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01. adduce (all)

(inspired by the dictionary)

Leon never understood Yuffie's constant need for motion. She'd prance around in battle and in the marketplace, randomly doing backflips and spinning neatly on her toes. "You are so boring, Squall," she'd exclaim, placing her hands on her hips, sticking out her tongue. "One day you're just gonna freeze, boom, like a statue, and pigeons will poop all over you."

He'd roll his eyes and mumble something about his name being Leon, not Squall, darn it. And he really doubted there were pigeons, anyway. Yuffie would say, "Well, how do YOU know?" and bounce onto the next person.

Everyone in their broken (getting better?) family reacted differently to her particular brand of energy. Aerith would just smile gently like she always did, giggling a bit and saying something about "less sugar for you." Merlin would usually latch on to part of Yuffie's crazy rambling and launch into a lecture on the subject. Cid would yell "What's an old man gotta do t' get a little peace around here?" but secretly Leon thought he liked being interrupted. Cloud would either ruffle her hair like a big brother or just kind of brush her off like a stranger, because sometimes he had good days and sometimes not so good.

Leon dealt with it the most. Trips on the gummi ship to Olympus Coliseum were absolute torture—it was like trying to put a puppy in a shoebox. Yuffie would walk (well, her walk was almost a dance, really) around the cockpit and generally grate on Leon's nerves. "I'm going to throw you into outer space," he threatened.

"Don't think so, Squallie," she retorted.

Maybe it was her way of coping. Maybe she was related to the Tigger in Merlin's books. Maybe she was just a crazy girl with a crazy boy that did crazy things.

But heck, life was hard. Sometimes, they just needed to bounce.

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