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Hyourinmaru and Haineko's Poem:

Masters Of Ours

We are the spirits,

Within our Masters' soul.

We guide and protect them,

That is our role.

We are the literal meaning,

Of fire and ice.

We are like Yin and Yang,

To be precise.

I am Ice,

Cold and steamy.

I am Fire,

Hot and dreamy.

Once upon a time,

We too were alive.

Unfortunately we met,

A fate we could not survive.

So now we take on,

This form of a sword.

We choose who wields us,

On our own accord.

So we chose two souls,

Who suffered a fate like ours.

We feel close to them,

Because they share our scars.

We gave them our names,

They gave us theirs and thus.

Began our journey together,

Where they learned to use us.

We learned to appreciate them,

And they bloomed like flowers.

They became great shinigami

Those masters of ours.

My master is strong,

Though a child he may be.

My Mistress is fun,

Always wild and free.

We are the same,

In personality and mind.

We think alike,

And act in kind.

We are different that's true,

We think and control different things.

Yet we rely on one another,

And watch what the future brings.

I control weather,

And can create any storm.

I control ash,

And can take any form.

He is a dragon,

She is a cat.

We'll always protect our masters,

You can be sure of that.

We are forever bound,

Like light to the stars.

And forever together,

With those masters of ours.

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