So here's the first installment of the many drabbles I will most likely write. This is also one of the most 'What the heck? I worte this?' inducing ones ever. I own nothing save what I wrote.

Timeless was the moon in the sky, the stars in the heavens.

Timeless was the branches of the Goshinboku scattered throughout the land that brushed the azure.

Timeless was the mountains and oceans and plains that spread beyond sight.

They were not timeless.

Kagura was dead, and he, Sesshoumaru, had fallen deeper into the prison of darkness within his own heart. They were apart, and they would always be, no matter how much they wanted to be together. Even when Sesshoumaru, immortal taiyoukai though he was, traveled to the land of the dead on his final voyage, they might not see each other for evermore.

… But maybe…

Maybe, someday, somewhere, somehow, they could be with each other.