No More Hope
An Ocarina of Time oneshot
POV: Link

Mood Music: End of all Hope by Nightwish


My name is Link and I am a symbol of hope.

It's hard to make that sound serious, but it's all true. I am a symbol of all hope for this land of Hyrule. But I'm not the only one. The symbol of the people's hope is currently missing. I speak none other then of Princess Zelda, the hopes and dreams of all the people of her kingdom.

It's been seven years since I saw her. The people have been in utter despair and sadness. Their hope has decayed with the absence of their princess.

I am not the one who can help them.

No...instead, I'm the hope for the land structure. I'm charged with cleansing and purging the monsters away from our eyesight. It isn't an easy task...but who else but me can handle this?

But even if I succeed, what good will it be if Princess Zelda is dead?

Even if I succeed, the land of Hyrule will still remain lawless and without a serving crown.

Has hope truly been lost? Is my quest futile?

I am one man against another man: Ganondorf. However, I also go against his power and the endless swarm of monsters he sends after me. What are my chances of survival?

I have no family. No friends. The people I have grown up with are people I do not belong with. In short, no one is missing me and no one is waiting for me to return. I don't even have a place to return to.

Where is my hope? Perhaps that rests on the knowledge of Princess Zelda being dead or alive.

Perhaps she's my last hope.

What if I die? I'll die alone, surrounded by monsters. I'll be forgotten easily. I won't be buried with a tombstone that has my name or who I was on it. No one will know I was a hero, a symbol of hope for them.

To add to my death would mean the end of all hope for peace. There would be nothing left for the people or this holy land.

Or the world. That evil man has the power to conquer the world on his side. I merely have the sword to stop him.

...But it's more then what anyone else has.

I can't let it happen. I can't die. Not now, not ever.

For Hyrule...

For the people...

For Princess Zelda...

I'll fight. I'll fight for peace, for life...

But above all, I'll fight for hope.

Every hero needs more then a purpose, more then a goal...he needs a drive, a personal reason to fight on.

A hero without a personal reason remains an empty shell, silent and simply does what he is told...


I love this piece so much. I feel like I really got into OoT Link's mind and told a real story in such a short summary.

I know I didn't mention Navi, Shiek or the sages. I wanted to center this around Link completely. It's all about him and what he thinks he's fighting for. Because, when you look at it, he truly is alone. Navi is his guide and gives him a basic summary of monsters while Shiek just teaches him warping melodies.

Obviously, this takes place before Link learns Shiek's real identity. It also takes place after he finishes the Forest Temple, when he learns he's not a Kokiri and therefore can't stay with them. You can choose exactly when this takes place.

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-CeleBaby20, aka Star