So basically, I've come up with some random poems. This is the first one. It summarizes Bella and Edward's relationship within the four books, in a funny and interesting way. I hope you enjoy it. I had fun writing it! :D


Bella and Edward from Twilight to Dawn

by Delilah Lovett

The wind in her hair

Settled her fate,

But his quick resistance

landed her a date,

With the most eligible bachelor

in all of high school,

One Edward Cullen,

A vampire, a fool.

He fell for her fast,

and she fell, too

not just in love,

but over her shoe.

She couldn't keep away

and neither could he.

"So, the lion fell in love,

with the lamb," you see.

"What a stupid lamb," she'd said.

And I'd have to concur,

But the "sick, masochistic lion,"

is worse off, than her.

He can't resist her blood,

She is la sua cantante,

but he takes her to his meadow

where there, they once lay.

He left for a while

from a birthday slip-up

But when he thinks she's dead

he decides to give up.

He goes to Italy

to get killed by the guards

but she comes to his rescue

after running many yards.

When they get back,

she's surprised with a bed.

She tries to take off her clothes,

but he just shakes his head.

"Marry me first," he said,

pulling out his mother's ring

"You've got to be kidding,"

she replied with a sting,

To his ego,

bruised, as he spoke,

"I just can't believe

that you think it's a joke."

She finally agreed,

And then told her dad,

Who laughed at her lots,

instead of getting mad.

He told her that she,

would have to tell her mom,

who gave her a blessing,

and remained quite calm.

The wedding was beautiful,

but she still wanted a bite,

to become a vampire,

but it just caused a fight.

For now he resists,

the luscious temptation,

but by Breaking Dawn,

she gets vampirization.

The beauty within her,

comes out in full view.

And for the two lovers,

a baby comes new.

Through a misunderstanding,

they face the Volturi,

But when pleas are ignored,

She shields, full of fury.

In the end, they aren't pursued,

the happy family, for sure,

and so the story says,

they lived happily, ever after.