I don't really know where this came from, I was just reading a drabble about them when it hit so i thought i should post and share it. My friends said it was really good. Why not post it? Enjoy!!!

Hitsugaya's Poem:

She's Mine

Men everywhere,

Claim that I'm crazy.

As I complain about,

My Lieutenant so lazy.

She never does paperwork,

All she does is sleep.

Then just to annoy me,

She buries me in a valley so deep.

She always runs off,

Going and getting herself drunk.

And I'm the one who fetches her,

And gets her out of her current funk.

But we become closer,

As time flies by.

I never thought a strong bond,

Could ever form between her and I.

I grow taller,

As the years go by.

One day I catch her,

Looking at me with a glint in her eye.

She is annoying at times,

That's true.

But as I stare at her eyes,

A brilliant blue.

I realize then,

That I'm in love with her.

However it is unrequited,

That's how fate would prefer.

But she proved me wrong,

Like she'll usually do.

And my frozen heart melted,

As she said 'I love you'.

I gladly embrace her,

Inhaling her fragrance so fine.

I'm happy that now,

I can freely call her mine.

Our secret got out,

So now people know.

That we're together,

And all she says is 'go with the flow'.

Yet other men are still,

Staring at her chest.

But she pays no mind,

And says she likes me best.

Still I watch,

As they continue their stare.

Aware of me,

But ignoring without care.

It's pissing me off,

How they dream of her bed.

If they don't stop,

I'm going to freeze them dead.

They better look away,

Before they cross the line.

I think they should just back off,

Because she's mine.

The next chapter is a poem based on Rangiku's POV, just because i liked writing this one so much. Tee hee. The first to review gets a cookie.