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Chapter 5: All's Well that Ends Well

Santa was about to fly away when he was stopped.

"Um Santa how are we supposed to get home?" asked Naruto.

"Oh… you're sleighs will take you your homes… you may keep them if you want… Oh and you're now obligated to help me if my wife turns me into a Vampire… again" Said Santa.

"What!" yelled all three boys.

"Oh I'm just kidding! Hohoho!" laughed Santa who then saw the angry faces of all three of them.

"Can we have our clothes back at least?" asked Naruto.

"Here…" said Santa reaching into his magic bag and giving them their clothes.

They put up their clothes and left.

The three of them flew through the air.

"So what's everyone going to do when they get home?" asked Naruto.

"Eat." Answered Luffy.

"Maybe watch a Christmas Story over and over again until morning." Said Naruto with a shrug.

"Beg Rukia to erase my memories of tonight." Muttered Ichigo.

"What?" asked Luffy.

"Why?" asked Naruto, "I thought you wanted to go on A Christmas Adventure!"

"I called you guys because I'd know you wouldn't mind…" said Ichigo.

"You know… I think Nami would make you remember." Said Luffy.

"What? Why?" asked Ichigo who then remember, "Oh… right… the whole waking her up thing."

"You screwed your self over." Said Naruto.

"I'm going to try to remember I called you for some reason… and that's it." Said Ichigo.

And so Santa delivered presents to all the good anime characters in town.

Usagi Tsukino got a steel plated alarm clocks so she could never destroy it accidentally after hitting snooze.

Inu-Yasha got a ton of dog treats (no must ever know)

Ranma Satome got a bar of water proof soap and a few instant spring of drowned men

Ash Ketchum got some brand new Poke balls.

Ichigo Momomiya got a stash of cat nip (See Inu-Yasha's).

Zatch Bell got a mountain of yellow tail.

Tenchi Misaki got an invisibility cloak so he could hide from the girls.

Yomiko Readman got a mountain of books.

Digiko got a roll of duck so she could shut up Gemma once in a while.

Tomo Takino got a lot candy (no wonder she's so hyper)

Lum got a shock collar for Ataru.

And so Santa flew back to the North Pole… in preparation so he can thank Naruto, Ichigo and Luffy.

The next morning Ichigo was begging Rukia to do the deed.

"Come on!" yelled Ichigo.

"For the last time no!" yelled Rukia, "You saved Christmas… you should remember that always."

"Oh come on! Make it my Christmas present!" yelled Ichigo.

"I already got you something." Said Rukia.

"Then make it an extra Christmas Present." Said Ichigo.

"No…" muttered Rukia, "And stop asking!"

That's there was a knock on the door. Ichigo answered it and it was Naruto with Sakura, Kakashi, Jiraiya and Sai.

"Merry Christmas!" said all 5.

"What are you doing here?" asked Ichigo.

"Naruto told us what happened last night so we decided to see if Rukia went though with it." Said Sakura.

"You remember what happened last night? Right." Said Naruto.

"Rukia won't let me forget." Said Ichigo.

"Oh… that's good." Said Naruto.

That's when there was another knock at the door… it was a nearly frozen Orihime.

"Can I please use your heater?" asked Orihime.

"You stayed up at the Christmas Tree lot… didn't you?" asked Rukia with a sweat drop.

"It didn't come." Said Orihime.

"You mixed up Santa and the Great Pumpkin." Said Ichigo.

Orihime sweat dropped.

""How did that happen?" asked Jiraiya.

Everyone sweat dropped and shrugged.

That's when there was yet another knock on the door! It was the Straw Hat pirates.

"Let me guess… you want to see if Rukia erased the memories of my Christmas Adventure." Said Ichigo.

"That and I wanted to talk about the bill last night." Said Nami.

Ichigo sweat dropped, "Great… can't you do that… I don't know after Christmas?" asked Ichigo.

"I could… but no…" said Nami.

"Hey! Since everyone's here! Why don't we have a party." Said Yuzu with her eyes sparkling and with a bright smile on her face… it was a look that was impossible to say no to… really it was.

"Sure… okay…" said Ichigo with a sweat drop.

And so everyone had a party, first they gave presents to each other (if they had presents for those one hand).

"Ramen!" cheered Naruto happily.

"Meat!" yelled Luffy.

"Porn!" cheered both Kakashi and Jiraiya.

Everyone sweat dropped at this last one.

"Can we watch it now?" asked Jiraiya.

"This is my house… so no!" yelled Ichigo.

"Oh…" pouted Kakashi and Jiraiya.

"I would have loved to see it too…" pouted Brook.

Ichigo sighed… that's when there was a thump and Santa came down the chimney… which magically appeared (like the Santa Clause… anyone ever seen that movie…)

"Hohoho! How are three doing!" said Santa.

""Holy shit! He's real!" yelled Sai.

""Yes Sai… I'm real." Said Santa.

"See told you." Said Naruto.

"I came here to give you all Christmas cheer." Said Santa taking out his sack and taking out bottle after bottle of booze, "This is my thanks for helping me!"

"No it's not! You're just trying to pawn your booze one us so you can quit!" yelled Naruto and Ichigo.

"Yes, I sure am…" said Santa who laughed then hung his head low.

"I can take some of it." Said Zoro, Jiraiya and an explicable Rangiku.

"Where did you come from!" yelled Ichigo.

Rangiku shrugged… "Just showed up."

Ichigo sighed… a part of him really didn't want to know.

"Look… I really need to get off the stuff… so please take my gift to you." Said Santa.

Luffy pointed to Rangiku, Jiraiya and Zoro who were already dinking his booze.

"I'll take that as a yes then." Said Santa, "Now let's get this part started!"

And so the party was fun and everyone had a Merry Christmas…

Except for Santa who was diagnosed with Liver Disease two week later…

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