Hi people! This is the first fic I've ever written for this series. I honestly do not know alot about the books. Actually, I just saw the movie and only read the first and second book, so I am a cluelesss person. Bear with me here. And please tell me if I'm making the people too out of character! I purposly pulled Edward and Bella a little out of character thought, because Edward's love for Bella is supposed to be onesided until later in the story, and he's not a vegatarian vampire. Plus also he's a little darker. Oh, and please review!!!!!!!

Oh, and everybody in this story is human, except for Edward.

Popcorn flew through the air and got caught in a lock of Bella's dark hair. She looked up from her book and raised one eyebrow at Alice, her gorgouse friend who had hurled the buttery kernal. Bella lifted up a hand and brushed the peice out.

"Sorry!" Alice chirped, as she scooped up anouther peice, tossed it into the air, aiming to catch it in her mouth. She missed. It landed on the floor.

Bella sighed, but smiled. If nothing else, this trip was going to be interesting.

Honestly, Bella couldn't understand why her father insisted that she needed to go to summer camp before she headed of to college. It just didn't seem nessicary. She had looked over the brochure a few days before and was horrified to find that alot of sports were included in the daily schedule. Bella was awful at sports-period. She hated them.

So for the next three months she'd be camping in dirty old cabins, eating processed food, and humiliating herself at sports.

Bella loved the sun and heat and was all for the enviroment, but, honestly, she was really bad at camping. She was constantly tripping, or catching something on fire with matches, or pitching the tents wrong. She had been camping with her friends before and they all knew to avoid her when she was lighting a fire.

Her friends.

At least they were here to and she didn't have to worry about suffering alone.

She leaned back and smiled, remembering how much pleading it had taken to convince Rosalie to tag along. The beautiful blond had refused, until Bella swore that Rosalie could go home if she didn't like it.

Alice, beautiful and dark haired, had volenteered to even brought her boyfriend, Jasper.

Jacob was eager to jump on the band wagon. He was very comfortable outdoors, so that was no surprise to Bella.

Bella, was stunned however, when James had agreed to participate. He didn't seem like the nature type, at all.

Even if the next couple months were awful, she wouldn't be suffering alone. The people in the world that were closest to her would be with her.

Jacob, she had known forever, literally, they grew up together. She had some suspicous that their fathers wanted them to hook up. She had to admitt- Jacob was handsome, tanned and dark haired. And he was very sweet, but he was just a friend in Bellas mind.

Rosalie and Alice she had met in first grade. Rosalie was gorgouse and blond, and could seem very cold. But underneath, she was really very caring. And you didn't have to dig to deeply to see who Alice was. She was beautiful and active, sweet and outgoing. Everything about her was perfect.

Jasper and Alice had been together for a couple months and that was how long Bella knew him. She didn't really know Jasper that well, but he seemed very nice- polite and quiet.

James was his polar opposite, Bella hadn't met him until middle school, only a few years before. He was very handsome and was the sterotype 'bad boy.' Always wearing leather, always skipping class, not caring about grades, getting into fights 24/7........ The only thing that did not make him a steriotipical 'bad boy' was his lack of interest in girls. He was 18 and had never once had a girlfriend. Not once. Bella had never even seen him flirt.

Except with her. That was the only thing about him that scared her. She wasn't intiminated by his rough demeanor or reckless attitude, but the fact that he was so possesive about her seriousely made her nervouse. She knew he was dangerouse, but she didn't like to think about that. She didn't like to believe that he would hurt, or even kill anyone. But as much as much as she denied it, she knew it was true. He was capable of murder. But he'd never done anything like that before, so Bella still hoped she was wrong.

"Am I even going the right way?" Jacob, who was driving, asked, glancing over at Jasper who was navigating.

"Yeah." the young man answerd, checking the map.

"Are you sure?" The annoyed driver questioned.

"Yeah." Jasper replied.

Jacob sighed.

"I think I must have missed a turn off. This can't possibly be right." he explained, "We haven't been anywhere near a town or even a house in nealy three hours. This is all woods."

Bella stared out the window. Jacob was right. It was all wood. Dark, terrifying forest. Shadows were abundant through the shrubs and trees. She hated the dark. Shivering, the young girl sank into the seat.

"What's wrong, Bella?" Alice asked, placing a hand on her shoulder, "Are you getting sick?"

"No." the brunett replied, shaking her head, "I'm just.......getting a little hungry."

It wasn't a lie. None of them had eaten since they left forks at eleven that morning. It was now ten o' clock at night. Bella was truly famished.

"Hungry for what?" James asked seductively, turning around in his seat to wink at Bella, who blushed.

Alice whacked his arm playfulley.

Rosalie rolled her eyes.

"I'm starving too." complained Jasper, who rarely spoke up.

"Well, we don't have to be at the camp until ten'o clock tommorow morning. Why don't we set up the tents and eat and sleep. We're only a few hours away." Jacob suggeseted, slowing the car.

Since they were all going to the same place, Alice had suggested they take the long way, so that they had as much time together as possible. Everyone had liked that idea and had broughten their sleeping bags and other camping equitment. Plus Jacob had borrowed his dads three tents.

Jacob pulled over and the teens gathered thier supplies and marched off into the woods to find a decent place to pitch the tents.

Edward knew it was that time of year, the time when teenagers from all over the state came to this godforsaken camp. To fish, to hike, to swim, to die.

As the years passed, less people began to show.

And as time went on more people died.

More people were found mangled and dead on the forest floor.

An accident.


It was no accident. It was always intentional.


Edward never did anything 'by accident', oh no, he never made mistakes.


All those people, murdered by him.

He took great delight in killing.

Some humans were just so stupid.

Going into the woods in the middle of the night, all alone. It was hilariouse.

When they saw him, when they saw what he could do, they were terrified.

Women tried to seduce him into letting them live.

They died.

No woman, no matter how beautiful, held any appeal to him. Even when he was human. Not ever had he loved or lusted for a female.

People begged and pleaded.

He had no mercy.

For anyone.

Soon, the camp in which he stalked would be filled with more humans. More victims.