Title: Sweet Dreams (Aren't Made Of This)

Author: Amethyst Hunter

Rating: PG (implied creepiness)

Word count: 350

Warnings/Spoilers: See above; the rating mostly applies to the movie references. If you've ever seen either one, you -know- what I'm talking about. X_x

Disclaimer: I don't own GB or any of the mentioned movies or their references therein, no infringement is intended or should be inferred, don't run with scissors and always look both ways before crossing streets, y'all know the drill.

Notes: With apologies to Annie Lennox for the title. XD Inspired by a very bizarre dream and my own cracknuggetry. You know it's time to get up from your nap when you realize you're dreaming of...Hannibal Lecter. O_o;;

Summary: A no-brakes guy just can't catch a break!


They entered the room as swiftly and stealthily as they'd made their way through the rest of the house; it wasn't often that their clients were as accommodating and they'd vowed to take full advantage of it tonight. Himiko was the last to enter, and she had the door locked solid almost before she'd gotten it completely closed.

By silent agreement, the transporters immediately set about searching the room. A wary Maguruma pulled back all the curtains. Himiko cautiously opened each and every dresser drawer. And Akabane, scalpels fisted tightly in both hands, had a suspicious peer under the bed.

As soon as clearance was given they each rushed to prepare themselves accordingly for sleep, forgoing for once the luxury of brushing their teeth because it would have meant extra time spent unguarded in the adjoining bathroom. In record time not one, not two, but three transporters struggled into their pajamas and dashed for the bed.

Himiko, by virtue of being the smallest (and therefore the most vulnerable, a fact which irritated her to no end), wound up sandwiched between Maguruma on her left and Akabane on her right. Lights out, and the three lay, or tossed, in silence, as they tried and failed to surrender to slumber's embrace.

Akabane eventually spoke, his declaration full of waspish venom. "This is all your fault, Gouzou."

"I said I was sorry! What more do you two critics want?" Maguruma complained, eyes rolling.

"Your liver with fava beans and Chianti?" Himiko snapped. "It wouldn't have taken you but two seconds to read the blurb on the back of the DVD cover before you grabbed movies for our stayover on this mission!" She huffed. "I wish I had an Evil Eye so that I could give Ban a run for his money, what with the things I've seen tonight!"

"It was an honest mistake," Maguruma growled. "I saw the word 'lambs' on the box and I thought it was a family movie. The other one was like that..."

"Gouzou," Akabane hissed quietly, "anything with oompa-loompas in it is NOT a family-friendly movie!"