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CLOVER: where r u?!?!?!

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Although Sam was tempted to click the "close" button, Sam knew it wouldn't do her any good to let Clover in the dust.

(Reply) Click.i

SAM: not at home, obviously.

(Send) (Discard)

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Sam sighed, knowing that answer would not keep Clover away for long but she didn't care. Tonight was not about Clover; it was about her and Tim.

She quickly scanned her list of contacts before pressing the call button when she was on Tim's name. Biting her lip Sam put the phone on speaker before letting it rest on her lap while she drove her car through the darkening streets of Beverly Hills.

"Hey", she heard him say, and she quickly responded.

"Hey… where are you?"

He chuckled, and Sam couldn't help but realize how her stomach melted into a puddle of goo when he laughed.

"I'm not supposed to tell you."

She rolled her eyes, wishing she could really meet him but …

Couldn't they?

"Do you want to meet up?" she asked, making sure not to make her voice too hopeful. She didn't want to sound desperate or anything…

"I would love to…" Oh my god! "…But that defies the purpose of the mock date."

Dammit Tim! She thought in her head but couldn't really blame him. They did agree to do this… especially because Clover was on her case tonight.

She pressed the brake pedal when coming near a red light, and when her car stopped she looked down at her phone and realized that Clover had sent her another text message.


Looking up and realizing that the light hadn't changed yet, (darn it, this light never changed…) she decided to quickly glance at the message.

"Let me call you back Tim."


(End Call) (Options)

(End Call) Click.

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Clover: no shit rly? Where r u?

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Crap… Sam thought when she read the message. But as she went to reply the light turned green and Sam sighed and drove farther from her house, away from Clover and her prying eyes.


Sam sighed when she realized she had to get rid of Clover before trying to enjoy some time with Tim. She pulled her car over and parked it before looking back at her phone.

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Clover: ANDim all alone in the house now! Ugh… and my comp broke, mind if I use urs?

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In a panic Sam quickly responded.

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Sam: no u cannot use my comp. and im at the library, I'll come home later

Sam sighed, her head slumping forward, her forehead resting on the cool grip of the steering wheel. She was hoping that Clover would listen to her but her gut told her otherwise.


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Clover: then what am I supposed 2 do???

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Sam bit her lip in a sad attempt to control her anger but to be fair to herself it wasn't working. The need to bash Clover's head through a wall was growing at an increasing rate.

Instead of replying, knowing it would only add to her annoyance, Sam scrolled through her contacts and was about to press Tim's name when another call stopped her.


Mom (Ignore) (Answer)

(Answer) Click.

"Hey mom", Sam said, pushing her annoyance down a bit so that she didn't seem annoyed at her mother.

"Hi Sammie, how are you doing?"

"I'm doing great", she said, using her right hand to run her hand along the steering wheel. "Is everything okay?"

"Yea; just wanted to tell you your Uncle Jerry is back in town."

"That's great!"

"Just drop by later on and say hello all right? Your father and I visited him already and told him you would visit either tonight or tomorrow, since he's leaving on Friday for a business conference."

Sam nodded despite her mother not being able to see her. "Sure I'll try."

"Thank you dear. Now, how is school going?"

"Great", Sam said, staring her car up again, knowing Clover had ruined her night and she refused to let her ruin it any longer. "Can I call you later mom? I'm driving."

"Oh sure honey. I love you dear."

"Me too mom. Bye."

Sam sighed and realized that she had left Tim hanging.


TO: Tim

Sam: sry about hanging up. Clover started bugging me and then my mom called to tell me about visiting my uncle jerry (which ugh, means I have to visit lame old uncle terrance who is not as nice as jerry lol). SAVE ME! Jk

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Moments later she got a reply


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Tim: … You don't by any chance mean Terrance and Jerry Lewis, do you?

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Sam: yea how do u know them?

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Tim: lol don't worry. It's a long storyBy the way, on this mock date of ours, we have to text each other. That way if we're at the same place, our identities wouldn't be obvious. Stupid, I know, but it's part of the rules darling :P

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Sam rolled her eyes. Rules? She was sure he had made this up on the top of his head but complied anyway.

Hm… but it was interesting he knew her uncles…

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Sam: lol whatever u say. Have u reached ur destination yet?

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Sam looked out her side view mirror for any cars before steering out of her parking space. She drove to a fancy restaurant, the Cheateau Briand. Even though she would never force any guy (especially Tim) to pay for a dinner night there, it was nice to imagine.

After all, she was supposed to be on a date tonight, mock date or not, so she might as well enjoy it.

Temptation was hard to resist.

It was one of the few things she was thinking as she leisurely made her way to her room, boredom occupying the recesses of her mind, drowning her in a sea of monotony. She sighed, glancing up at Sam's room when she passed it, and her mind flickered back to Sam's text, telling her that she wasn't allowed to use her computer.

What was with her? Clover thought as she walked by the room at a slow pace, only to walk backwards at the same rate, stopping at Sam's room. She didn't have to throw a hissy fit over using a computer; what was the big deal?

Unless… Clover's lips curled up into a smirk.

Sam must be hiding something, after all, Sam let her use her laptop before, so why not now?

Giving into temptation's cunning ways, Clover put her hand on Sam's doorknob, resting it on the cool brass before opening the door, walking into Sam's room.

The guilt was starting to seep through her pores—Sam trusted her! She shouldn't be sneaking into her room like this…

But then the temptation grew stronger when Clover's blue eyes landed on Sam's open laptop.

Open. As in, not password protected… and to be fair, Sam was leaving the opportunity of using her computer open to her because she left it on…

The fact that it was in Sam's room, a place where one would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, was ignored by Clover's almost guilty subconscious.

Running to the bed and jumping onto the mattress, Clover quickly began typing away, checking her Facebook, then her AIM and then her email. Minutes passed by as she chatted away with Jason, a guy from school, until boredom hit her again.

She sighed. What to do, what to do… There was nothing to do online these days, and to be honest she preferred shopping in person than online, but what else could she do online—

Her eyes widened as she remembered a familiar website she had been bugging Sam about lately.

Her fingers swiftly and nimbly typed away at the keyboard into the space provided next to the URL.

URL: matchmaker101 . com

Clover's smirk widened when she saw that the site had been saved as a favorite.

WELCOME to matchmaker101 . com! At matchmaker101, we give 100 percent to help you find your one true love!

LOGIN: Username: simplesammy Password: *******(Sign In)



I am a: (Choose Option) - Man Seeking A Woman, Woman Seeking A Man, Man Seeking a Man, Woman Seeking a Woman


Date of Birth:

From: (Choose County From List)



Reenter Password:


Reenter Email:



Should I… Clover thought, her mouse resting over the words "Sign In", knowing that once she clicked it, there was no going back.

But I'm already so far in…

Clover bit her lip, knowing that there would be heavy consequences if Sam ever found out…

But Sam shouldn't be hiding anything from her on this site anyway! She had helped her make this account in the first place! And since Sam wasn't doing any talking, maybe it was time to take things into her own hands.

(Sign In) Click.

WELCOME simplesammy!


simplesammy (03:20:02): lol I don't understand y we cant go on a real date.
(03:20:34): You're the one who thinks your friend will stalk us.
simplesammy (03:20:40):
u mean clover?
simplesammy (03:20:49):
i had to tell her about u
simplesammy (03:20:52):
but she knows nothing else
simplesammy (03:20:58):
esp not that we're meeting lol
SadistAtHeart (03:21:09):
My, my, you're a little manipulator aren't you?
simplesammy (03:21:14):
oh shut up lol
SadistAtHeart (05:19:02)
Offline: Call me when you leave.

Who is this? Clover thought, trying to stop the anger from bubbling in her mind. And how dare Sam not tell me about him!

Angrily Clover clicked on the link to go to "SadistAtHeart's" profile, wondering why Sam would even go out with someone whose profile name had the word "sadist" in it.

Obviously Sam didn't know how to pick a good guy if she was going around picking sadists—

Name: SadistAtHeart
Age: 22
Sexual Preferences: Man looking for a woman
Photo Gallery: (Click here for photo gallery)
About Me:
Find out for yourself.
Status: Single
Studying: Weapon Technology

Clover rolled her eyes when she saw the occupation he was studying; of course Sam would pick a geek to go out with.

(Click here for photo gallery) Click.

But when she saw the pictures, her jaw dropped.

Oh my God… He's hot!

Saying he was hot didn't describe how gorgeous he really was. Wow! Sam was going out with him? Lucky girl…

Of course, the fact that Sam hid him from her didn't go unnoticed. When she got home… she had some explaining to do.


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Tim: I've reached my destination. How about you?

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Sam smiled when he responded. The rest of the night had been going well; Clover had stopped bothering her, her mom hadn't called and she was sitting in her car, talking with Tim, which was really all she didn't mind doing on a date with him.

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Sam: I have. I'm at the Chaeteau Briand. You?

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Moments later she had received another message.


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Tim: I like a girl who has good tastes. I'm at Bistro Don Giovanni. Gorgeous place; will take you there one day.

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Sam: Thank you; you have good tastes as well.

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Tim: You and I would dine here, order a wine of your choice, lovingly gaze into each other's eyes… Just kidding darling :P

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She rolled her eyes at his response but smiled anyway, knowing he was just joking. In her heart she knew he knew how to have a great time, knew how to treat a girl, knew how to treat her just right.

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Sam: ha ha ha ur such a joker. What next? A walk along the beach, lovingly holding each other's hand? Or perhaps a long drive, just the two of us, and no one else? lolll

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Tim: I love how easy it is to get information out of you. Now, thanks to you, I know that your dream is to hold hands with me and be alone with me.

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Sam: how is it that everythinggg I say ends up being twisted by you in some way?

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Tim: You're the one who walked into it.

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Sam reflected on the night, realizing that she had spent the whole night texting…

But she wasn't bored. All right maybe she needed a life but she didn't mind texting all night, especially to Tim.

Her lips curled up into a sad smile when she realized that the night was over, once Tim sent her the text saying it was getting late (she looked up at the clock and gasped when it was nine; she had left her house at seven), and he didn't want her driving out alone at night.

He's a sweetheart, she thought, texting him goodbye and starting her car again. She was about to go home when she realized that she should probably stop to say hi to Jerry since she was out anyway.

When she reached her uncle's neighborhood, she parked in front of their house and got out of her car—

When suddenly an eerie feeling passed through her.

Sam looked around the neighborhood; the night was cool and crisp but nothing seemed out of place… So why couldn't was she getting this feeling of dread?

Knowing she didn't know anything about the situation, Sam decided to not worry about it but stayed wary in case anything was wrong.

She walked up the path, across the freshly cut lawn and the little garden gnomes, and raised a fist to knock on their front door.

Her fist rapped against the door but no one answered.

She knocked again, and still no one came to the door.

Sam raised an eyebrow and took out her phone to call Jerry, and rested her hand against the doorframe, her hand inches above the doorknob. Jerry didn't answer but she heard his phone through the door. Well, he was inside, but why wasn't he picking up?

The bathroom maybe? Curiously Sam turned the knob to see if she had any luck when the knob turned all the way, leaving the door to open and revealing a dim and empty looking house.

"Hello?" Sam called out when she entered inside into the darkness, her hand running across the wall, fumbling for a light switch.

Once she found the switch light bathed the room and Sam blinked a few times, adjusting to the new setting. "Uncle Jerry? It's Sam."

Sam sighed, realizing that Jerry (and luckily for her, Terrance) were not here. She poked her head through the living room and gasped at the sight, a scream erupting from her throat.

Because there lied the mangled, bloody bodies, of her two uncles.

Shock numbed her mind, sending her senses down in a spiral, and it took her minutes before she actually was able to get a hold of her phone and type "9 1 1" with her shaking fingers.

"911, what's your emergency?"

"Uh, um I-I'm Sam—Samantha Simpson. I'm at", she gulped, her eyes never leaving her poor Uncle's Jerry brutally stabbed body, blood constantly pouring out of his now dead flesh, "87 Thompson Street. M-my uncles have been murdered", she managed to say, her words stumbling over each other, her tears choking each word that came out of her mouth.

"Help will be there immediately miss. Do not touch anything…" but her words were faded in Sam's mind, the image of Jerry's and Terrance's rippled, mangled bodies burned into her mind.

She ended the call, trying to keep her body up so it didn't slump against the wall. Her uncles had been murdered… but how? Who would do this to them?

Tim… she thought, his name bringing her immediate comfort. He'll know what to do.

She called him quickly, pressing the phone to her ear, desperately hoping he would pick up.

"Hey Sam."

"Tim!" she shouted in joy, turning around so she didn't have to see the dead bodies of her loving (and one of them not so loving) uncles. "Tim… my uncles; t-they've been murdered."

"What?" he asked concerned. "Where are you?"

"I'm in their house", she said, the sobs starting once again, the words falling from her lips like a waterfall. "I was supposed to visit and say hi and then I came in here and no one opened the door and but it was open and I went in and then—", she said rapidly, not taking a break to breathe.

"Sam, stop. Calm down. I'll be right there. What's the address?"

She took a deep breath, "87 Thompson Street."

"Darling you're lucky. That's nearby where I am. I'll be right there Sam. Don't move okay?"

"Okay…", she said softly.

"Do you want me to stay on the line?"

"Um", she looked outside, the police cars pulling up to Jerry's street. "The police are here. They probably want me to talk to them—"

"Sam listen to me", he said in a more serious tone than before, "I know you didn't commit any murder, but the police will suspect you since you reported the crime. Don't let them suspect you, do you understand?"

Sam felt the tears fall on her face. She knew of the justice system and how the police investigations worked; even though she didn't do anything she would be the number one suspect anyway.

How did this night take a turn for the worst?

She gulped before nodding, "Okay", she said in a whisper.

"I'll be right there darling."

With that they hung up, and Sam walked towards the officers, her face tear-stricken and half of her mind still in shock.

"Miss, are you Samantha Simpson?"

Sam nodded, her breath shaky. Nothing felt right; the world was crumbling around her. The air was pressing tight against her skin, constricting her breath like a python wrapping around her neck tightly, forcing the air out of her lungs and trapping her in a mindless trance.

"How old are you?"

"… 19", she said in a trance like state. Another officer went inside to inspect the scene of the crime, while a few other officers were preserving the area by yellow "POLICE DO NOT CROSS" tape around the perimeter.

"Do you know who the deceased are?"

I wish I didn't know them… That way it wouldn't hurt so much.

But she only nodded again, "Jerry and Terrance Lewis. They are… were my uncles."

Sam looked at the neighborhood, wishing Tim would come already. Neighbors were gathered behind the tape, wondering what was going on, their mouths moving but Sam didn't hear (didn't want to hear…) any of them.

"Miss Simpson?"

She looked back at the officer, apologizing for being distant.

"When did you find the deceased?"

The deceased. Because that's what they are Sam. Dead.

"Just now."

Sam heard a few more cars pull up and when she did she looked up frantically, a smile breaking out when she saw a man coming out of a black car. She squinted her eyes and recognized him as Tim! He looked around and found her, sending her a small smile to know he was here.

"Do you have an alibi miss?"

The officer's words brought her out of her thoughts, and she froze, remembering Tim's words, remembering that she couldn't let them suspect her.

But the only way out of this was a solid alibi… and she didn't have one! Sure she spent the night out and texting Tim, but that wasn't proof enough for the police… oh no, oh no, oh no!

How did this night turn horribly wrong?


Sam gulped and looked up at the officer. An alibi… What could I use—

She glanced at Tim.

Tim… he'd vouch for her wouldn't he?"

He was talking to a female officer, pointing at her and explaining something, and in seconds he was allowed to cross the tape and go by her side.

"Hey…" he said in a smooth voice, concerned for her well being. When his arms wrapped around her she fell into his grasp, all the night's events taking its toll on her. She let him wrap his arms around her, holding her close to him.

"Excuse me, who are you?" the officer asked Tim, and he turned around and extended his hand for the officer to shake.

"Tim Scam; I'm Sam's boyfriend."

Boyfriend? She thought when she heard this, but figured it was probably because explaining their background of how they started to date would be too troublesome to explain to the officer.

"Sam was with me the whole night officer", she heard him say to the officer, she still being bundled up in his arms, "We were on a date when Sam's mom called her to tell her to visit her uncle Jerry who came back from town. But at that time we separated… which I see now was a mistake… and then Sam came here. You know the rest."

The officer nodded, content with the alibi Tim had provided for both of them. Although the officers had more questions, Tim explained to him that Sam was in no state of mind to answer his questions, which the officer complied with, soon leaving the two of them alone.

"Sam?" Tim asked quietly, looking down at the redhead jumbled up in his arms. She looked up at him, eyes teary and red, and he kissed her forehead before whispering helpful words of concern.

The night had taken a turn for the worst, Sam realized, but it didn't mean much now that Tim was here.


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