledge of events that have yet to occur, and jutsus that would be considered S-rank for even someone of Kage level." Ibiki continues, "Although, they're probably more like high Chuunin level considering the way you use them."

I bite down the urge to glare at him. I'm in enough hot water already.

"Yes, I know…Look, forgive me for this, but I really wasn't sure how to proceed under the circumstances. I really acted hastily."

"So you thought you could take on an S-rank missing-nin. One of the Sannin, no less." Sarutobi states rather than asks.

Oh, everything I've done sounds really stupid when you put it like that…

"But the village... the story in the Naruto manga is not a happy one. Once you die, the Leaf Village just crumbles. I thought that if you lived..."

"You arrived here only a few weeks ago, and you decided to place the burden of protecting me on yourself?"

"But-I couldn't tell anyone! Who would have believed me, if I did?"

"This evidence is more than enough, at least." Sarutobi replies, waving a hand at the books.

"I…didn't want anyone else to know about them. I was terrified about anyone knowing that something like them existed. I mean, they're redundant now, but they still show important events and vital information. There's the old saying: 'three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.' I had actually thought about burning them after the Exams…"

I look up once more at him, and put my head down again in utter shame. "…Sorry…sir."

The old man sighs. "Good thing that we've decided to let you live, provided you become permanent resident of the Leaf Village. And you are forthcoming with all the information at your deposal."

I blink for a minute, not believing my luck. "Absolutely!" I half-shout in the wake of my newfound relief.

I'm not going to die! I'm not going to die!

"I have a question."

Hiruzen pauses. "Yes?"

"…Do I get to be a Chuunin?"

"…I think we can allow that."

"Oh, Hells yes!"

Heh, heh. Whoops.

The Hokage switches back to his 'stern' voice. "But to be clear; this rank is given to you based on the level of classified information you possess." He continues. "You'll be prohibited from taking on missions any higher than a D-rank until I say otherwise. Are we clear?"

I nod my head, eagerly. "Definitely."

"Are there any skills you acquired in your pervious home which you think could be of some benefit?"

I scratch my head, absentmindedly in mild embarrassment. "I was training to be a teacher. I can teach Biology and Chemistry to a high level."

The Hokage closes his eyes and hums thoughtfully to himself. "Iruka could use an assistant at the academy, even if it's only for paperwork and basic management." He reopens his eyes, "We could also arrange for him to tutor you in academy subjects and techniques."

"This would also give you a source of income, as well as doing some small D-rank missions around Konoha." He continues, "Doing both would give you a modest Chuunin budget. Enough for an apartment and living necessities, at least."

"Sounds good to me." Well, better than nothing, I guess.

"We'll need to allocate a small group of ANBU to you for surveillance. We lost a good deal of our forces during the invasion and there's no guarantee that Orochimaru won't attempt something while the village is weakened." In my peripheral vision, Ibiki nods.

Hiruzen turns to look at Ibiki

"Have the items been destroyed? " he asks the Interrogator.


Sarutobi turns back towards me. "You were right in that no-one should know their existence, so unfortunately it was necessary to destroy the entire contents of you bag."

I finger my watch sadly. This means no more books, no more music and no drawings. All I have left is my necklace and my watch. Damn…

"I assume you already have an idea about our next course of action?"

"You want to pick your successor for the title of Hokage. And Tsunade is really the only logical choice." I say, immediately.

"You've got to let Jiraiya take Naruto with him when he goes to get her. He's caught wind the some unsavoury characters are coming to try take him while the village is weakened."

"They're the S-rank nuke-nin group that Jiraiya knows about."

"And exactly how much do you know about them?"

Okay, need the truth, but not the whole truth. Just the basics, don't claim to know the details. Got to keep things on track…

"They call themselves the Akatsuki and they consist of high-ranking missing-nin from probably every Hidden Village. The most well-known members include Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigaki, Akasuna no Sasori, and probably a few more. Orochimaru used to be a member, but defected to start up the Hidden Sound. I don't know the exact reason."

I take in a breath and resume. "They're trying to capture all the Tailed Demons, most likely to them take-over the continent. I mean, why else would you gather giant, powerful monsters if not for global conquest?"

"Do you know who is acting as the group's leader?" Hiruzen asks.

"Not really. The series isn't finished, so I only know that those three are in the group. The identity of the mastermind behind it all hasn't been identified yet."

Madara, Tobi, Obito; who cares? The show hasn't had a sane plot twist since the Fourth Shinobi War started.

"Any other information you'd like to furnish us with."

I think for a minute.

I smile, sheepishly and rub my head. "Yeah, quite a lot, actually."

I can tell this is going to take a while.

*Saiyan's Point-Of-View* - Konohagakure

It's about nine o' clock at night by the time I'm dismissed from the I&T department. As it stands, the whole of the Leaf Village is shrouded in under the cloak of a cool, cloudy evening. A slight breeze and a greyish horizon seem to indicate the coming of a cold change to the Land of Fire.

There are a few paper lanterns scattered about the buildings, hastily put up in and around the crushed structures and damaged houses. Piles of cleaned up rumble still sit in the streets, and in the distance, there are the loud noises of shouting men and the crashing sounds of stone, wood and metal.

The whole village seems geared to getting the area cleaned up and fixed as soon as possible. There are quite a few ninja flitting across the roof-tops for this hour.

The Chuunin Exam apartments are, thankfully, nowhere near where the giant snake summon and the invading forces broke though the wall. Hence, the reason why I still have a house to go back to.

There's another stiff breeze high above my head as another group of shinobi dash across the rooftop. The faint smell of burning wood reaches my nose. I turn down the street to my apartment.

I wonder if I'll still be living here after the village gets fixed up? The Hokage did say these apartments were just for international delegates for the Chuunin Exams. He probably wouldn't want me living here on a permanent basis.

I bet the insurance premiums in this village are through the roof, if they have such a thing. Does our contract cover fire, bijuu, nukenin and earthquake damage?

The front door creaks open and swings stiffly on its hinges. I climb into the small alcove area and flick off my zori. I slowly make my way pass the kitchen down to the bedroom.

Well, all things considered, that was either a very impressive cock-up or a real life-saving move. Orochimaru and the Third Hokage are alive and well, with the exception that the Snake Sannin now wants me dead and Hokage had me spill the beans about what I know.

Well, most of it…My crush on his crazy, former student thankfully didn't come up in the conversation.

I enter the bedroom, and reach up to flick on the lights… when a pair of arms slip around my neck and put me into a choke-hold.

I jerk and thrash like a madman, trying to kick at the person's legs, but the arms holding me just squeeze tighter.

"If I knew you were going to be this much trouble, I would've gotten rid of you in the first place." A voice grunted from behind my head.

What?! Kabuto?!

"Unfortunately for you, Lord Orochimaru wants to express his displeasure with you in person." The medic-nin continued, "You are in possession of some very interesting items. We found your diary to be the most intriguing."

My Diary?! But it was…!

I try to buck him off again, the grip around my throat tightens.

"I'd advise you to keep still, you wouldn't want me to damage something important." He hisses.

I breathe in sharply.

There's a moment of silence…and the ninja holding me goes unnaturally stiff.

There's a frightened gasp. "…What-?"

I push myself forward as forcefully as I can, feet digging into the floor and legs straining. The arms hold like steel beams. And then…

The sudden and unexpected release of pressure sends me tripping over my feet, falling face down a few feet away on the floor. I hear a footstep behind me and turn over sharply.

Kabuto is frozen in position, his face an ashen white with fear, his black eyes darting about in their immobile sockets.

Around the two of us, the lights in the room flicker and to black, leaving us both in total darkness. The only sound I can hear is the sound of my breathing.

Then, out of nowhere, a sickening wave of vertigo overtakes me.

The room and everything in it seem to sway and shift all around me, warping and twisting out of shape. The growing noise of eerie, unearthly screeches and screams fill the air. Everything gets darker and darker, and a deep humming sound starts ringing in my ears. A shuddering breath from Kabuto make me wonder if he's experiencing the same thing.

I let my head fall back onto the floor, feeling mere seconds away from throwing up or fainting, eyes held firmly shut with motion sickness. The humming gets loader and nausea grows with it.

There's a low moan from Kabuto above me as the floor and walls warp….the humming, the god awful hum reaches a mind-breaking pitch…

…There's a high, almost sweet noise like someone tapped a champagne flute with a finger...

A shriek of terror and agony cuts through the air like Rasen-shuriken.

I bolt upright, eyes wide open.

The very air around Kabuto twists into an obsidian vortex. The colours of skin, his clothes, his everything fade to a foggy grey as a black storm whips behind him. The horrible screaming pauses as the medic tries to turn to glance behind him.

The moving blackness swallows up the medic-nin, and his final scream stops with a jarring abruptness. The warping stops and screeching and humming dies away, as the inky mass coalesces from its vapour-like state. Finally, the mass gains a form.

My saviour is a dark purple oni, covered with what looks like fur, with a roundish body and a spike-covered back. In addition, it has a pair of stubby legs and arms, two long, pointed ears and a short, pointed tail. The whites of its slit eyes are a blood red, and its large tooth-filled mouth is curled into a sinister grin.

Suddenly, the monster burps.

"Oooh…*bleah* he'll be repeating on me for a while." He says, covering his mouth with a clawed hand.

The spectre drops the hand and replaces it with his face-bending smile. "You really can't do without me, can you?" the violet creature asks rhetorically.

I put myself up off of the floor and flop down onto the bed in a sitting position, still breathing heavily, hands feeling the new bruises around my neck. The entity occupies himself by picking out… something stuck between his huge teeth.

What the hell just happened?

"What…the heck did you do to him?" I manage to ask.

The Gengar rests his non-existent chin upon his hand. "Well…it's kind of like soul eating, but you also eat the body in a way. So there's nothing left over when you're done. Maybe it's like you're erasing them from existence. Or something."

Gee, that's informative.

The ghost hovers in the air slightly and flips upside-down, still in the same position. "I don't think he'll be able to come back, even if Snakey-snakey chan did the zombie voodoo thing again."

Wait, this means Kabuchimaru won't exist anymore. Thank all 8 million kami! I hated the little bastardo! Even more so than regular Kabuto.

I breathe a sign of utter relief. "So he's definitely gone from this plane of existence."

"Yep, he's gone to see the giant red man with the mahogany desk."

I look up and just stare at him.

"Okay, seriously. How do you know so much about things like that?"

"Things like what?"

"Things like the abridged Naruto and Dragonball Z series, and Hellsing and Portal and all that stuff."

"YouTube, duh."

I put my hands up in the air. "When have you ever watched YouTube?!" I ask in exasperation. "You've only physically existed for as long as I've been here!"

"Not really! How often have you been training us when you've been watching amine or YouTube and all that."

"But that was only in the game. I mean, have you been cognitively aware of things happening outside the game all this time? Not just here in this world?"

"Well…I think we got most of that from you."


The Gengar shrugs his shoulders. "I dunno, spill-over from you own personality and memories, or something. Talk to Lantern, or Gyottoshi or Ouji. Heck, Mezurashi should know something about it. Psychic-types know everything." He finishes with a sarcastic moan.

Well, Rei's certainly being helpful…

"Does this mean you guys have got a summoning world to yourself?"

"Damn Skippy! Did you think we would go into the PC if it was just a digital storage tank. What do you think we are, Digimon?"

So the PC has become a summoning plane here?

"We got forests, mountains, beaches, oceans, cities, volcanoes, wide grassy plains, the works! No real entertainment, though. You might want to sort that out sooner or later." Rei continues.

"Can all of you travel between the different areas?"

The apparition nods. "Sure. We do what we want."

"How many of you can speak?"

The lips purse into a thoughtful expression. "Pretty much everyone. A few can't, or don't want to. I don't really know."

A smile breaks out on my face. "How's Kimochi and Yurei?"

The spectre blushes and pulls on his 'ears'. "As sweet and screechy as she's ever been. And Yurei takes after his most awesome father, of course."

The ghost-type stops pulling on his ears and his blush fades as a sneaky smile breaks out across his face.

Rei puts his pinkie-finger to his mouth in a very familiar way. "Of course, we all know who you've been making smoochy faces at." He says, waggling the pinkie at me in a suggestive manner.

Putting his arms above his head and his finger-tips together like a ballet dancer performing a plié, the large ghost-type begins to spin around, getting faster and faster with each turn.

The lights in the apartment flicker as a surge of dark, gaseous, miasma-like energy blows through the room as Rei spins even faster, his form disappearing into a blackish-violet blur.

The mini-tornado of ghostly chakra begins to shift and alter, becoming thinner and taller, the dark violet vortex giving way to one of crème, purple and black. Suddenly, the spinning figure stops.

The person left standing where Rei once was is an exact replica of the Snake Sannin. Right down to the robes, the purple rope, the white face and purple kohl, the…red, slit eyes?

"You look like what would happen if Orochimaru got the Sharingan." I tell the pale, snake-like figure.

The Henge-d Rei smiles.

"What can I say? I know what my master likes." The Orochimaru look-alike looks at me with one of his small, characteristic smirks, the voice perfectly matching that of the real White Snake.

I choke. M-Master?! Where did that come from?!

He begins to saunter towards me, a predatory look in his scarlet eyes.

I try and will the oncoming blush into non-existence. I put up my hands in an attempt to ward Orochi-Rei off. "Rei, this isn't funny. Stop it."

The Sannin clone ignores my comment and pushes himself closer to me. "But my dear, I thought it was you who wanted thisssssss." He hisses, deliberately stretching out the ess sound.

With him so close, I notice a few more of the imperfections of Rei's new form. The Orochimaru he's transformed into seems slimmer and leaner; the hair appears longer and has a slight purplish sheen to it. As he runs a hand through the dark locks, I notice the nails are long and black, with pointed ends. His ears also seem much more pointed, too.

"What I wanted was the real Orochimaru, not you in a ghost-Henge." I reply, pushing the solid body away from me.

The figure puts a finger to his lips and looks at me with mock-hurt. "Give me a chance. You might find you like me better." Orochi-Rei says coyly, imitating the Sannin's characteristic tongue wagging.

He leans closer towards me. "I have prettier eyes, after all." He flutters his purple-lined eyelids at me, his red snake-eyes glinting.

I give him a look. "Stop it, or I'll tell Kimochi on you. I'm pretty sure she'd beat you up."

The fake Sannin puts a hand over his mouth "Oooh, you meanie." He whines.

I give him a flat look. "You see? That right there is why I wouldn't have dress up as the Snake Sannin. It would be a cold day in hell before Orochimaru, of all people, utters the word: meanie." I say, dryly.

The fake Sannin loops a lock of hair around one of his fingers and twists it. "So, I can pretend to look like Mr. Snakey, but just not to you?

He locks his fingers together in glee. "Oh, I can't wait to go out for a night-time stroll." He says, a smile of Alucard-ian proportions appearing on Orochimaru's face.

My eye twitches at his audacity. "What-? No! No going out dressed as Orochimaru! Anywhere! At all!" I say, waving my hands in finality.

"You'd give people fits if they saw you!"

"Oooh, even better!" the ghost says, excitedly.


"But-?" he tries.


"Aww…" Orochi-Rei's face falls.

I put my hands over my face. "Oh, that's it. I'm going to bed. It's too late and I'm too tired for all this nonsense."

"Can I go out then?" asks the ghost, hopefully.

"Take off the disguise and don't let anybody see you. After than I don't care what you do."

"Yipee!" There's a poof (involving purplish smog) and Rei is back in his normal form.

"Can I invite my family out too? Pwease?"

"Only so long as you fetch me someone willing to guard me and house while I sleep."

"Be right back." There's a poof, this time with normal summoning smoke.

I sigh and go to close up the house and the windows. By the time I've locked the doors and windows and have changed into my pyjamas, the Shadow Pokémon reappears in the bedroom with another smoke cloud.

Sitting on the floor, scratching an fuzzy ear, is Sei Ryoku. A wave of his paw in greeting and he swaggers out of the room to start patrolling in the kitchen.

The other two monsters hovering besides Rei are a pair of ghosts, one bigger than the other, with the smaller one a bluish-purple and the larger a dark bluish-green. While neither has any visible arms or legs, their lower halves appear to resemble a small, ruffled dresses. They both have about several round, red gems around their necks, and long, flowing lilac-tipped "hair". Their large eyes, in stark contrast to Rei's scarlet, are a bright yellow with ruby irises.

I had bred Rei with my Misdrevus, Kimochi and had gotten Yurei, who had a pretty good mash-up of both of his parent's moves. Nice to see there's actually a sign of who the father is. Breeding in the games gives you none of the fun you should get by having two different species mate to produce viable offspring.

I address the larger of the two. "Hello, Kimochi."

"Hello, Lady Saiyan."

Wha-? Lady?! Lady?!

"Yo-You really don't have to call me that." I say, embarrassment painting itself across my face.

Kimochi's surprisingly soft voice rings with a quiet reverence. "You are my trainer, it's only respectful."

"Hello, Yurei."

The little ghost gives me a warm smile. "Hello, Aunty Saiyan." Yurei's speech is slightly more masculine, but still carries the softness of his mother's voice.

Jeeze, Aunty now?!

The largest ghost claps his hands together, clearly wanting to finish up and get going. "Okay, introductions have been made. Let's go out and paint the town a few shades of scared."

"Goodnight, Rei. Goodnight, Kimochi. Goodnight, Yurei."

I slide the covers up and get into bed, while the two Screech Pokémon fly across to the windowed wall and phase seamlessly through it. Rei starts to hover and makes a move to do the same.

Before he reaches the wall, I call out. "Ah, Rei? Before you go…?" He turns to face me.

"I'm, ah, a little to hyped up for sleep, at the moment. Wonder if you could…? "

The Gengar gains a look of recognition. "Oh, sure, I got you. No problem." He floats over to hover above me.

"Now, did you want a wet dream, or just a normal one?"


"Sorry." Whines the spectre.

I let out a highly embarrassed huff. "A normal dream, thank you. And don't eat it."

"Fine, fine." Replies the ghost. For a minute, he stares at me with his colossal red eyes. Before…


That's… a really…





*Third Person Point-Of-View* - Hokage's Office

Even on the morning of the second day since the invasion of Konohagakure, construction on the crushed and toppled buildings had long since begun. In the office of the Third, the Professor and one of his students were having a conversation.

The aged village leader removed the pipe from his mouth and addressed his last, remaining student. "You want her to come with you when you go to collect Tsunade?"

The loyal Sannin gave a curt nod. "Yes."

"I presume, with recent events as they are, that you have a reason for this?"

The Sannin's gaze was stern. "The rumours about her have spread faster than I thought. And by now, they've most likely spread to unfriendly ears."

"You think they'll try to recruit her for their own purposes?" The Hokage placed the lit pipe back into his mouth.

"A genin who somehow blocked the forbidden Reanimation technique and can keep up with one of the Legendary Sannin? What do you think?" Jiraiya replied, with a hint of mock facetiousness.

The aged leader sighed. "Is the threat of this group greater than the threat of Orochimaru? He'll take any chance for revenge. At least she has some protection inside the village walls."

"Something I'm sure Orochimaru knows. If she comes with me and Naruto, we'll be on the road and a lot harder to track. Considering she slighted him the way she did, I'm surprised he hasn't sent someone to take care of her already."

Sarutobi took a long, slow drag on his pipe. "Having her tag along with you just makes yourselves an already bigger target."

The Toad Sage looked somewhat affronted. "You don't think I'm just going to stand by if someone comes along. Besides, it gives me more of a chance to study her jutsu and the summonings she has with her."

Hiruzen sent the taller ninja a look. "I'll already been informed about two of them. Kakashi mentioned that Team Seven had a run with two of them during the second phase of the exam. They described one of them as a yellow, dog-like creature and the other as a large, four-winged bat. Apparently, the dog summon has the ability to use Raiton techniques."

"I can at least confirm the possibly. From the one I've seen, it's doesn't really resemble any one sort of animal, and it had an overly large amount of water-based chakra running through its body."

The Toad Sage scratched the side of his face. "Then there's also the fact it can merge fully with water. I've never held of a summon, or indeed any sort of creature, with that kind of ability."

The older man gave the younger a knowing look. "You're concerned that they might be related to the bijuu, somehow." Prompted the Professor.

Jiraiya shrugs. "I just think there's more to these creatures than she's letting on." He moved over to glance out of the window.

"What have you heard?"

"They're beginning to move."

There was a cold silence.

"You're sure?" Hiruzen asks, quietly.

"Positive." Came the reply.

The aged man let out the breath he had been holding in.

"It is just as she said."

The hardened expression on the Sannin's face gives way to a mix of suspicion and shock. "What?"

"Saiyan is in possession of facts and events that may occur in the future, which was part of the reason that she succeeded in fending off Orochimaru." He rests his elbows upon the desk as he intertwines his fingers and clasps his hands together.

"The proof of this, at least somewhat confirms her story."

Sarutobi continues. "We believe that Orochimaru is also aware of her knowledge, to a degree."

"All the more reason to get her out of the village." Jiraiya states.

The Toad Sage takes another look through the large window at the Leaf Village, his gaze fixed on the towering yet broken wall and crushed buildings beside it.

"We need to leave as soon as possible."

The Hokage gives him a very intense look. Finally, he lets his gaze drop.

"Do it."

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Gengar (Male) - 'Rei Obake' Lv.100 (Spell Tag)

Quirky Nature, Traded from Pokémon Tower as a Haunter (Lv.15)

Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Destiny Bond, Hypnosis.

Misdreavus (Female) - 'Kimochi' Lv.80 (X Sp. Attack)

Gentle Nature, Met at Lost Cave (Lv.22)

Psywave, Perish Song, Astonish, Psybeam.

Misdreavus (Male) - 'Yurei Obake' Lv.50 (None)

Docile Nature, Hatched: Lost Cave (Lv.5)

Psybeam, Psywave, Destiny Bond, Shadow Ball.