Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and X/1999 crossover

Title: Collision

Synopsis: Visitors from another world gave Subaru a chance at happiness. SLASH Seishirou/Subaru. Subaru/Kamui.

Rating: M, for limey scenes.

Disclaimer: Sadly, Seishirou, Subaru, Kamui, Fuuma, Syaorans, Watanuki, Doumeki, Ran, Gingetsu and Eriol belong to CLAMP. I'll add to the list of 'boys I love from CLAMP' when they release new series.


Kamui was going to murder the Witch.

"We're still in the same dimension!" the violet-eyed vampire fumed when his gaze landed on the all-too-familiar Tokyo Tower, the Government/Diet building and the carnage around the top of an anonymous building their blob – stupid method of traveling – ruptured on. "Same Acid Tokyo!"

Subaru looked around, processing his sight with incredible calm. "We're in Tokyo, all right," he spoke as blasphemies of multitude languages slipped out of his twin's lips. "I don't think it's the same Tokyo, though. Feel it." He closed his eyes, black lashes fluttering against his cheek.

Kamui followed begrudgingly. "You're right," he retorted after a few seconds, "There's magic in this world." His exquisite facial features contorted in anxiety. His mouth parted, as though he was going to say something, before a sphere of energy hit him from the back, shoving him painfully to a slab of concrete yards away from the other vampire.

Subaru cried as scraps of steel imprisoned his twin's slender body as a boa would. "KAMUI!" he flied to his brother's position and wrestled with the steels – they were alive, and they refused to loosen their hold – before he heard a chuckle behind him, a low-pitched rumble filled with promises of agony. "If you don't erect a kekkai now, it will be too late, Subaru-kun."

The pureblooded vampire turned, his emeralds irises transforming to molten gold as he narrowed his eyes. "Please release Kamui," he threatened their attacker, nails protracting to sharp claws, shredding his gloves to pieces. Seishirou was damned right when he said that when angered, Subaru was frightening. (TRC17, chapter 128)

Two pair of eyes widened in surprise the moment they met. It was the hunter again, Subaru pondered, flecks of green entering his eyes, Seishirou-san's younger brother. His heart ached at the thought of the man.

Fuuma shook his head. "Oops," his lips curled to a malicious smile, "It seems I stumble upon a case of mistaken identity. Sorry about that." There was no apology in his voice.

"So please let Kamui go," Subaru repeated, aureate chasing away the gems in his eyes again as he bared his fangs.

"That, I can't obey," the tall teenager tilted his head, "It's too amusing, methinks."

There was a limit to Subaru's patience. Before Fuuma finished speaking, Subaru had already propelled himself to the man's front, a flurry of black robes, and scratched him on the chest, four slits crisscrossing and dripping with blood.

The teenager retreated, grimacing. "Fierce, fierce," he clucked his tongue, "Not aware that you fancy bloodbath. Kinky, Subaru-san."

The vampire replied by narrowing his eyes even more, bringing his fingers to his lips and licking the blood clean. The crimson liquid, this man's life essence, felt good to his throat. He hadn't fed since Kamui gave him Syaoran the E's blood. "Release Kamui," he ordered a third time, no trace of politeness left.

"No," Fuuma replied merrily, energy crackling on his palms. "It seems that you'll have to pry him off me by force."

Subaru tore his skin, a horizontal incision inside his wrist, and weaved a spell, blood magic. He wasn't as swift as Kamui when it came to combat, but he was superior in terms of magic. Whispering streams of chants under his breath, he laid mines and traps here and there.

Sorata and Arashi reached the chaos.

"Who's that?" the Kansai boy pointed at a figure who was currently engaged in a ferocious battle against Kamui the Dragon of Earth.

The miko squinted. "It looks like…" there was a frown on her beautiful face, "Subaru-san?" her tone was uncertain.

"I thought so, too. Didn't know he likes to cosplay," Sorata nudged at the figure's gothic getup as the two Seals hopped closer to him, "But if it is Subaru-san, why didn't he erect a kekkai?"

"Speaking of a kekkai," Arashi looked like she was about to strangle Sorata to death, "We should erect ours!"

"Of course!" Sorata thwacked himself on his temple, "Silly me…"

Subaru winced as one of the human's spells cut a gash on his arm. The wound was no problem; it healed in a blink of an eye. That wasn't to say there was no pain.

Subaru just didn't understand why the hunter appeared like Seishirou-san at times.

They were brothers; of course they must have some similarities. But often, the vampire looked at Fuuma and saw Seishirou instead of the teenager, smiling gently, the golden chain around his neck fluttering by the wind. It pained Subaru. He itched to reach out to the amber-eyed man. Needless to say it also screwed his concentration and blasted his spells.

He didn't have that problem when he watched Fuuma in Acid Tokyo, so why now?

The vampire came a papery distance away from a magical slash that could cut off his leg and he cursed, probably the first time after numerous decades. Oh, he would regain the limb, reattach it or grow one, but the healing required too much time or effort at the moment.

"Miss him so much, don't you?" Fuuma jibed after he was close to severing the vampire's body part.

Subaru wasn't Kamui's brother for nothing. He was calm most of the time – with hotheaded twins (twin, Subaru reminded himself. Hokuto was dead, dead, dead) like that he had to be the coolheaded one. But Kamui's temper could latch on him easily. Brows twitching, he hurled a complicated hex at Fuuma.

Caught unaware, Kamui the Dragon of Earth was flung over what once was the pent suite of a condominium, falling from great heights.

Sorata's brows nearly disappeared in his short fringe when they found an unconscious Kamui entwined by sharp bits and pieces of metal. "Isn't Kamui supposed to be at school, now?" he asked his companion.

Arashi shot him the look. "Don't you think we should release him instead of asking inane questions?"

Sorata pressed his palm against his chest. "Nee-san, you're cruel!"

Ignoring his antiques, she raised her hand and let the sword emerged from her skin.

The miko fought against the metal, gritting her teeth (Sadly, Sorata couldn't do much without scorching Kamui to an electrocuted corpse as well), when an eye peeked open. "Su…ba…ru…" Kamui muttered as he writhed, struggling to get out as he regained his consciousness.

Sorata was rather intrigued by the molten gold in Kamui's eyes. "Why are you wearing contacts?" he was about to ask when the messy-haired male wrestled against his bindings in the earnest all of a sudden, hands reaching out. "SUBARU!" He screamed, unheeded by the edges digging to his skin and wounding him.

When his injuries healed in a matter of seconds, and his nails were extended, Sorata wanted to smack his head again. It was so obvious this Kamui wasn't humane, wasn't their Kamui.

The monk didn't get to ask questions. Kamui managed to flee, leaving a trail of blood cut short on the ground, as he literally catapulted himself in Subaru's direction.

The Seals followed.

Subaru was about to check on Kamui when a bustle of slips of papers surrounded him, five-pointed stars drawn against black.

The vampire was about to tear them with his nails when someone spoke, a rich chocolaty tone he missed. "You weren't very nice."

Green eyes widened, the gold dissipating in a flash, as they landed on a man in a black suit, dark-coloured elegant-cut cloak flapping around his leather shoes as he lit his cigarette. The man slipped the sunshade off his face as he grabbed the pureblood's attention. "Subaru-kun," he smiled amiably.

Subaru drowned in anguish. This wasn't an illusion Fuuma fabricated. He was face-to-face to a real, solid, breathing Seishirou. The vampire was aware that this Seishirou wasn't the hunter; he was too old, malice marring the smile he presented Subaru, but Subaru was tired of running, Subaru wanted to be caught, to be with Seishirou-san. "Seishirou-san-" he gasped, tears leaking out of his eyes, cool against the marble of his cheeks.

A hand reached out for his soaked cheeks, coated with blood, and Subaru nuzzled against his palm, his tongue swiping the crimson liquid off this doppelganger's skin. Subaru wanted to be lied to, even for a while.

"SUBARU!" Kamui flashed between them, charging at high speed, baring his claws at the Sakurazukamori. "I will kill you!" he raised his hand, poising to pierce the man's chest.

"Kamui!" Subaru's fingers curled around the flesh of his twin's forearms. "He isn't the hunter!"

Kamui twisted in his brother's embrace. "I don't care! I want him dead!"

"Now, now, that's unreasonable," back from the abyss, Fuuma positioned himself behind Subaru and whispered to the shell of his ear, lapping it with his tongue. Subaru gasped, while Kamui growled. "You-"

The two forgot to keep an eye on Sakurazuka Seishirou, a fatal mistake they regretted in the near future. The assassin penetrated Kamui's shoulder, leaving behind a gaping hole of broken bones and shredded muscles. The vampire shrieked in pain, drawing for his magic to regenerate cells but Kamui had been too exhausted, blood kept gushing out of his skin.

"KAMUI!" Subaru panicked when Kamui fainted in his arms. He wanted to bring his beloved brother away from the two sociopaths but the vampires were trapped.

"Was it necessary?" Fuuma frowned slightly, annoyed that Seishirou touched Kamui.

"Was that necessary?" Seishirou arched an eyebrow, disdain crossing his face for the moment of intimacy that transpired between Subaru and Fuuma just now. "This Kamui isn't your Kamui, anyways."

"The same can be said to you," Fuuma shrugged, before he chuckled. "We're so messed up."

Seishirou shot the other Angel a look which said, 'speak for yourself.'

Subaru was positively mortified now. He was sure they had been caught in some kind of crossfire. Again. The first time, it was his fault for falling to a slumber with that feather, though. He felt remorseful when Kamui decided to depart from Acid Tokyo; the violet-eyed male had been attached to the people there, though he refused to admit it. "Let us go!" Subaru's distress was apparent on his face.

"Now, now, Subaru-kun," Seishirou caressed the vampire's young, pale face with his fingers, "I thought we were having fun? I miss Subaru-kun's façade when he was 16 years old. So cute…"

Irate that only Seishirou got to harass someone, Fuuma sulked. "Your Subaru will be so heart-broken."

"I didn't say I don't like his 25-year-old self," Seishirou hummed as he kissed the vampire on his jaw, "He blossoms marvelously. Besides, it makes me feel less of a paedophile."

Subaru wriggled. This man's touches drained him, stealing his resistance away. He wanted to submit…

"Doesn't hide the fact that you are one," Sorata snarled from several feet away, electricity crackling on his palm. Arashi was beside the monk, her sword in her grasp. "Release them."

"They're not your Seals," Fuuma remarked, "They're none of your business."

Kamui moaned in misery, and Subaru tensed. "Kamui," the older brother wiped the sweat off his temple, pulling strands of damp curly hair away from his face, which was bereft of colours.

"Of course they're my business," Sorata scowled. He couldn't stand to see Kamui, Dragon of Heaven or not, hurt. "Stop toying with them!" he bristled, an inch away from assailing his enemies.

"Don't move," Fuuma threatened, his hand laid on Subaru's back, ready to puncture a hole through him, too. Or blow his flesh, whichever more convenient.

Sorata growled, frustrated. Arashi was more sensible. "The other Seals are on their way," she rationalised, "The kekkai we created alerted them of a fight. They'll be here soon." She didn't have to add, 'Subaru-san and Kamui-kun, too,' and spell out that Fuuma and Seishirou would be outnumbered.

Kamui the Angel sighed. "Take off the kekkai, then." An all-out-battle didn't have to occur before the Judgment Day. Besides, Yuuko would have his head if something happened to the Dimensional travelers. People who weren't involved shouldn't be caught by the threads of Fate.

Arashi shifted her gaze towards Sorata, who nodded. "You first," he didn't want to be fooled.

Seishirou shot Subaru a mournful smile. "We'll see each other again, won't we?"

"Not if they can help it!" Sorata responded for the vampire, "Hands off!" He couldn't help but feel protective for vulnerable teenagers, Kamui the Seal, and this Subaru, which appeared like one, included.

Seishirou gave Subaru a chaste kiss on his cheek before stepping away reluctantly. Fuuma withdrew simultaneously.

Pain swirling in wide emerald eyes, Subaru moved towards Sorata, clutching Kamui tightly.

Keeping the end of their bargain, Arashi and Sorata dispelled their kekkais at once.

After the two Dragons of Earths disappeared from their view, Subaru collapsed, his knees wobbling. Sorata was by their side in a millisecond. "Bring him to a hospital-" he began.

"No," the vampire interrupted weakly, "J-just bring us to a place we can rest, a place away from prying eyes. Please."

Sorata was reminded that Kamui wasn't human, and nodded. "I'll bring you to Imonoyama Mansion," he offered his hand.

"Thank you," Subaru made an effort to smile. He recognised their saviours, the boy and the girl, as people he'd seen from The Tower group. Praying fervently that Kamui wouldn't freak out once he woke, Subaru followed them as they traversed the city.

The quartet met Yuzuriha a few miles away from the Mansion, flying to opposite directions. She was on her way to where the kekkai was erected, it seemed. Yuzuriha gasped at the sight that welcomed her. "S-sorata-?" she called the older male questioningly.

"Please," The green-eyed boy holding a bruised, wheezing Kamui pleaded, "Hurry."

Arashi and Sorata led the way, the latter passing Yuzuriha an apologetic glance.

They proceeded till the building was within their sight. Subaru and Kamui the Dragons of Heaven were standing at the porch by the ajar door, shoving their feet to their shoes – Subaru seemed like he was having trouble with the boots – when the whirlwind that were their counterparts rushed into the Mansion, covered by grime and blood.

At the sight of the face he no longer saw when he peered into the mirror, the face he used to share with his beloved sister, Subaru stilled. His first impulse had been to call the stranger Hokuto, but a look into those green irises, a graze against a depth of desolation, regret and excruciating agony, Subaru could claim that the visitor was himself, with conviction. Hokuto would never be devoid of liveliness. Hokuto was dead.

For Kamui, the similitude had been too obvious, as though it was slammed to his eyes. Staring at a clone of himself was bizarre to a level that trespasses human comprehension. When the two barged up the stairs to one of the rooms, Kamui followed, filled by curiosity and dread.

Five Seals gathered at the doorway when Subaru the vampire laid Kamui on the bed inside, divesting the other male off his robe, peeling the garment off the skin around the wound carefully. He flinched when his twin jerked. "I'm sorry," he whispered as his nail extended. He stabbed the inside of his left wrist rather thoughtlessly (Yuzuriha closed her eyes and cringed), crimson fluid welling on his fingertip.

As an artist would to a brush and ink, Subaru painted a symbol on the canvas of Kamui's naked torso with his finger and blood, elaborate ancient runes running off at the edges that glowed iridescent viridian, brightening when the caster began to chant.

A bloodcurdling scream tore the still air, filled with pain to a point beyond recognition, as Subaru's palms hovered over the gaping hole. Violet eyes shot open, turning molten gold immediately as their owner thrashed about, legs kicking out, hands flailing. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Subaru would have said if he hadn't been occupied with the mouthy mantra.

It was over as soon as it started. The gaping wound disappeared, unblemished skin on its place, not even a scar remained. Taut limbs drooped, tense strings cut, harsh breathing slowing. Stillness shrouded them like a blanket for several seconds, together with the shadows of the unlighted room, before Kamui the vampire twitched, his hand reaching out blindly. "Subaru…?" his voice was hoarse.

Yuzuriha gasped again as Subaru the onmyouji's suspicion was confirmed. It wasn't as though he was ignorant of Yuuko's job.

"I'm here," Subaru clasped his twin's hand with his own, helping him when he tried to sit up. "Here," he brought his wrist, still dripping with crimson fluid, over to Kamui's lips. "Drink," his tone was one that accepted no repudiations.

Sorata frowned. Now that the species of their visitors was revealed, the monk didn't know whether he should release the breath he had been holding yet.

Kamui turned his head away from the proffered hand. "No," he refused, anyway.

"Kamui," Subaru's voice hardened as Kamui the Seal gasped from the doorway. The boy who shared his appearance also shared his name. Would anyone explain? He'd like to shout.

"Kamui," Subaru tried again as he literally held his injury in front of Kamui's mouth, frowning when the former was recuperating. "You're exhausted, you know it. You would have healed on your own if you weren't so depleted. Now, drink." Subaru's commanding tone sounded foreign to the Dragons of Heaven's ears.

Kamui didn't dare to open his lips. He only turned away even further, pressing his lips to his shoulder.

Subaru sighed. "Kamui," he reached out for his twin's chin and wedged it firmly between his thumb and index. "Please," he held up his wrist only to find that the tissues had been cured completely.

Kamui relaxed, while Subaru was at his wits end. "I will feed you," the latter spoke with such certainty.

There were numerous reactions from the spectators when Subaru kissed Kamui on the lips, coaxing, bordering on slightly forceful, as he pinned the other pureblood to the headboard. Arashi looked away politely, Sorata's eyes bulged, Yuzuriha squeaked and blushed, but the shade of red on her cheeks could not rival the one on Kamui the Seal's face. He was a tomato with hair, hands covering his mouth. 'God, god, god!' his groin was stirred by the voyeur, and he squashed the lust away from his mind, leering at Subaru the onmyouji, analysing the response on his face.

To be honest, Kamui was falling in love with Subaru. It started as mutual apprehension; they were the only ones who could fathom each other's pain, his was the only presence he could tolerate, the one he sought for. It developed to a crush, before burgeoning to an emotion Kamui was entirely unprepared for.

Kamui wasn't expecting much. He was aware that the Sakurazukamori was the only one who mattered to Subaru. Yet, when the older male kept him company, he couldn't extinguish the tiny flame of hope…

Subaru covered his face when Kamui's doppelganger, who started by shoving Subaru the vampire's chest, yielded, arms winding around the other's form, his legs wrapping Subaru's hips and locking behind the small of the latter's spine. The Dragon of Heaven had a vague notion that his Kamui was falling for him, and berated himself for ever leading the boy on. He supposed in other universes, one where he had never met Seishirou, it was possible for them to be lovers.

Kamui the vampire was shocked when Subaru thrust his tongue to his throat, purposely pricking it with his fangs. He struggled when the sweetness of Subaru's blood flooded his cavern, but he couldn't resist it. Subaru was a drug to him, an addiction. His twin's scent and flavour overwhelming his senses, Kamui sucked on Subaru's tongue and moaned.

Subaru's life essence welled in Kamui's mouth and trickled off the side of his lips, streaming down his face and neck, stark contrast of red against pale skin, falling to the sheets below and seeped in. As Kamui was distracted, Subaru fiddled with his tie, wrestling to get his neck exposed. His tongue could only have so much blood. It couldn't satisfy Kamui. With a final tug, he wrenched the material off the pale column of his flesh, placed his hand on both sides of Kamui's face and withdrew.

As expected, Kamui protested, his lips holding on to the muscles that was Subaru's tongue, both males flushed, eyes flashing gold and half-lidded. Subaru managed to separate them, though, and tilted his head back, pushing his neck to Kamui, who nuzzled the offering, lapping on his twin's skin before sinking his fangs.

Subaru whimpered, his face scrunching in pain and pleasure, his toes curling, fingers threading on Kamui's hair and clutching strands slightly. Feeding had this impact on the victim, particularly because they were twins and their souls were bonded, to some extent. As dizziness threatened to overcome him, he squelched the temptation to rub against the warmth of Kamui's body and concentrated on the spell he was planning to weave.

Once Subaru sensed that Kamui had consumed enough, the former protracted a nail surreptitiously behind his brother's artfully messy hair and pierced his wrist again. With the blood, he sketched a symbol above Kamui's shoulder blade.

Kamui's eyes widened when he felt energy thrumming against him, enveloping him in a blinding light. Gasping, his hands held on to Subaru, fingers embedded in the folds of his tattered shirt. "Subaru!"

"You need to hibernate," Subaru caressed his face, cupping it with his palm. "You haven't a slumber for years, darting from one dimension to another. You need the rest, that much is obvious," he spoke soothingly as one would to a child at the brink of throwing a tantrum the size of Tokyo.

Kamui latched on frantically, fighting against the spell to no avail. Subaru was the more capable one at magic. "But, Subaru-"

The emerald-eyed vampire silenced him with a kiss, tender and loving. "I won't leave you," Subaru whispered as his fingers eased Kamui's clenched fists off him, his large emerald eyes brimming with an unnamable emotion. "I will always stay by your side. Always."

Kamui eyed his twin for a moment as the light encompassed him, and the last thing anyone could see of him was a soft smile.

Above the bed stood a spherical structure, surrounded by a soft yellowish glow, supported by numerous tree vines structures appended to the walls and the ceiling. Inside was a shadow of a cocoon the size of a human being.

Subaru dragged himself to the orb and leaned on it. "You're the only one I have left," he stated, a myriad of baggage hanging on the thin thread: loneliness, longing, resolve, before he collapsed to the mattress underneath.