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Prologue: Sixteen Years

Sixteen years; that's one hell of a long time.

I have fears, I have to admit. And they are not those simple fears you can easily solve with money. What I fear is my past, and past has a weird way of catching up to you. And when they do, it pretty much sucks.

I have had a hard time pushing my past way behind me, so they won't even have the slightest chance of catching up to me and haunting the daylights out of me. I have people I want to protect, people I hold dear to me. And I know that if my past does catch up with me, it will destroy not only me, but the ones I hold dearly.

What is held in my past, you may ask?

Secrets, I don't intend of letting anyone know of.

Well, even if they do find out about it, no one will believe it.

It's too inhuman to be true, anyway.

But it will cause a lot of problems, questions that will be too much of a pain to explain and too much attention from people I don't want.

Plus, living with two growing werewolf twins are already causing me enough of headaches.

Not that I don't love my children, I do; but me being human and them being werewolves?

Not easy.

But that doesn't mean they are left out in the dark of my past. They do know what happened sixteen years ago, their grandparent's death and peoples they have to avoid, which includes vampires and werewolves. But there are also secrets that I'm still keeping from them; secrets that they should never know, or it will destroy everything. They are werewolves, not normal humans. And to be able to live among humans, they have to learn how to control their strength, speed and their changing.

We are now living in New Orleans. We lived in a simple two-storey house and own a honey brown-and-white collie by the name Lucky. In the mornings I will be a waitress in The Bar, a small diner normally populated by tourist and during the nights, I will be doing any part-time jobs I can find. Obviously, supporting two children on your own is never easy.

But apparently, no matter how hard I've tried to avoid any contact with them, they still have a way of finding me.

And here I thought I'll be able to avoid them all.

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