Firstly I want to apologize for my absence and hiatus of my stories. I am very sorry. I could give you the reasons for this but as they could be perceived as excuses (which is one thing I honestly hate) I hope you will forgive me.

I want to let you know now that I may or may not finish this story. I have lost my notebook that I had all the plans written in due to some of the reasons I've been gone. So I will try to remember what I can from it and try to get the inspiration flowing again, but no promises. (This message is also being posted on another story of mine, so it's not just this one. From now on I will computerize all of my story plans)

In somewhat lighter news, I've decided to start another story; I have no idea what for though. I need some ideas from readers like you. Each chapter will be themed with a song (I have some starting ideas but it'll hopefully mainly be readers picks). I also need reader's help to choose what movie/book/tv show/ anime/ect. I will be writing about. I will have a poll on my page (after I get some ideas) of the choices I have narrowed it down to. THIS WILL MOST LIKELY BE AN ORIGINAL CHARACTER STORY. Unless specially requested otherwise with a given certain couple. And yes there will be a love-based plot because let's face it, I may not be a good writer, but at least I can notice that, that's what I'm best at.

Anyways feel free to leave ideas in the review or PM me with them. Again, I apologize. *bows head in shame*