Teetras A new rizing.

One day, joe teh bloke sedz " I AM TEETRAS BLOKE AND I WARE CLOSE!than all the ovar tetriz blocksz came and sed dat the roobix coobs were attacking ther plaze. Soe joe the bloke piked up a wepin from his houz that got born in plaze where u cant see nanner nanner nanner. And a roobix coob tehn eeted a bebee and the bebee sed " NO I WAS CAN BEN EAT!"

Joe the bloke the shot wepin at all the roobix cobs leik BAGN BOMO SHOT PLOOW and they bleeded lots and lots of kolorz . The they ded bebee ed from the ded sed I AM ZOBIE SO I CANZ kALL the RoBOix cuboes TOO

Too be kantinniued.