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Summary: ErikRaoul various degrees of slash. One word prompts based on body parts, most parts but the one you really want.

Warning(s): slash (that's homosexual content for those of you who don't know)

Pairing(s): ErikRaoul

A/N: Well, since it was a holiday, I was able to put a little extra work into writing. This is what happens.

Story note: The one word prompts come after the drabble-ish because there's one that's just too much fun to spoil. (That's for you, dirty-minded readers.) The rest are pretty obvious since I usually literally focus on that body part.


Human Anatomy


By: Lucifer Rosemaunt



Raoul personally didn't like to have his hair very long. He rather found it too much trouble to maintain. The summertime was the worst because it made it that much hotter for him. Yet, here he was at the peak of summer with his hair longer than normal. He did have to admit that he could hardly tell that the sun was heating up Paris to an almost unbearable temperature since he was sitting in Erik's home, waiting for him again.

But, his hair kept falling in front of his face; sometimes he didn't remember why he kept it long in the first place. He was busy trying to tame it so that he could put it in a ponytail when a hand stopped him. Erik grabbed the ribbon that Raoul held with his teeth, pocketing it.

Indignantly, Raoul let his hair fall from his hands to try and take it back. "Erik. Give it back."

Smirking, Erik leaned forward to run his fingers through Raoul's hair, grabbing it gently behind his head to pull him forward into a kiss.

Oh, yeah. Raoul smiled into the kiss. That was why.

o.o. hair .o.o (wc: 190)

Erik was moaning and Raoul wasn't sure if he wanted to continue, especially considering where they were. It wasn't like Erik was making any effort to be quiet.

"Right there. Yeah."

Raoul didn't stop, but he did pause to look around, really expecting to see people gathering around all because Erik couldn't keep his mouth shut. He couldn't believe that he was the one with misgivings about where and what they were doing. After all, Erik was the one that wanted to keep their relationship a secret. At this rate, everyone in the opera house was going to find out.

Hearing a dissatisfied moan, Raoul found that he couldn't stop his ministrations. Though he would complain to Erik later, he rather enjoyed the sounds he made and the pleasure he could give to the older man. Erik leaned into his touch and urged Raoul on with another moan. From his vantage point, he couldn't quite see Erik's face, but his mind more than supplied a visual image.

"Should we be doing this here?" Raoul finally asked when Erik let out another moan that seemed to echo through the theatre. It sounded obscene to his ears and he couldn't help his reaction to it. He hoped the blush wasn't too evident on his cheeks.

Erik opened his eyes, glancing at him. "What's wrong with my box?"

Raoul considered his answer before deciding being up front would be best. "You're loud."

"What?" Erik actually looked confused, as though he really didn't know he was moaning loudly.

Raoul couldn't believe it. If Erik didn't know, then they definitely couldn't keep doing this here. They'd be caught for certain. Shaking his head, Raoul stated, "I'm no longer giving you massages here."

o.o. shoulders .o.o (dirty-minded people, wc: 287)


End Chapter 01




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