Title: Make A Wish!

Author: Amethyst Hunter

Rating: G

Word count: 460

Warnings/Spoilers: None

Notes: For Akabane's birthday (11-23). Happy birthday, you adorably homicidal transporter, you! XD

Disclaimer: GB is not mine, oh how sad, yes?

Summary: Akabane takes 'putting out the lights' to a whole new extreme.


Akabane was not used to having his birthday celebrated by others, but when he unofficially became part of the Honky Tonk clan that drifted in and out of Paul's shop on a semi-regular basis, he learned that his adoptive 'family' were quite observant in what they doubtless perceived as their kinship duties. Thus he graciously permitted himself to be shepherded into the diner on the anniversary of his worldly arrival and plunked into the nearest booth for an offering of confectionery delights.

He expected something interesting, of course; it would only be fair, after having been made to suffer through the inevitable off-key chorus of 'Happy Birthday' – with dear Ban Midou-kun changing a few of the lyrics to "you look like a blood clot, and you smell like one too!" - and Akabane was not disappointed when, once the song had mercifully ended, a shaky and pale-faced Ginji tentatively approached with the cake borne aloft.

"Hope you like chocolate, Akabane-san!"

"He better – 'Death By Chocolate' was the only specialty cake recipe we found in the book," Ban cracked.

Akabane was pleased. How well they knew him, it seemed! "I do indeed enjoy chocolate." He raised his hand. "You're welcome to share it with me, of course..."

Ginji's eyes widened, not just because he preferred to see that hand empty instead of grasping its favorite cutlery, but because the transporter was about to breach the time-honored rules of birthday protocol. "Wait, Akabane-san! You gotta blow out the candles first."

Because no one knew exactly how old Akabane was, and because the transporter was firmly mum on the precise number of digits that constituted his true age, the Get Backers had improvised, placing four candles atop the cake after Natsumi had cheerfully informed everyone about a charming piece of trivia stating that the Chinese symbols for 'four' also meant 'death.' Now everyone dared to gather closer, as Ginji jump-started a spark charge that lit each candle, one by one.

Akabane was intrigued by the delectable display. "Oh?"

"And make a wish while you're doing it," Ban added, both he and Ginji secretly hoping that said wish would fail to come true in their lifetimes, considering what Akabane was likely to wish for.

"Hmm." Akabane paused, thinking very carefully. When he was certain he had his desire firmly in focus, he took a calm breath, leaned over, and -


"That's not how you're supposed to do it, idiot!" Ban yelped. "You BLOW the candles out, you don't play Paul Bunyan on 'em!"

Akabane merely smiled sweet contentment as the severed candle-tops smoked into a puddle of charred frosting atop the cake. "It worked, didn't it? I can't wait for my wish to come true...!"