Blitz shot out of his base in one of his jets

"Ha I escaped!" Blitz said triumphantly "I bet those fools are being shot down like the dogs they that was corny joke,"

Just then Blitz felt his jet shake a bit and the sound of an explosion

"What!?" Blitz said. He turned his head to see another jet following him

"" Blitz said

The sound of another explosion was heard and Blitz felt his jet going down

"Eject!" Blitz yelled as he pressed the ejector button of his jet causing him to shoot out like a buttlet just seconds before his jet exploded

Blitz landed on the soft sand of the Egyptan dessert below, only to see the other jet land and the Road Rovers plus Fang come out of it

"No! Stay back, Stay back!" Blitz said holding a pistol. Only to have it frozen to his hand thanks to Exile

"Give up Blitz," Colleen said

"Ya weird boy time to get your back hits," Exile said

"Spankings," Fang said correcting him

"I'll never surrender!" Blitz said as he began to run away, only to be stop by Hunter and his super speed

"See it's not a useless power after all," Hunter said

"Fang help me! Please!" Blitz begged

Fang shook his head

"Fine I'll just destroy you myself!" Blitz said going berserk and opening his claws (with his unfrozen hand) and began to attack

He swung at Hunter, but thanks to his speed he missed. Then Blitz tried for Fang, direct hit. Blitz managed to strike him in the side then bit his butt

"Ah!" Fang screamed in pain

Shag pulled a net out of his fur and threw it at Blitz, only to have it cut up by Blitz's claws. Exile tried to blast him with his eyes but missed and got cut up a bit.

Colleen then tried to skeek up on him and karate chop him, but Blitz saw her and put a big cut on her face, missing her left eye by just a few centimeters.

"Gyah!" Colleen screamed

"Now I'm going to finish you..." Blitz stopped his sentence when he noticed something. Colleen was crying. Crying because he hurt her. He hurt the one he loved

"Colleen...What have I done? I-I just..." Blitz studdered

Colleen sobbed a bit more, blood dripping from her face along with her tears

Blitz felt all the guilt of what he had done, all the pain he had caused eveyone around him

"Colleen I..." Blitz began but stopped. He knew no matter what he did now he couldn't make it better. He couldn't bring Muzzle and Master back, he couldn't undo the rape, he couldn't bring all of his minons back to their owners.

"Someone like myself dosen't deserve to live," Blitz said as he broke his iced hand thus freeing his pistol, and pointed it to his head

"Goodbye Hunter, take good care of her," Blitz said as he pulled the trigger and killed himself

"Blitz!" Hunter screamed and then began to cry along with Colleen. All the other

A few days went by and the Road Rovers were continuing to rebuild their headquarters, along with their new friends Fang and Wolfy

Has anyone seen Colleen? I need her to help me move some of this rubble," Hunter said while working on rebuilding

"She's went to the bathroom," Wolfy said

Just then everyone heard Colleen screaming in fear, with tears in her eyes

"Colleen what's wrong?" Hunter asked

"This," Colleen said as she held up a pregnacy test

"I'm going to have Blitz puppies," she said

Perhaps this time the Road Rovers wouldn't make the same mistake they made with their first domberman

The End