AUTHOR'S NOTES: I doubt anyone noticed, but I had to repetitively change round Introduction, and all three parts of Chapter One. I apologise once more for the two year old mistake, and I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen again! The final installment of Chapter Three.

DISCLAIMER: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is copyrighted to Roald Dahl. 2005 remake is copyrighted to Tim Burton and Warner Bros. The protrayals of Willy Wonka is the combined talent of Johnny Depp, and Blair Dunlop. Zachary Leonhart is copyrighted to me.

Chapter Three: Brotherly Bond: - Part Three

The pair sat in the dark, the curtains deliberately closed so the television was blaring out brightened light with the sound turned up to a moderate level. Between them was a big, class bowl of steaming home-made toffee flavoured pop corn.

Renting out a film was the cheapest option for someone in Willy Wonka's position; he wasn't a renting tenant, but he wasn't in a full time job to keep a lot going. This is why without his qualifications, he wanted to open his dream shop; to express to the world and show off his talents. The only one as of far to appreciate his confectionary is his younger brother.

The film was an old black and white horror movie, where the monsters were as they were made out to be – monsters. No intelligent dialogue, no sob stories, just grunting creatures crawling out of the deep with screaming women. The chocolatier to be wasn't pleased he was enjoying the sexist portrayal, but at least the story line was good.

Violet and sky blue eyes were transfixed on the screen, their lower jaws chewing vigorously on the juicy sweet, when a soft gasp admitted.

Wonka started from the sudden interruption, not expecting it. His eyebrows furrowed when he realised it didn't come from the television or the film, but beside him. He turned his head towards his younger half sibling, and saw a look of complete horror on his face.

The older adolescent swallowed audibly, bracing himself to response as he felt his hand around the carpet where he found the remote control and paused the tape.

'What is it, Zach?'

He blinked in bemusement at the American's reaction, the silhouette in the dark pinching his straight nose in dismay. 'Y'told Mrs. Stevenson that you'll only be having visitation rights and taking me out for the day and returning me at 7'

Perfect teeth beamed against the paused white light of the square screen, as the control was set side, the slender body of Wonka turning so his crossed legs were facing the younger brother.

'That won't happen for long' the British voice promised in the dark. 'I only told her that to pacify her. Want I'm going to do really is so much better than that. You really think I'm going to let you stay in the horrible orphan village? You deserve a home, Zach. With a family member'

'You mean…you're going to…?' Zachary trailed off, as he pushed some of his light brown hair away from his face, the facial expression being one of disbelief. 'You're adopt—'

Willy's eyes widened in surprise, as he quickly shook his head in disagreement. 'No! No, no, no – nothing like that, dear Bo—heh' the confectioner in training stopped himself from using an old fashioned term he had learnt on his travels. 'Nothing like that' he corrected himself.

He raised a fisted hand to his mouth and cleared his throat before leaning forward over the sofa they sat upon so he switched on the table lamp, letting some light in, despite it being day light outside.

'I'm not sure how I'm going to do it, but adoption isn't the way' he frowned, as he considered it himself, tapping his index finger tip onto his closed lips briefly. 'But one way or other, you'll be living with me. Our m-m-mother would have wanted that more than anything…r-right?'

The younger sibling, blinking to adjust to the sudden brightness in the room, rubbing his eyes in the process simply shrugged in uncertainty. 'I…I dunno, Will. She wasn't 'round for that long. Me and De—'it was Zachary's turn to stop himself, shaking his head.

'I was too young to remember what she was like before she got ill, I guess' he corrected himself. He turned to see the older adolescent; Willy Wonka was looking at him in curiousity. He picked up on his younger sibling's reluctance to use a name, but nothing more.

De, what? The confectioner to be found himself wondering, but didn't want to press the issue.

'Can I quickly call my friends?'

'Sure, don't see why not! You know where it is!' a false grin crossed the older male.

In the process he quickly removed the glass the bowl of pop corn to prevent an accidental spill. He observed the younger adolescent hurriedly standing onto his feet to venture into the hallway.

'Just don't be too long!' Wonka reminded him, and nodded once after a muffled response of understanding followed. This left the chocolatier-to-be in a state of wonder, as his eyebrows furrowed.

Wonder who this "De" person is? Or perhaps I'm just being too darn silly? Could have caught his tongue on da—f…Gah!

Willy's train of thought stopped shot due to his own insecurities in thinking about his own father, let alone talking about him. His eyes wider due to his secret glare at nothing, chewing the inside of his mouth desperately.

'Father. Father' he forced himself to get the word out, and heaved a heavy breath out, slumping back into the comfortable material of the sofa, readjusting his legs so one was crossed over one which bent over the side front of the rest.

He turned his attention to the paused video tape, the screen constantly frozen at the scene where this sea "devil" was attacking a woman in the water, the lady only dressed in a bikini top and bottom.

To take his mind off his trailing thoughts, wanting nothing more to avoid another flashback, the adolescent stood from the sofa to have a brief listen into his younger brother's conversation. He was curious to see which friend his brother was going to talk to.