Random Question- I descibed james by how he looked in the movie-sorta- I have no idea what color his eyes were before he was the crazy vampire, I figured they'd be either blue or green. Anyone have a clue? Am I missing something?

Random statement- Ferrets are awesome!!!!

Alice's Point of veiw

Alice knew the feeling, it came to her constantly, sometimes when she slept, she saw things, especially about people she cared about.

She had seen Jasper before he had arrived at her school and she knew Rosalie was going to get into the college in London, and that Bella was going to break her leg one day by falling by of a horse, that had been confirmed on a third grade field trip to the farm. And now it was happening again.

She could see it.

Bella, in this camp, wearing a minty green shirt and jeans, sitting in a canoe, dropping her lunch, leaning to reach for it.

Falling in.

A dark skinned boy diving into the water.

He was huge, muscular and tall, with long black hair.

Alice reconized him.


He yanked Bella out of the water as he climbed back into the boat.

Then, there was nothing but unconciouness,

Edward was back in his enormouse house.

The mansion was amazing, the first floor was completely moder, with a living room decorated by leather couches, a flat screen, and a shiny balck coffee table. The kitchen was filled with expensive toasters, microwaves, blenders, and fridges, with a charcoal table in an enormouse dining room, under a gold chandelere. On the botton level of the house there was also a bathroom, and a room that was filled with huge windows and all his CDs, plus that's were he kept his piano. That space was big enough to be called a ball room.

Downstairs was only so modern so that, if any hikers should treppass, they'd see a ritzy, but semmi- normal home, feel safe, and go inside, setting thenselves up for a massecre.

Upstairs was much different, he hadn't bothered to move any of the furniture that had belonged to his wealthy parents before the influenza had killed them. On the second floor, there was a breathtaking library, an old fashioned den, a bunch of extra rooms, and his bedroom.

That was were he kept the huge bed-not that he needed to sleep- and all the family's saving, in an enormouse secret vault, filled with cash and jewels.

He'd never needed money.

He couldn't care less about the fortune.

He just wanted his beautiful Bella.

Bella's head was bonged off the pillow as a wieght thudded on the bed.

What the-

"Bella!'' a chipper voice screamed squealed.

Oh, great.

"Alice, please," Bella half yelled, half grumbled, "I'm tired, go bug Rosalie."

Alice giggle, slid from the cot, grabbed Bella's arm and yanked her from the covers.

Ballet practice had really helped the pixie's strength.

Bella hit the wood.

"Alice!" she growled, stumbling to her feet, "What is it? And why did you bring that to camp?"

The tiny girl was dressed in a shimmery azure tank top that was decorated with vivid green and turquise designs,outlined in silver, her expensive capris were a dark blue and a stylish glistening belt was arond her waist, her ear had little emerals hanging from them.

"I didn't want to look bad," she shrugged, "and anyway, that's not important. You'll never believe what I saw!"

Bella wasn't surprised to hear that.

Alice had a gift.

In her dreams she saw the future.

As if she wasn't already perfect.

Bella scrambled to find her clock, what time was it?

"So you want to know about my vision?"

Bella reached behind the dresser- yep, it was back there.

" Well, I saw conoes, so apparently we're going boating today."

The taller girl grabbed jeans and her favorite green T-shirt and hurried into the tiny dressing room, locking the door and closing the curtains.

"And you were sitting in a boat with Jacob and you dropped your lunch."

Bella was done dressing and pulled her hair into a pony tail.

"So he had to save you."

"Really?" the lighter haired girl asked, as she sat next to Alice and yanked on her sneakers.

"You don't seem surprised."

Bella rolled her eyes.

"What is it with you and matchmaking?" Bella snapped as they left the cabin.

"I just think you and Jacob would be great together."

Edward had a plan.

He would wait until his princess was alone than use the old poisened -rag- over- mouth- and -nose trick. Once she was unconcious, he'd bring her home.

Then he'd make her immortal.

To become a vampire you needed to be bit in five different places- both wrist, both legs, and the neck.

He'd just bite her throat.

That would keep her young forever, make her live forever.

But she wouldn't be a vampire.

First though, he'd need to get some human nessicties for her- food, clothing, things like that.

Then he'd be ready to make her his.

Bella couldn't help but smile as she noticed that Rosalie was sitting next to Emmett, explaining a scene in a play to him, failing to notice he was only interested in the blond herself.

Jasper motioned them over, and Alice scurried to him.

Bella caught sight of Jacob over at the end of the line and grinned.

Of all her friends, she was closest to her Jacob.

When he noticed she was standing behind him, his face turned sunny.

"I'm so glad you're okay!" he told her, handing her a milk.

"Well, thanks again for getting me out of that field so that I wouldn't be run by a tractor or eatin' by a bear last night." she joked, snatching a muffin.

"Hey, Bella!" a male voice shouted from across the cafeteria, making the brunett jump a mile.

Bella spun to see Mike bouncing towards her.

"Hi, Mike." Bella answered, attempting to smile- so much cheerfulness in the morning shouldn't be legal.

"Wow, it sure is nice out today!" he chirped, he snatched a banana and continued his jibber-jabbering as the trio walked to the table.

Bella sat down between the boys and surveyed the scene. Emmett and Jasper were chatting about something, though the the brunett couldn't keep his eyes off Rosalie, who was telling Alice about a new line of clothing. Mike was glaring at Jacob for some unknown reason, which the darker skinned boy seemed oblivious to.

Where was James?

Had he slept in? He did have a private cabin. Was it possible that he just missed wake up call? Bella thought that it might be a good idea to march to his temporary turf and yank him out of bed. He did have a record of being late.

Bella stood.

Jacob glanced up.

"James is probaly still asleep." she told him, untangle herself from the table, "I'm gonna go get him." With that, the dark haired girl made her way to the front of the cafe.

Stepping outside was a tremendous change. The air had turned cold, the sky dark, despite the fact that it was only nine'o'clock. The wind rustled Bella's hair. She pulled her jacket tighter.

James's personal lodge was on the other side of a small group of trees. It was a decent walk. As the young girl wandered the trees, she couldn't help but sigh happily.

She was so glad that Rosalie had met Emmet, no one in thier group liked Royce. Bella could sworn that she had seen him kissing Jane Hild outside the mall one day when Alice had dragged her along to go shopping. The only reason that she hadn't told Rosalie was because she wasn't positive.

Edward gently hung the white wedding dress in the old fashioned closet. It been the most expensive in the store- he refused to give his beautiful pet anything less than she deserved. It would be perfect on her. He smiled, tracing the fringe along the neckline. She would look like the goddess of beauty herself on thier wedding day.

He then proceeded to fill up the metal bar with everything from dancing gowns to jeans and T-shirts. He wouldn't allow her to be unhappy here. He'd give her anything in the world that she wanted. All he asked in return was that she simply stayed with him. In this mansion, they'd live for eternity together, she'd be his lady wife, he'd spoil her, show her the pleasures of the bed, love her so much more than anyone else ever had.

All that he needed in return was her very self.