I know it's been awhile...well more than awhile. I lost inspiration to keep on writing but after re-reading my reviews, introducing my cousin to the world of Labyrinth, and promising myself that I wouldn't be one of those writers that doesn't finish their story, despite how bad it is, I got this final chapter out. I don't trust myself writing long stories, so I hope you enjoy this last installation of my story. Pardon my improper sentences and bad grammar/dialogue. I knew I should've waited 2 years.

"And in the end the love you make, is equal to the love you take," Song, The End, courtesy of The Beatles whose songs name each chapter.

15 Years Later

"Mommy, mommy," a boy cried excitedly, running forward with arms outstretched. He was no older than 10 and had a clump of black hair plastered to his forehead due to the hot day it turned out to be.

A woman turned around and relaxed as the boy ran into her arms and hugged her. The boy had inherited many features from his mother starting from his deep green emerald eyes that relished a mischievous twinkle every now and then, and finally to his straight black hair that seemed to spring out at different angles no matter how hard his mother had tried to comb it down.

"What is it honey?" the woman replied, brushing his chaotic hair out of his forest green eyes.

"Daddy said that Uncle Toby was going to come to my party, is it true?" the boy questioned his mother, eyes gleaming expectantly.

Sarah gazed at her little boy who would be turning 10 years old today and smiled at him in content. He reminded her so much of his father whose own blonde hair jutted out in different directions and eyes that lit just as brightly as her son's.

"Of course honey, Toby wouldn't miss this for the world. Now go play along, but come back soon because you don't want to miss your party," Sarah replied, giving her son a kiss on the cheek.

The boy laughed at her ministrations and ran toward the garden, and into the large maze that awaited him inside.

Watching him run away, Sarah couldn't believe he was turning 10 already and pondered again as she did many times before, how it was that she got here to this moment in her life that made her feel so great, and so loved.

It all truly started 15 years ago when she and Jareth went above ground so she could retire early from her job as an actress and say goodbye to her family.

Remaining strong, she told her family that she was quitting her acting career and going on an European vacation with her friend Jareth whom sat beside her the whole time, clad in faded blue jeans and a white shirt ensemble with a brown jacket. His hair was much shorter, but just as poofy. He had to alter his appearance a bit so her parents didn't think he was some oddball that she picked up at a pub.

Her mother smiled knowingly when she introduced Jareth to them while her brother ogled at him in awe, that is until her father stood abruptly and shook Jareth's hand.

Sarah thought at the time that that would be the last she ever saw of her parents, so after going back to Jareth's kingdom, she shut herself in her private room and cried until her throat started to burn from the lack of oxygen going down it.

Jareth started to run after her, however, was stopped by his sister who instead went to talk to Sarah.

As quickly as it had happened, Ella became literally, the sister Sarah never had. She explained calmly to Sarah that of course this wasn't the last time she'd see her family again, and if it was, she would throw her brother headfirst into the bog of eternal stench.

After that problem had been settled and Sarah finally had enough guts to come out of her room, the courting began, or as Jareth so promptly called " the stalking."

In no way was Jareth slow in his approach to Sarah, and never did he turn down an opportunity to show his love for her. Alot of times, without her knowing of course, he followed her in the form of his owl. When she went to visit her friends, who currently resided within the walls of the Labyrinth, a snow white owl could be found perched on a nearby tree, watching intently and studying the girl closely. He'd underestimated her so many times before that he didn't want to be caught off guard again.

When Sarah was around, Jareth showered her with love, making sure it wasn't too much where it would scare her off, but just enough to have her take comfort in the fact that she had him there anytime she needed him, and he always would love her.

For example, one day Sarah was roaming the castle out of sheer curiosity when her footsteps brought her to the familiar double doors that were Jareth's chambers. She was unsure of whether to go in after she failed to hear a reply, but her interest got the better of her so she opened the doors as quietly as she could and gasped silently.

His room, much like hers, had cobblestone like walls, but with the fire reflecting merrily off the walls, it had an extremely cozy comfort to it. She took interest in many things in his room such as a few scattered velvet clad chairs, a mahogany desk littered with quill and parchments, a mirror encased in an ebony exterior which sparkled in what she guessed to be fairy dust, a large wardrobe, and finally, taking up the whole left side of his wall were books. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of books lay on shelves in perfect order. If she'd known that Jareth had a library, despite it being in his room, she'd have been down here more often.

However, as much as his room seemed to impress her, she couldn't keep her eyes from staring at the king, and when she said king, she meant KING sized bed that took up a good portion of the room. The bed looked like it could easily hold 5 people with them all still being able to sleep comfortably.

The sheets were a dark satin red that made Sarah's mind whirl at all of the possibilities that could happen wrapped up underneath those sheets. Even her blush wasn't as red as the sheets with the auric color of the blanket that lay atop the bed.

So busy in her thoughts was Sarah that she didn't notice another presence enter the room, until said person decided to place their slender arms around the still dazed girl.

Nearly having a heart attack, Sarah turned in fright and gave an inaudible squeak at seeing Jareth grinning there like he'd just won a million dollar prize.

"Do you like what you see?" he whispered charmingly, inclining his head toward the bed.

"It looks very...comfortable," Sarah clumsily replied, gazing between Jareth and his bed.

"Mmmmm...it'd be a lot more comfortable if someone else was in it with me," he replied, grazing her lips briefly.

She knew he was trying to seduce her from the way he spoke, but she decided to play along just a little.

"Well I guess...I'll go get Hoggle," Sarah replied cheekily, enjoying the look of horror that came across Jareth's face. She smiled her award winning smile and took off in a run, out of Jareth's bedroom.

Nonetheless, that night and many after that, Sarah got a thorough introduction to his bed and the many ways one may use all the additional space.

And no matter what day it was or the type of mood Sarah was in, Jareth would always tell her he loved her.

It took about 3 months for Sarah to say it back, and 2 years till Jareth could finally take the woman he so desperately loved into marriage.

Throughout that time, Sarah confessed to her parents where she really was with Jareth and how she really met him. They didn't believe her at first until they suddenly and unexpectedly found themselves in the middle of a castle, surrounded by goblins and chickens.

"I knew it," Toby had whispered excitedly to Sarah, as her parents looked over the place in curiosity and shock, not believing that this castle was to become their daughter's new home.

Of course it was hard to handle at first, but with some miraculous luck, her parents came around to accepting the fairytale come true for their daughter and visited her, along with Toby, as much as they could.

Sarah was never happier because she had the two things in her life that she'd always striven to have at the same time. Her family's love and acceptance no matter what her decisions led her to was one of the things that made her a considerably happier person.

And then Jareth, who literally was the love of her life and whose presence seemed to fill that empty void she once had.

There was no need for her to get into how good at love making he was because in all sense, he was like some Greek god that worshipped every inch of her body. She never even felt the need to go back to her old bedroom in the castle for all her belongings shared up space next to Jareth's. Plus, he was very strict on his thoughts that it was a flat out crime to get up so early in the morning, and out of habit from her former acting career, she would do just that. Many times she would get dragged backward into the warm body behind her with a growl, until after awhile, she'd finally learnt to not wake up so early.

When their first son came, Caleb, Sarah finally knew that this was the place she wanted to spend the rest of her life at, in Jareth's waiting arms and waiting home.

Speaking of Jareth's arms, Sarah noted the sudden feeling in her ribcage as two masculine arms wrapped themselves tightly around her.

"What are you thinking about, love?" Jareth purred, placing himself behind his wife. He took her hands in his and kissed each finger gently before nuzzling his face into her soft, black curls.

For a moment, Sarah sat there quietly, as Jareth's breath tickled her ear and then kissed it. She finally broke out a radiant smile and turned her body to face him.

From the look in Sarah's eyes, Jareth didn't need an answer. It was there all around him, all around them both. Something neither were able to explain in words, but through faraway memories and thoughts. It was the notion that once long ago, they met and fell in love, one knowing it the moment it happened, and the other taking awhile to realize it. It was the feel of heartache and the many years they spent away from each other, looking for something to replace that emptiness neither wanted to admit they had. And finally, it was the reuniting of two soul mates and the true happiness, despite the worst of times, they shared. To add it all up, they've always had and found again, real love.

Epilogue :

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Sarah asked cryptically.

Jareth looked up at his wife with eyebrows raised.

"Well, its just that you don't have anything like this in your whole castle. I'm not even sure if this can be done," she continued, staring ahead at the new contraption that now graced the stone wall.

"Don't ever doubt me love. Or need I remind you how I can do things you never dreamed could be done," he suggested, his voice laced with mirth and huskiness.

Sarah blushed to herself and under her breath, murmured, "Alpha male."

"I heard that," Jareth yelled, turning back to the brand new flat screen TV that he was trying to set up on the wall.

After 2 hours and many uses of colorful language that would make reading the dictionary extremely uncomfortable, Jareth finally handed the remote to Sarah and eagerly jumped on the balls of his feet.

This time, she raised an eyebrow but complied with her husband's wishes.

She clicked the Power button and the TV suddenly lit up, showing a boring political debate.

The next thing Sarah knew, she was lying on the bed with Jareth's arm secured around her as he took the remote and started channel surfing.

At each channel, Sarah would explain what was playing and watched in amusement as Jareth's face lit up in fascination or scrunched up in revolt. One channel had Jareth do a mixture of the two emotions and had Sarah blush as the people in the show...well...did stuff to each other.

She tried to explain but was cut off by Jareth flipping the channel.

Looking up at him in relief, Jareth whispered to her, "You can show me what was going on in that show later tonight."

Sarah's blush only increased.

After a few more channels, Jareth suddenly dropped the remote and looked at the TV with a thoughtful expression on his face.

On the current channel, there were males and females who were dressed to perfection, walked down a long carpet, smiling and waving as the cameras took pictures of them.

"I remember this channel," came Jareth's explanation at Sarah's questioning gaze.

She looked back at Jareth and then the screen in confusion.

A man with short, curly blonde hair approached the screen as the reporter stated, "And here comes Matt Howard who's been nominated for 4 awards this evening. A word Matt, if I could."

The man smiled at the camera and the reporter nervously, before nodding his head.

"How does it feel to be here tonight, surrounded by so many stars?"

"I couldn't be any happier. It's been my dream to be an actor since as long as I can remember."

"Any special woman in your life right now?" the woman asked again.

"Anyone that will basically take the time to talk to me is special enough for me," the man replied, visibly relaxing.

"Two final questions, when did you first know that you wanted to pursue a career in acting? And who was your inspiration?" the reporter asked one last time.

Matt looked at the reporter and then into the camera, and with a sudden smile, replied, "When I was 16, I wished my baby brother Eric, away to the Goblin King. If I didn't solve his Labyrinth in 13 hours, my brother would be a goblin forever. However, in a turn of events, the Goblin King caught a former runner of his, and the only person to ever beat the Labyrinth, admit on TV that he was her first and only love, much to the dismay of her asshole boyfriend at the time. After much pacing from the Goblin King, and alot of prayers to god from me, he gave me Eric back and left. I promised then and there that I would watch every movie that had my savior and inspiration in it, Sarah Williams. From then on, it was history. Miss Williams is an incredible actress, and despite her sudden absence from acting many years ago, I have a feeling she is incredibly happy in the arms of the man she's always loved."

Sarah didn't even notice the tears running down her face until Jareth's slender finger gently brushed them away. Of all the years they've been together, Sarah had never even realized that he'd watched her admit that she loved him. And this man, this Matt...she was his inspiration?

Suddenly, a new pool of tears appeared in her eyes and she flung herself into her husband's waiting arms.

"This is just like that chic flick we watched earlier," he mumbled into her hair after a few minutes.

He felt Sarah's laughter against his chest and hugged her tighter.

"I love you so much Jareth," she said, finally looking up at him.

"I love you too Sarah, always have, always will," Jareth replied, closing the distance between them as her lips met his.

The End