A/N: I guess the fact that I've been poetry crazy is good for my Creative Writing class since that's our next project, but I'm sure it's driving you all mad since my stories are taking so long to update lol. I swear they are coming soon. These poems just pop out and I'm trying really hard to make the chapters worth it, when I finally do get around to updating. Enjoy a random poem I wrote about vampires thanks to Stephenie Meyer's vision of them.


Redefining the Vampire

Can't sleep.

Super fast.

James put Bella,

In a cast.

Great hearing.

Great eyesight, too.

Edward just loves,

When Bella wears blue.

Super strong.

Super smell.

Edward believes,

He belongs in Hell.

Still don't get,

What I'm trying to say?

They're vampires,

That sparkle in the day.