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I present to you chapter 1:

The One


My name is Bella I am 18 years old, very ordinary nothing special. I have boring brown eyes with boring brown hair and I am not tanned at all. My two best friends on the other hand look like supermodels. They are:

Alice Brandon: Short, petite pixie-like features, spiky brown hair and has too much energy.

Rosalie Hale: Blonde wavy hair, supermodel features, blue eyes and is hot and she knows it.

Both LOVE shopping. NOOOO! I absolutely despise shopping.

Today was just a normal day until I heard…

"WOOOOOOO, OMGOMGOMG!!!!! wewereacceptedforthetvshowTheOneOMG!!!!! (We were accepted for the TV show 'The One')" Alice screamed as she came running down the stairs.

I started screaming with her cause that kind of enthusiasm is contagious.

"What do you mean 'we'? When did you enter the contest?" I started shooting questions at her but she stopped me and put a finger to my mouth.

"'we' is you, me and rose. I entered us in a month ago. We have to arrive at the Cullen mansion at 12 noon tomorrow."

"What is the show 'The One'?" I asked. I have never watched it before or seen it, I was screaming before because we were gonna be on TV.

"OMG Bella. 'The One' is a new show and it has the gorgeous Cullen boys who are each looking for the one." She said this while pointing to a poster which I guessed were the Cullen Boys.

One of them was tall blonde and had blue eyes and looks like the sweet and sensitive type. The right guy for Alice. The next had huge muscles and brown curly hair. Definitely Rose's type. The last one was so handsome, he had piecing emerald eyes and bronze tousled hair and his lips looked so…

I was snapped out of my daydream when Alice started clicking her fingers in front of my face.

"Alice, what are their names?" I asked still in a daze.

"The blonde one is Jasper." When she said this I could tell she liked him. "The strong one is Emmett, and the bronze haired one is Edward."

Sigh… Edward. Snap out of it Bella he probably meets 200 girls per day and is probably a player. You hate obnoxious, arrogant guys no matter how good looking they are.

Rose just came down stairs and whispered something in Alice's ear. Then I saw a sparkle in her eye. Uh oh… SHOPPING!!!

They dragged me out to the car and all through the shops chucking clothes at me to try on. At the end of the day I think we all spent $1,000 each. They insisted on paying for it.

Finally when we get home I had a look at my clothes, they were alright I wasn't very fond of the skirts. At least they didn't buy me heels instead they bought me ballet flats, heaps and heaps of them. I started packing my suitcase and when I finished I decided to research 'The One' on the internet. I typed it in and over 10,000 sites came up. I clicked on the first one then started reading.

The One is a show where you are challenged to see if you are the one for any of the Cullen boys. You will have modelling challenges, interviews, photo shoots and other challenges. The judges are the Cullen boys and each week 5 girls will be eliminated. You will live in the Cullen mansion with 75 other girls. Each contestant will have a room but will have to share it with 2 other contestants. If you are chosen to be on this show you are very lucky!

After I finished reading I went to bed. Tomorrow I will be going to the Cullen Mansion with 74 screaming girls. Well this should be interesting.

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