Going Through the Motions Ch. 16

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Previously: "Dean, I'm sorry to say that the crackling sounds in his lung have increased in frequency" Shane answered honestly. "If things continue this way, I will have to perform the Pericardiocentesis tomorrow or we risk Sam going into cardiac arrest."

Dean nodded his acknowledgement of the words Shane had said since his throat was suddenly too tight to speak. He knew within his heart that Sammy would end up having to have the procedure done because that was Winchester luck and there was no escaping it. He sighed as he ran his fingers through Sammy's hair. "Whatever happens little brother, I will be right there beside you every step of the way" he whispered as he thought about what the procedure would encompass. It scared him to even think about a needle being plunged into Sammy's chest, especially with all the things that could go wrong.

As John watched both of his sons, he couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in the way that Dean was so attentive towards his baby brother. Sure, he felt bad about having left the boys alone so much as they grew, but it had helped to establish a bond between the boys that could never be broken except by death. He shuddered as that last part crossed his mind praying that Sammy wouldn't be taken away from them just when he and his baby boy had finally became close once again.

"Hey Sammy, once you get out of here, I think we need to go see the Grand Canyon dude" Dean said trying to give his brother a reason to get better quickly. "We keep talking about it but we've never taken the time to actually do it. So I am promising you right now kiddo that I WILL take you to there if you'll just fight this and get better." Dean watched for signs that his brother had heard what he said. He was crestfallen to see that everything stayed the same as Sammy remained asleep. With a melancholy sigh, Dean lowered his head and placed it on Sammy's bed beside his brother's arm. He was just too damned tired to try and remain upbeat about the situation. Within moments, the sound of light snoring could be heard as Dean succumbed to sleep.

"Looks like the boys have the right idea" Bobby stated to the other hunters. "We could be in for a long day tomorrow depending on what happens so we better get some sleep ourselves." The others all nodded their assent as they stretched out on the floor or relaxed in the reclining chairs placed in Sammy's room. Just before he fell asleep, John counted his blessings of having good friends who were willing to stand beside them in their time of need.


Deep into the night, John and the others were startled awake as they heard a loud, shrill beeping sound going off in the room. Dean pushed himself up off the bed and John jumped to his feet just as Dr. Michaels and Nurse Ali came running into the room. "What the hell is happening" Dean asked, his voice tinged with fear.

"It looks like Sammy can't wait any longer" Shane stated as he viewed the readout on Sam's heart monitor. "Sam's heart is beginning to suffer from the fluid buildup in the pericardium. We're going to have to do the Pericardiocentesis procedure now. I'm sorry, but I must ask you all to wait out in the hallway while I perform the procedure."

"Sorry doc, but I'm not leaving" Dean stated firmly as he grasped Sammy's hand. "There's no way in hell I am going to leave him alone when you'll be sticking a frigging needle into his chest. I want him to know that somebody is here for him and that he's not alone."

Shane took a deep breath and was about to argue with Dean when he saw the desperate pleading look that begged for understanding in Dean's eyes. "I'll allow you to stay as long as you don't interfere and do exactly as I say. Of course your father will have to agree with this and you will need to scrub with some antibacterial soap to keep the room as sanitary as possible."

"Whatever you say doc" Dean agreed. He would agree to anything as long as it allowed him to remain by Sammy's side. He breathed a sigh of relief when his father consented to allow him to stay and then watched as John and the others left the room. He felt just a moment of guilt knowing how hard it must have been on his dad to walk out that door instead of staying himself. He would have to remember to thank his father for putting his own needs aside so that he could be with his baby brother.

Turning to the nurse by his side, Shane said "Ali, I need you to clean the area just below Sam's breastbone" as he gathered the equipment he would need to perform the procedure. He applied a local anesthetic to Sam's chest while Dean scrubbed up. Once Shane felt the area was numb enough, he inserted the Pericardiocentesis needle into Sam's chest using an echocardiogram machine to help position the needle. Once he had ascertained that the needle had reached the correct area, he placed a guide wire into Sam's chest and removed the needle and replaced it with a pericardial catheter to start withdrawing the fluid. Once the procedure was completed and the fluid had been drained from the pericardium, Shane allowed John and the others to come back into the room.

"Well, it took us a couple of hours, but we were able to remove enough fluid from the pericardium to allow Sam's heart to return to a normal sinus rhythm. I don't think we'll have any more problems since the infection also seems to be clearing up. I've added another sedative with a slight painkiller to Sam's IV which will allow him to rest comfortably the rest of the night. I suggest that some of you go home or to a nearby motel and get some rest yourselves since most of you are looking a little bedraggled."

"Thanks doc for your concern, but we'll get some rest once Sammy is totally out of danger" Bobby intoned for himself and the others knowing they felt the same way.


The following morning found Sammy feeling much better as he sat up in bed and watched the others sleeping, some of them on the floor. He smiled at the thought of the hunters giving up a night in a comfortable bed just to stay with him. He had always assumed that the only family he had was Dean and his dad, but now he knew just how wrong he was.

"They all love you ya know!"

Startled, Sam looked over to the other side of his bed to see Dean smiling at him with the biggest smile he had ever seen encompassing his brother's face.

"Each and everyone of them have been here throughout your whole illness Sammy, watching over you---over us I should say. I honestly don't know what we would have done without their support on the days that…well you know" Dean stated with a quiver in his voice as he grasped his brother's hand and gave it a squeeze.

"Yeah I know. Sorry I put all of you through so much worry" Sam apologized knowing what it must have did to Dean watching him suffer and not knowing if he would survive.

"Don't you do that Sammy, don't apologize for something you had no control over. We've gotten through it and that's all that matters now, well that and you getting out of this damned place so no more setbacks okay bitch" Dean said as he mussed Sam's hair.

"Jerk" Sam mused as he leaned into Dean's touch feeling enormous comfort in it.

"About damn time you woke up kiddo" John whispered as he pushed himself up off the cot that he had been sleeping on and walked over to his boys. "I thought you were going to pull a Rumplestilskin on us and cause me to go completely gray before my time."

"You mean you haven't already been coloring your hair old man?" Dean quipped with a smirk on his face and a gleam in his eyes.

"Watch it smartass or I might show you just how well this old man can still take you over his knee and pound some sense into that behind of yours" John deadpanned.

"Owwwkay then" Dean replied as he rubbed his stubbled jaw. He looked at Sammy with a sly look and said "Guess our old man is getting cranky in his old age."

"That's it" grumbled John as he quickly reached across Sammy's hospital bed and grabbed Dean by the front of his shirt and pulled him towards him. Before Dean could say a word, John leaned in and kissed his oldest on the cheek totally leaving Dean speechless. "What's the matter there Ace? Has the cat got your tongue?"

"Oh gross, that was just wrong" Dean stated as he reached up to wipe at his jaw. He suddenly heard the sound of laughter and looked over to see Jim, Joshua, Bobby and Caleb had all awakened and witnessed what John had done. His face turned a bright red as he realized he would most likely never be able to live the event down now. "One word out of any of you and I won't be responsible for what I do"

"Now Dean, why would you even think we would want to tell anybody about John kissing his little bitty boy?" Caleb jibed just before he felt a pillow smack him in the face. Soon the sounds of giggling could be heard throughout the ICU as Sammy and the others laughed at Caleb and Dean going at each other.


A week later Sammy was released from the hospital as the Winchesters loaded up the car and headed for Sioux City, South Dakota and Singer Salvage Yard. Bobby and the others had left three days prior to Sammy's release to clean and sanitize the place before Sammy's arrival. Sam was sleeping in the back seat with his head pillowed on Dean's shoulder while John did the driving. As John glanced every so often to the rearview mirror, he couldn't help but think about how lucky they were. Sammy had survived a deadly disease and their family had came out of it closer than they had ever been before and he had wonderful friends he could depend on and that loved his sons deeply.

The ride went relatively quick and before he knew it, John was pulling into Bobby's place. He parked the car as close to the front porch as possible so that Sammy wouldn't have to walk to far since he was still pretty weak from his bout with the MRSA. After he got out of the car, he reached in to help Sammy out and then wrapped his arm around Sam's waist in support as Dean stood on the other side of his brother ready to help if needed. They climbed the stairs quickly and was met at the door by Bobby who moved aside to allow them entrance into his house. Dean whistled in appreciation as he scanned the room. "Damn Bobby, you sure this is your house?" he asked as his eyes took in just how tidy the room now was. Books were no longer stacked all over the floors but had been placed on bookshelves along the walls. The carpet had been cleaned and the furniture had been dusted.

"Shut it ya idjit" Bobby said as he pulled Sam into a hug. "It sure is good to see you out of that hospital bed tiger. We got the upstairs room ready for you and that idjit brother of yours. When you're ready to eat, I've also got a pot of soup slow cooking on the stove."

"Thanks Bobby, maybe later" Sam replied as his dad led him over to the couch where Dean had already placed a throw pillow so he could lay down and get some more rest. He had no sooner sat down than his dad kneeled on the floor and started pulling his shoes off.

"Dad, I'm not an invalid" Sam groaned in a tired voice.

"Didn't say you were kiddo, but I'm your dad and it's my right to take care of you so get used to it. Whether you like it or not, you're going to be mother-henned until we decide your well enough for it to stop.

"Great" groaned Sam through a yawn as he felt his dad lift his legs and place them on the couch while Dean placed a blanket over him. He fell asleep thinking maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

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