Steve Racer was Speed and Tricksie Racer's son. One day Steve saw his dad on the tv and said 'I am going to be juts like my dady Speed racer. I want to do the race like him.' He took his robot monkey chimchim 2 and got went into the grage of his house. He saw his scooter, the mach 10(10 becase this in the fuchure and Speeds cars went up to 9) and went oustide. He saw his bully firend, Snake Oiler 2 and Snake Oiler 2 said 'Stve Racer you think you and your scooter and your robot monkey can beat my scooter?' and Steve Racer said 'yeah' and Snake Oiler 2 said 'Not uh, I will beat you in the race.' So Steve Racer had to go to the race so he could beat Snake Oiler 2. When the race began to start first Snake Oilers scoot had rocket jets come out of the wheel at the back of the scooter and went fast like a hidgehog. Steve Racer said 'No! Can't do that snake Oiler 2!' Chimchim 2 said "Ooh Aah!' which means 'No he cant this is the cheat!'

Will Steve Racer race first to Snake Oiler 2? See in the choprter after this.