The wind rustled through the trees, and Kagura felt it play with her hair before passing on. She lay on her back on the side of a grassy hill, staring up into the stars. She had started out by trying to pass the time counting them all, but had given up when she had been unable to count any higher. Now, she was trying to assign a wish to each one; each wish being one thing that she would do when she was free of Naraku.

So she lay and counted, naming her wishes. They varied; on one star she would wish for the ability to go down into one of the larger human cities, just to see how they lived, and what they ate. On another, she wished that she would someday see what was beyond she ocean.

However, there was one wish that she did not assign to a star. No, this wish was given to the moon, as it was far more fitting; that she could tell Sesshoumaru of her love for him, and that he would say the same in response.

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