Ok, this was a long time in coming. I felt that Jailhouse Rock needed a second part, but for a long time I couldnt think of anything. Then I got a copy of Blues Brothers Private and this came of it. Thanks to Sora M. Jigen and Jo Pierce for Beta reading.

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Elwood stopped playing and looked out at the crowd. Jake had gotten his wish alright; the only word to describe the crowd was riotous. People were hanging off the underside of the catwalk where the guards stood. They were dancing on the tables, climbing the beams in the center of the room, and several were shouting obscenities at the armed guards. It was trouble just waiting to happen.

He noticed several more officers running into the room, each of them armed with standard ani-riot equipment, and it looked like at least one of them had some tear gas. Elwood's gaze fell on another guard who was on the phone. He could only be calling for even more reinforcements.

The band had stopped playing several minutes ago when the song ended. They were waiting to see how things played out. Each of them stood on the stage attempting to keep a low profile, not wanting to be singled out for the source of the chaos. Jake on the other hand, had not had enough. Turning around he signaled the band to start another song.

Nobody wanted to play anymore. They were going to be in enough trouble as it was. But then again, if you were going to be punished anyway, you may as well go out in style. Nodding the musicians settled their instroments in preparation for playing.

Steve looked over at Jake, "What song?"

Jake was openly surprised that nobody knew what song they should play next. Nobody but Elwood. He busied himself putting his harp back in the small leather case that it had been handed to him in and checking his microphone in preparation for singing. The small leather harp case was stuffed deep into his pocket; there was no way he was losing it so soon after getting it back. Personally he had been hoping for early parole, but there didn't seem to be much chance of that with recent events.

Jake was beginning another rant, "What song, he says! Think about it, what song would we play in the middle of a riot? Rubber Biscuit? No, Riot."

Duck was losing patience with Jake's games, "We know it's a riot, what we want to know is what song?"

Elwood hid a smirk, "Uh, guys, the song is Riot, Riot in Cell block Number 9."

They all looked at each-other; there was no way that this could possibly end well. But then again, when did things ever end well where the two brothers were involved?

The riot was really picking up speed. It seemed that a few inmates had gotten brave and were attacking the guards; they were using chairs and stools as weapons.

Oh man, thought Elwood. "Jake, you better start the song and quick!"

The band started into the first bars of Riot, Elwood cleared his throat and Jake kept an eye on the crowd rather than dancing or participating.

It was December the sixth 1983
I was doin' time for armed robbery…

Jake was listening to the song more than he was watching like he was supposed to. Out of reflex he reached into his jacket pocket for a light, and was surprised to find one there. Sitting down on the steps he lit it up and took a drag.

"How ironic", he thought, "that this whole stupid thing started with me getting out for armed robbery."

Some guy from the crowd, it looked like that damned ball player, had gotten himself thrown onto the stage. Jake glared at him. Nobody was getting on this stage. He grabbed him by the back of the collar and pulled him off.

"Not so fast pal, band members only!" He growled. Then Jake gave the man a good shove which sent him tumbling off the stage and onto one of the tables. He man was unable to stop himself and he fell off the other side and into somebody else. As Jake watched a smirk played across his features, there was nothing like a good riot to brighten your day.

Our warden said Come out with your hands up in the air
If you don't stop this riot you're all gonna get the chair
And Scarface Jones said It's too late to quit
Pass the dynamite, don't you give me any shit

Elwood glanced down at his brother. Shit if Jake didn't look depressed. Elwood felt like he had let him down. After all, they had been on a mission from God, they shouldn't have gotten caught, he should have paid better attention, should have stopped at the damned light!

The two officers who had been following them around for the past couple of days had moved from their previous positions on either side of the band. One of them was hiding behind Willie's riser, and the other one was lost somewhere in the crowd. When Willie spotted the young man back there however he quickly threw him out.

"Get outta there dammit! You makin' the other cops look bad!" Without missing a beat he literally kicked him out and into the fray.

There's a riot going on
There's a riot going on
There's a riot going on
Up in cell block number nine

When the chorus came up for the second time Elwood nudged Jake with his foot in an attempt to get him to join in on the song. It wasn't good to let him just sit around and think for too long. His ideas generally ended up like their present situation. Jake glared at his brother for a moment for kicking him and then he shrugged in resignation and added his voice to the melody.

The cop who had been behind the riser was timidly moving through the crowd in search of his partner. It was hard to tell what was going on. Some inmates were dancing to the music, some were in a fight with the guards, and some were fighting each-other. It was a free-for-all. And the band was the heart of it.

On the 47th hour the nerve gas got our men
We're all back in our cells but every now and then

About ten cops had realized that the riot was all the band's fault, and they were going to remove the problem. Elwood's eyes widened behind his shades and he almost stopped singing. The movement from Elwood caught Jake's attention, he looked out over the heads of the dancing, heaving crowd and noticed the reason. He stood up and placed himself in front of his younger brother, while at the same time waving at him to continue.

Several other prisoners had also seen the new action being taken by the guards. About twenty of them moved to intervene. They grabbed bats that were taken from other officers, and a new fight started right in front of the stage. Jake nimbly jumped up out of the way and started shouting at them.

"Get away from the stage you assholes! Get the guards away from the stage!"

Dutifully the inmates did as he asked, maybe a little too roughly, but it got the job done.

There's a riot going on

The young guard found his partner, the inmates had him tied and gagged in a corner. They said that he would be released after a new and better sound system was put in for the band. Of course the cops were not at all happy with the demands and flatly refused to install a new sound system, they didn't want the band to play ever again if it was always going to be like this. As a matter of fact they didn't want the band to ever play again period. That guy from the record company could just find himself a new group for all they cared.

There's a riot going on
There's a riot going on
Up in cellblock number nine
Up in cellblock number nine
Up in cellblock number nine

Elwood and the band allowed the last notes of the song to slowly fade away. They hoped that maybe the crowd would calm down when they realized that they were no longer playing.

No such luck. It was now a riot beyond anyone's control. The long meal tables were overturned; food was on the floor, the walls, people, even the stage. The pots in the back of the mess hall had somehow found their way to the front, and so had the rest of the meal.

Some of the inmates had forced open the doors leading out of the cafeteria; the riot was now heading in that direction.

As the cafeteria emptied of people Elwood sat down on the edge of the stage, mentally and physicaly exhausted. If the Nazis were to show up, he wouldn't care. With a sigh he reached into his own pocket for a light, finding none he held out his hand for one of Jake's.

"Sorry, no more."

"Shit. Anyway, you happy now? You got our stuff, we got to play, and you got your riot. You happy?" Stupid question, he knew Jake wasn't happy, he had seen the way he sat on the steps instead of dancing or signing. Who could be happy when they were in the joint? And even worse, who could be happy when they were back in the joint after just getting out eleven days ago. Eleven days, damn.

None of the band had moved from their spots on the stage, just in case they were called on to do another number. Instead they slumped down against the wall, each of them also spent after that wild ride of a gig.

Most of the riot had moved down the hall and out into the yard, or the rest of the cell blocks. Presently they heard shouting, and more people came rushing in. It seemed that someone had gotten a hold of the keys.

"Oh no, here we go again." Jake stood up, "Look you guys are going to wrong way, the rest of the riots outside." He pointed the way to get it across that the men better leave because the band was not going to play again while there was a chance of someone getting hurt from the riot.

In answer the men started screaming for a show, for a fight, for anything really. They felt robbed that they had been locked away in their cells when the show had been going and the riot started. Of course there was a reason for that. Only the well behaved had been allowed out

Mr. Fabulous looked at Matt, he raised his eyebrows at him over his dark shades. "Wasn't it you that said you always loved performing in front of angry mobs? Next time you better be more careful what you wish for!"

Since the band hadn't started playing several of the men were advancing on the stage. They were not as tall as Elwood but they outweighed even Jake by at least fifty pounds. Elwood scurried back several steps to protect his precious harp that was still in his pocket.

At the same time several National Guardsmen burst in through the door and leveled their guns at the two groups. They were all decked out in crowd control equipment and they meant business. They were trained soldiers and were not happy at being called out to control as mere riot, it was beneath them.

The band, including the brothers threw their hands up, Elwood had one hand up and the other was in his pocket. One of the guards noticed and shouted for him to put both hands up, while at the same time the man moved to the stage and removed the offending harmonica. He kept his weapon leveled at Elwood's chest, just daring him to try anything. The man must have been bored and was just proving how tough he was, but Elwood wasn't going to push him.

The prisoners, having no wish to return to their cells rushed the Guardsmen. They turned around and yelled at the tops of their lungs. They used their bats and other primitive tools to attack the guardsmen.

They were beaten back with the rifle butts, but kept coming. The guardsmen had been ordred not to fire on the inmates unless it was absolutely nessesrary. They did not want to kill the men and were so pushed out the large double doors and that fight also carried out into the yard.

A few guardsmen , only five or so, hung back to keep an eye on the group. There was no point in throwing them back into their respective cells until the keys were recovered.

Slowly over a period of five hours the jail returned to normal. It wasn't until about three units of Guardsmen showed up that they were able to maintain some level of control. Of course there were those prisoners that were bribed into helping. All someone had to do was drop the hint of early release and they were bending over backwards to help.

And the jail had of course given in to the demands of new and better sounds system for the band, not that it was likely they were ever going to perform again after what had happened, at least not for a long time anyway.

All the instruments were confiscated, even the harmonica. Jake couldn't say he was too sorry to see it go, he would have had to listen to Elwood play it all day for the next few years instead of talking. After everyone was safely back in their cells the officers tested the doors to be sure they were locked. Then a pair of guards walked up and down the aisles to be sure everyone was quiet. Jake, Elwood, and the band all stumbled to their beds for a rest. After the guards had left Elwood looked over his shoulder and then produced a harp from under his matrices.

He examined the harmonica and then blew a few rifs on it. Satisfied that it was in good order Elwood proceded to play the last few lines of Riot.

"On the forty seventh hour, the nerve gas got our men. We're all back in our cells, but every now and then…."

From his spot on the lower bunk Jake moaned and rolled over onto his stomach. For extra protection he also put his pillow over his head. It didn't do any good and curiosity got the better of him. "Elwood, where did you get that?"

He put the harp down, "I've had it."

"For how long?"

Elwood started counting on his hand, then with a sheepish grin he stated. "A few days. One of the younger cops got it for me. I carry more than one in the briefcase you know."

Jake moaned again, and with a sigh he rolled back over. It was going to be a long couple of years.