This is completely an author's note. Okay, I have received reviews over the past few months telling me how much people hated me ending/thought it was too sad/etc. It's called I lost interest in the story and had no idea how to end it. So, I know I said I was going to make a sequel...but I'm not going to. I will however, rewrite the ending to satisfy the people out there who hate it so much. It will just be a new chapter on this, after this one. So there will be two endings, the original and the rewrite. It will not be posted immediately because I am going on vacation and need to update my other fanfictions first. Thank you to all who read this story and have complimented my writing, I appreciate it. O tell you the truth, I have not watched Ben 10 at all this season. I don't even know how AF ended. That is all, and thanks again. Hopefully the upcoming rewrite will satisfy everyone. And please don't think I was trying to be rude in this, I sincerely was not. Thanks again.