A/N: All right! It's time for a holiday tradition, my cracktacular Christmas Fanfic... this one returns from two years from the One Piece section to the section of it's origin... the Anime X-Over section! This story was inspired by last years Christmas fanfic (Straw Hat Critter Christmas) where was a line about a humorous Christmas Special called The Night Santa got Drunk, lo and behold this happened... I heavily considered making this a musical but decided not to the end (though I might keep one Musical Number). Oh and an interesting fact I wanted to have this up today, so much that I wrote this Wednesday and put it up today. Oh and character from the list of anime (see profile) I like will cameo, I stuck a lot of them in the first chapter. Well enjoy.

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Naruto: Is it the Grinch?

Me: No, it's not the Grinch... I will say is that you won't except them... and it's not the villain from last year's Christmas Story.

The Night Santa Got Drunk

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Here Our Story Begins

Anime town is a rather bizarre town where all the anime characters live, it has a mix of modern technology and old fashioned ways… anything can happen in this town or should it be city? Either way, this story is about a thing that happened on Christmas eve which be the greatest for it's citizens!

It was the day before Christmas and everyone was doing last minute shopping… Rukia watched all the shoppers while shopping with Ichigo.

"So this is what Christmas is like in the living world." Said Rukia.

""Why, what's Christmas like the Soul Society?" asked Ichigo.

"All the American Christians who think that if gay, Muslim, get an abortion or just plain not part of their religion go to hell end up going insane… often Soul Repapers have to prevent massacres or murder suicides. It's not pretty! I have always wanted to be in the living world during this time of year… along with everyone else." Said Rukia.

""Oh… that makes sense…" said Ichigo with a big sweat drop, "Okay… I have only the remaining two members of the trinity presents to get."

"Let me guess… we're going to the grocery store?" asked Rukia.

"That's right." Said Ichigo.

And so they went to the Grocery store where they bought tons of ramen ingredients and meat.

"Can't you just buy Naruto new clothes?" asked Rukia.

"Can't, everyone decided that Sakura will be the one this year… if it works." Said Ichigo.

"Makes sense." Said Rukia.

And so they bought the meat and ramen ingredients.

"So Ichigo, shopping for you fellow trinity members?" asked clerk.

"No, I'm just shopping for the meal." Said Ichigo sarcastically.

The clerk laughed… Rukia checked her watch.

"Want to watch the people fight over the turkeys? We have plenty of time." asked Rukia.

Ichigo got some chips and paid for them and they headed to the place where all the turkeys were.

"Let me get this turkey you bitch!" yelled Asuna.

"Let go of my hair!" yelled Ranpha.

"Oh that's it!" yelled Komugi.

"Excel can't breathe!" yelled Excel.

""Get the turkey, they say… there won't be a dog pile or riot." Said Sumire.

"This pile smells funny…" whined Hibari.

"That's it… I'm a kid! I'm leaving!" yelled Doremi.

"All of you get away from that turkey!" yelled Don Patch… in drag.

Ichigo checked his watch, "Well I guess we should be leaving."

They left the store and head back to the Kurosaki clinic, to wrap everyone's gifts and to watch "Big American Christmas Party!"

(Cut Away!)

Rudolf was lying on the ground bleeding.

"Oh my god Rudolf! Who did this to you?" asked Charlie Brown.

"It was the Grinch." said Rudolf in pain.

The Grinch stood in the door and laughed.

"Everyone get your weapons we're going Grinch Hunting." Said Charlie Brown.

"Yeah!" yelled Frosty.

(End of Cut Away)

"These shows get weirder and weirder every year." Said Ichigo.

"Next is the Fox Animation Christmas Special… Peter Griffin and Stan Smith settle their differences with Homer Simpson and they all fight the Grinch and the Giant Chicken together… who is the Grinch anyways?" asked Rukia.

"He started out as a children's book character now he's in everything." Said Ichigo with a shrug.

That's when Yuzu and Karin entered the room arguing.

"I say Santa's real!" said Yuzu.

"Oh come on! Let go of it already." Said Karin.

"But…" said Yuzu.

"Don't make fun of her because she still believes in Santa." Said Rukia.

"Why?" asked Karin.

"Because doesn't it seem like Santa can exists with all the: Aliens, robots, giant monsters, Magical Girls, Pokemon, Mad Scientists, Evil Sprits…" said Rukia.

"Please don't use that list… I don't want to explain why I don't believe in Santa." Said Karin.

"Really... I want to know why." Said Rukia.

That's when music began to play…

"No!" yelled Karin, "I'm not doing a musical number!"

Yeah… I agree, I did consider making this a musical but that music was from during the consideration.

"Oh, okay…" said Karin.

"So that does that mean me, Naruto and Luffy still won't do that musical number?" asked Ichigo.

No, that's the only musical number that's still under consideration.

"Damn it…" muttered Ichigo.

"What did I hear!" yelled Isshin coming into the room.

"I don't belie in Santa." Said Karin.

"What about that time you met him?" asked Isshin.

"That was you." Said Karin.

"How do you know?" asked Isshin.

"Because the beard was made of paper." Said Karin.

Isshin began to cry and run over to the poster of his beloved dead wife.

"Oh Masaki! How can our little girl lose such faith." Cried Isshin.

"Stop talking to the picture!" yelled Karin.

Ichigo sighed, "I'm going to see what Naruto's doing." Said Ichigo with a shrug.

That's when Rukia's cell phone rang.

"What? What! Renji!" yelled Rukia who hung up, "I have to go too… Renji went drinking with some friends and then he got into a bar fight."

That night Ichigo was sleeping peacefully when suddenly there was a crash on his roof. Ichigo up and went into the hall way…

"Okay what's that sound." Said Rukia.

"Ho ho ho!" came a shout from the roof.

"Great! Dad's doing that… I should have known." Said Karin.

"Doing what?" asked Isshin.

That's when there was crash and it sounded like someone fell off the roof.

"My spine!" yelled the person.

The Kurosaki Family (and Rukia) went to the front and saw Santa himself… getting up.

"It's Santa!" Yuzu happily cried.

"See Karin I told you!" said Isshin.

Santa turned towards them and said, "I'm sorry (hic) officer, was I speeding?"

"What?" asked Yuzu.

Karin began to sniff the air, her eye began to twitch, "He's drunk!" she yelled out.

"You… you… have no proof!" welled Santa who once again hiccupped.

"No she's right, I had to deal with a drunk Renji, Ikkaku and Yumichika tonight, and he's drunk." Said Rukia.

That's when Santa finally collapsed.

"At least he didn't vomit." Said Isshin.

That's when he did vomit.

"You just had to say that." Said Ichigo.

We should take him inside." Said Yuzu.

"Why?" asked Karin.

"Because he's Santa." Said Yuzu.

"I think it's a drunk that dressed like Santa… a lot of people dress like Santa this time of year and run about on roofs." Said Karin.

"No, I'm pretty sure that's just Happosai." Said Ichigo.

"What a haul! What a Haul!" yelled Happosai as he did his nightly raid, this time dressed like Santa.

"I say we taken him in!" said Isshin.

"Fine, just don't say I didn't warn you." Said Karin.

And that's how the Christmas Adventure began!

Next Time: The Kurosaki Family discover that's it not only the real Santa... but he's been robbed of his deer and sleigh! Now being forced to by Rukia, Ichigo must call upon certain friends. Will they be able to crack the case... then again he's not working with the bright bulbs there are.