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POV: Mhera 1st Person

Golden Conversation

Chapter One: All-Nighters

I stood in the kitchen doing the previous night's dishes with my engagement ring hanging on a silver chain alongside the first ring my fiancée gave me, rather than resting on my right ring finger. I sighed, setting the last dish on the rack to dry. My eyes began to shift around the room, looking for something that needed to be done; it was both a positive and negative quality, I was never too keen on being idle. I was certain I got this from my father.

I heard a loud banging from upstairs; whatever my father was doing was aggravating him more than it needed to. I debated whether or not to go upstairs and see what was causing the uproar, but after several consecutive bangs from the floor above, I quietly ascended the stairs. The banging was coming from my father's office I stepped forward, and leaned against the wall to wait.

Apparently I was heard, as I soon heard the executive chair slide away from the desk. The door opened and I shook my head. I knew my father had pulled yet another all-nighter; both the dark circles under his eyes and his drawn face proved it. I could understand why he would have pulled one ten years ago, but now… it seemed odd. I knew only one or two things that would keep him up all night, and since I was nowhere near the mortal danger I had been in years past, I could only think of one thing that would keep my father up at night.

The night I met Sheonel Yagasawi, due to a letter's odd request, I was placed in a room within the lower corridors. One of the first things I did, other than mope for a lost family heirloom, was go through all the drawers in the desk.. I found something that, even fifteen years later, my father never knew I discovered. It was a well-drawn sketch of my mother; thoughts of her were the only other thing that would keep my father awake. His soft voice gently derailed my train of thought.

"Why are you here, Mheralo?" He eyed me wearily.

"I heard the noise you were making up here." I answered cautiously. If all my years of dealing with my father has taught me anything, there were two. One, to answer truthfully, and two: to watch myself if I knew I was treading on thin ice. I would need to use both if I wasn't careful. "You were up all night." I stated almost too bluntly, as I was soon frozen in his gaze.

"Why should that matter to you, Mheralo?" My father's eyes easily got an answer out of me.

"I know of only one or two things that make you do this. Even if I eliminate those, one thing is clear. You have something on your mind. Tell me…" That last statement got me nowhere… my father was so fickle on what he would tell me without incentive. He just stared at me, silent as ever. It was going to be harder than I thought. He then spoke this line as if it were part of a script he memorized.

"How about we do this over a coffee…Mheralo." He suggested quietly.

I only nodded in agreement, stepping down the stairs in response.

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