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I just hate driving long distances, and with a period, it was even worse. My boyfriend loves his car far too much, I think it's unhealthy. Since Edward didn't slept properly for the past week as he and I were…occupied, I had volunteered to drive part of the journey. Some of you may be thinking, driving to Dartmouth from Los Angeles is ridiculous. Well it is. And we're not going to Dartmouth, because even after selling my beloved Audi [I am not that besotted as Edward is with this freaking Volvo], I still didn't have enough money for the tuition fees of the Ivy League institution. Edward had offered to aid me in my fees, but I vehemently refused. So, he made up an excuse of not wanting to move that far, and so we chose a more affordable option.

Now we were on our way to the University of Seattle. This was actually an advantage to us because coincidentally our parents were moving back to Forks. Charlie got a post as the Chief of Forks, increasing his pay minutely and Carlisle randomly decided to move to work in the small hospital.

Ouch, here come the cramps, again. Stupid Edward and his even supid-er car, what was wrong with using planes?

I took a glimpse at Edward's resting figure and all my anger melted. His seat was reclined and his perfectly sculpted chest was moving up and down steadily. His face was peaceful with is luscious locks of hair tumbling into his eyes. I wanted to run my hand in it, but I would probably end up crashing into the Suburban in front of me. His delicate breathing was the only thing making a sound in the car. I smiled – he looked so perfect in such simple attire; a red and blue checked shirt rolled to his elbows with a plain grey V-neck sleeveless sweater on top, accompanied by plain blue jeans. He really should have been a model.

I chuckled, while reminiscing the time a few weeks ago when poor Edward was attacked by a blonde woman simply insisting he be an Abercrombie and Fitch model, but that wasn't Edward's desired career path. Emmett practically jumped off the lift with happiness, in hopes that he could be offered too. His hopes were crushed when the woman said he was 'too big.' After that incident, Emmett even went on a diet! Even if it was only for 5 hours, that's how disturbing it was for the poor guy. The woman deserved a right slap on the face. I yawned, I had already been driving for over 5 hours and Edward drove for around 2 hours, so we only had around an hour till we got to the campus. I sighed, four years of college life and then we were out on our own – no more pocket money from Renee.

Edward and I would be working together in some hospital saving so many lives and go home at the end of the day to our house. Deep down I knew this wouldn't be an easy journey. People often fell out of love and moved on, but I was determined to make it work. And it would, if it was meant to be. My reverie was halted by a vibration in my pocket. I slowed the car down and slid up the phone to check who texted me. I knew driving and using the phone at the same time was wrong but I was too curious. Like they say, curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought it back.

From: Alice

To: Bella

How long?? I have already unpacked and set up the room. Hurry up, but don't kill yourself!!

I grinned; Alice and Jasper's maniac driving had got them there 2 and a half hours earlier. But, as the daughter of a police chief, it was my duty to obey the law. Even though, by reading the message while driving wasn't exactly legal. Oh well.

They too were heading to Seattle University. Alice and I couldn't bear separation especially since we knew each other in diapers and Jasper couldn't live without Alice. I was so lucky to have such amazing friends, and an extremely gorgeous boyfriend. Emmett and Rosalie, however, decided to ditch us, and went to a college a little up north, but at least, it wasn't too far.

I systematically drove and typed a reply to Alice at the same time – oh they joys of multi tasking. I had finally reached the bard which welcomed us to Seattle. My eyes began to scan the natural scenery around us; it was so green. Luckily, I turned back in time to slam the breaks hard, or else we would have been Edward and Bella flavoured pretzels – yum.

The car jerked forward with a squeak. Oops.

"Aaaahhh! Huh, what, where am I?" A groggy voice came from my left.